I needed to find a program that would strengthen my neck, back, and improve my general physical condition.

To whom it may concern,

I am a Deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One year ago, I suffered an on-the- job injury resulting in a herniated C-6/7 disc in my neck. The injury required surgery and a ten-month recovery period. During the recovery period, I was not allowed to do weight training or other exercises until my surgeon believed the area was completely healed.

When I was finally cleared to start physical therapy, my neck and back were extremely weak. I had limited motion in my neck. I needed to find a training program that would strengthen my neck, back, and improve my general physical condition.

Since I have been working with the TheissCare training staff my all around physical condition has improved tremendously. My strength has increased in all muscle groups. My endurance and physical conditioning has increased dramatically. I have motion and strength again in my neck and upper back area. I have progressed to the point where I am now full duty and able to once again perform all duty assignments of my job.

I would like to highly recommend Brian Theiss.



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