Two inches off my waist

Dear Brian,

I’m still ecstatic since my final test session with you this morning! The results you’ve helped me achieve are still sinking in. Two inches off my waist. More angular face. More restful sleep. More overall strength.

In six weeks I took at least two years of aging and neglect off my body. And all of that without worsening my tennis elbow. In fact I know it’s gotten better!

Brian you and your staff are true professionals. I’ve begun to absorb the theory you’ve imparted to me and I now view fitness as a science. I learned to push myself harder and smarter. And I enjoyed my time in your excellent facility.

I look forward to putting my mental fitness training to further use and build on my progress. I feel good enough to be motivated to stay with it. It’s not a luxury but a necessity.

I will send a copy of this letter along with my before and after test results to my internist and chiropractor. They need to see what you’ve achieved for me.

Very truly yours,


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