When I first came to you and we discussed my fitness goals, I told you I wanted to be lighter, quicker, and stronger

Dear Brian,

What can I say, except “Thank You!” Thank you for putting me on the path to achieving my goals, both physical and personal. These past three months have been MUCH hard work, but the results from your training program have definitely been worth every sweaty minute!

When I first came to you and we discussed my fitness goals, I told you I wanted to be lighter, quicker, and stronger. As you know, I am a pretty active person who enjoys all types of sports, from skiing to softball to tennis. Lately, however, I had been feeling that I just wasn’t playing as well as I was able, and I refused to chalk it up to “just getting older.” I felt heavy and sluggish and grumpy because, frankly, I just was not happy with the way I looked or felt.

What a difference I saw and felt almost immediately! My energy level went up the first week we began working together. And for the first time, I actually felt like I was really getting what I was seeking (and paying for!) in a personal training relationship. Because of course that is what we were establishing – a relationship between the two of us for my complete benefit.

I admit that at times it was a challenge to make time for my training, and many of my friends could not understand how I could possibly fit this into my schedule. But I told them I couldn’t afford NOT to make it a priority, and my results most definitely speak for themselves.

I am looking forward to continuing our friendship and our fitness relationship through maintenance visits. And please be assured that I will also unconditionally recommend you and your training program to anyone I know who is looking for greater fitness in their own life.

Thank You Again Most Sincerely,


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