How We Live is How We Die

How We Live is How We Die. Obesity is the most significant contributor to increased health problems.

How We Live is How We Die. Obesity is the most significant contributor to increased health problems.

Little known to most people, the last official disease-free American died in 1951! Hard to believe, but true. By the time we die, all of us will have one or more diseases. Disease is how we die. Indeed, Americans are dying from premature illness in ever-greater numbers. The primary causes: ignorance and denial of hidden health issues.

Welcome to the world of budding boomer awareness! Given all the changes in our current world, two outcomes are still inevitable – higher taxes (to fund the health care system that America’s unhealthy trend will require) and premature death (for an aging population in deep denial). The most important question facing politicians and the health care industry is how long can we dismiss these “facts of life”… or more accurately, facts of death.

How We Die

It’s not “if”, but “when” will each of us contract our first irreversible medical condition. By the time we feel the pain that signals serious organic disease, it is often too late. I see it every day – individuals who are overweight, out of shape, taking medications – still announcing to the world they are healthy. There’s a name for this condition… D-E-N-I-A-L! Denial is how we die.


How We Die... Denial is a major factor

Denial is a strange phenomenon, and like all delusions, denial’s aftermath is always painful… and usually shocking. Someone once wrote, “Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” Those of us who do not hear and heed the music of our bodies will stop dancing long before those who do.

While talking recently with an engaging friend of mine, he posed a probing question: “Is it true,” he asked, “that if we know our genetics, we can predict our death date?” The answer is somewhat complicated. Yet, if we can measure both our genetic predispositions and measure the impact of our lifestyle choices, it is true that we CAN reasonably predict our death date. Go online and google “life predictor” and fill in the numbers!

Lifestyle Choices

How We Die... Our lifestyles are killing usPoor lifestyle choices will hasten our deaths. Science now suggests that lifestyle is the number one killer known to man. We read that heart disease, cancer, and prescription drugs are the biggest killers in the United States, yet these death threats are all by-products of lifestyle choices – primarily poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Our lifestyle determines how we die.

From even a corporate perspective, there’s a bottom line benefit connected to health issues. Improving company health and fitness levels can strategically boost performance, thus trimming both the waistline and expenses in the workplace. A magazine article stated,

“Currently 20% of Americans have high blood pressure, 105 million Americans have high cholesterol, and there are 800 thousand new cases of adult-onset diabetes a year, plus 65% of Americans are overweight or obese.”

How we die… Our lifestyles are killing us!

These are shocking numbers. The article continues,

How we die... Obesity has become the number one killer“Obesity is an epidemic in our country and requires dramatic attention be given its adverse effects. Statistics show obese individuals have 30-50% more chronic health issues versus those who smoke and drink heavily. More than smoking or drinking, obesity is now considered the most significant contributor to increased health problems and rising health care costs in the U. S.”

The article proposed that companies begin to manage their executives’ and employees’ personal health. You can bet, in our current economic environment, if individuals don’t manage their own health, the insurance companies will.

Having worked in the health and fitness field all my adult life, I am well aware of these facts of modern life. I am well aware of how we die. The bad news is: all of us are born with genetic time bombs of illness and death wired into our systems. The good news is: 80% to 90% of all premature illness is preventable by daily lifestyle choices. But the news is even better! The science of how we die and how the body responds to its environment has advanced so much over the past 50 years that even those born with dispositions to succumb to premature illness can outlive their genetic time bombs by making conscious lifestyle choices and engaging in healthy habits.

Genetics Loads the Gun, but Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger

We now have what no generation before us has ever had – the knowledge of how life can trump disease and premature death. Think about that. We are living in the first era in history where it is possible to enjoy disease-free lives! To control how we die. This knowledge may sound theoretical – to you, but not to me. Over the last 25 years, I’ve transformed my life and the lives of thousands. In truth, I’ve actually saved hundreds of lives. Yours may be next. This is your introduction to that process.

Brian with Dr. Paul Block, MD. FACP, FCCP

Brian with Dr. Paul Block, MD. FACP, FCCP

I currently serve a business and professional clientele. For years I trained amateur and professional athletes (major league baseball, hockey, cycling, and other sports), but I shifted the focus of my work… and for a very specific reason. The tipping point was when I realized that aging was a choice, and I recognized how the importance of commitment affected that choice. My goal was to not only help, but to save as many lives as possible. It broke my heart to witness so many young people, including athletes, losing their health due to poor lifestyle choices. More and more, I am seeing clients in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s contracting degenerative diseases that I used to help my clients in their 70’s and 80’s to overcome. I have devoted my life to those who are committed to reversing the causes of premature illness and death. Generally, it takes a more mature person to live a healthy life.

