Darren’s Story : Training to Run from Santa Monica to New York City

“I’m Darren Kavinoky and we’re just fixing to do something stupid. We are running across America from Santa Monica to New York City. Trying to make a bigger dent in the universe as they say.

I always call Brian the body whisperer because he’ll watch us work out or listen to our breathing patterns as we’re training and make one little adjustment that changes everything. The work with Brian has taken us to a place where we’ve pushed past self imposed limits.

The thing that makes Brian different is he really sees your future in you. He sees the you that you are capable of being. I think that is probably one of the greatest tragedies that is happening in the world today is the gap between what people are capable of being versus what they are actually being. That is one of the greatest things about Brian and his training program and I think what really makes him different. He sees the future you before you are even capable of seeing it and he comes from a place of pure love, where he just brings out the best in you before you know you’re even capable of delivering it.”

Darren Kavinoky
TV Personality/Attorney/Interventionist

Kyle’s Story : Training to Run Across America

“I’m Kyle Gaffney and I am about to run across America with Darren Kavinoky. Darren and I will be running for 3 months, give or take. We are leaving for our run across America from Santa Monica and we are finishing in New York City.

Darren Kavinoky and I are both the kind of people that if you crank it up to ten, we’re going to crank it up to eleven and Brian Theiss likes to crank it up to twelve. Which is incredibly helpful for people like us. People that are training for a cross country marathon. Brian Theiss definitely doesn’t like to fight fire with fire. His training program is a much more well rounded approach, it’s a much more intellectual approach, it’s data driven.

It’s one of the most intense training programs I have ever done in my life. The program is not, we’re not just focusing on our legs today, we’re not just going to do leg raises, we’re not just doing bicep curls. We’re not doing that, that’s not the goal. The goal is to get strong. The goal is to be efficient. The goal is to learn how to use your body to its maximum effectiveness. He does that by training your entire body including your brain.”

Kyle Gaffney

Robert’s Story : Transformation of Body, Mind, Spirit, Lifestyle & Future

“At the beginning of 2017, I was introduced to TheissCare by a dear friend who was concerned about my health due to the fact that I was not only extremely over weight but, my blood pressure was exceedingly elevated even while taking blood pressure medication. After an initial meeting and evaluation with Brian Theiss and my health care provider, it was determined that I needed his help more than I realized. Brian is an amazing man who understands the human body in ways that most people wouldn’t comprehend. After 2 1/2 months of following his guidance on a healthy lifestyle, which included diet and exercise, I lost 35 pounds of fat in a healthy and constructive way. My blood pressure is now at an ideal level, and I no longer take blood pressure medication. Brian has transformed my body as well as my mind, spirit, lifestyle, and future.

The value of this program along with the education I’ve acquired is priceless. It is essential for anyone wanting to change his or her life.

Brian, I thank you, my family thanks you, and all that love me thank you. You have given me the opportunity to live a better and longer life.”

Robert Florio