Your workout facility is spotless and conducive to training


Dear Brian,

Throughout my life I have seen many trainers, coaches and technicians train athletes with various methods. Usually with the same results… Slim and none. Until you get to the professional side of sports on sports training. Do you realize that most of the so-called athletic trainers of today have no idea what they’re doing.

It is a pleasure to meet and work with you. Instead of wasting my time like most trainers you schooled me in the why and why not of performance training. I understand the difference between fast switching and slow switching muscles, along with primary and secondary muscles and how they work.

Your interest not only in me, but your other clients is a breath of fresh air. Your workout facility is spotless and conducive to training. Most important to me is my new attitude in training again and what it’s doing for me. I will take what I have learned and use it throughout the rest of my life. Thanks so much!



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