Brian with Lou Ferrigno, Actor, Author, “Mr. Universe”

Brian with Lou Ferrigno, Actor, Author, “Mr. Universe”

In longevity, as in business, commitment is vital. I am witness to what made many successful in their professional endeavors – many, masters of their crafts. They are people who demand results and refuse mediocrity. They are always looking for the highest return on their investments. Such people can apply this same skill-set to their health. As someone said, most of us dig our graves with our forks and knifes! Many successful people have learned the hard way that neglecting proper diet and exercise will ensure a poor return on life’s most important investment… health.

Sustainable Self Discipline

At TheissCare, we develop Sustainable Self Discipline — what some clients call a medical miracle. This Sustainable Self Discipline achieves simply unbelievable results. For years, I have worked with the medical community on a daily basis, and thanks to our scientifically measurable outcomes, I can’t count the number of doctors that send us their patients and come to me for their own health. TheissCare is a first in the history of health, actually bridging the gap between traditional medicine and the health and fitness industry. That is why I have a proven track record with clients from all over the world.

What Makes TheissCare Unique and Different? 

My approach to preventing premature aging and illness and is to build a comprehensive program for each client that generates unprecedented and measurable results. Our programs are clinically proven and are based on a solid foundation of science. To achieve this, I measure and record every aspect of a client’s metabolism and hormonal balance throughout the process, using the latest scientific equipment. Today, TheissCare is the most comprehensive non-medical health and fitness program in the country. The results we produce in 60 days exceed what our competitors produce in 12 months.

My staff and I are committed to giving back to our clients the health they have lost along their life path. We focus on key components that determine how long a client will live and the quality of his or her life. To do this, I use a controlled, private environment and work with every individual in a unique way. I am also able to work with each client virtually, wherever in the world they may be, through my online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program.

The 3 Factors

The three components we measure are: metabolism, lipolysis and homeostasis. It took many years of study to truly grasp the full significance of these three factors. I know them first hand — through my own rehab and my work with thousands of clients. We do personal research and scientific testing for everyone who enrolls at TheissCare. We design a unique program for each individual, specifically formulated to meet their needs, based on their metabolic start point. Our client files offer astounding statistical proof of improvements in every measurement category and are simply too numerous to list.

How We Live

Health is now a runaway political and economic issue. Every week it seems like we are being presented with increasingly gloomy news. The U.S. health care system is predicted to bankrupt the nation within our lifetimes. If obesity continues at the same rate that it’s rising today, our system will run out of money within 15 years! And obesity is only one issue. One out of every three Americans will die of heart disease, and their treatment will cost taxpayers (that means all of us!) $260 billion every year.

Investing in Our Health

Generally, it takes a more mature person to live a healthy life. Truly successful people understand that the key investment in their retirement portfolio is their health. They understand the dollars and cents of it – that the personal and collective neglect of health will cost them extraordinary sums via taxes, health insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses. In other words, health, in one form or another, is the greatest expense most people will ever bear.

How has TheissCare Impacted Your Life? 

So many have invested time and money on health programs that, sadly, have yielded minimal lasting returns. Thus, my high-achievement clients are drawn by TheissCare’s guarantee of measurable results. I am very clear about what we offer because I know what works. If your current wellness program does not create higher set-points for your metabolism, lipolysis, and homeostasis, then you risk losing 90% of any lasting benefits. Unless a program is custom designed to meet your needs and monitored and adjusted throughout, you will simply not get the results you are looking for. Without this scientific personalization and tracking, for every hour you devote to your exercise and wellness program, you achieve only FIVE TO TEN MINUTES of lasting, measurable benefits. This is an unacceptable return on any investment!

We are living in a time of tremendous breakthroughs in every field. In order to take part in those evolving benefits, all of us are being forced to offload mistaken and limited concepts of the past. A truly motivating thought comes from motivational author Alvin Toffler, who wrote, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

I hope this article touches that part of your highest self that motivates you to grow – to take control of your energy, health, and life – because if you do not, someone called a health-care provider will! At this point, it’s still your choice…