Check Out Our Brand New Facility

What have we done? We’ve done quite a bit for the future of our clients. And they needed this. Even though we have the virtual part of it there is just a part of it that they needed to get away and they needed to be here.

100% Private Facility

When they show up what are they going to get? Honestly, they are going to get a lot of Christ, they’re going to get a lotta love and they’re going to get a lot of care. They’re going to be in a situation where they are 100 percent comfortable, they’re 100 percent taken care of and it’s 100 percent private. When they come here, they leave the world. It’s peaceful here.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Life Back on Track

They can literally fly and stay with us in California for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We take care of them. We show them how to eat. We show them how to workout. We teach them everything they need to do to get their life back on track and we all do it exclusively one person at a time. Nothing here is generic.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful here. It’s gorgeous, it’s picturesque. We have a private place for them, private bedroom, private shower, all private. They have all there wifi, everything they need to do they can do here.

The facility we are looking at about 1000 square feet and we picked the pieces of farming equipmentI like to call it, exercise equipment, that’s very conducive to changing someone’s life. It’s the safest and it’s the most effective but most importantly it’s the way it’s positioned out here. Everything is based on results and quality and security and safety. Everything is going to be guided with you, everything is coordinated. We have these beautiful walls, it’s gorgeous, it feels like you are outside all the time.

100% Guarantee What We Do

If I was talking to someone new coming in what I would tell them is you have arrived. Let us find out where you are at. Let us check out how you are. Turn that over to us. We will deal with your healthcare providers. We’ll deal with your busy schedules. We will turn this around for you. All we need is for you to be 100 percent committed because we 100 percent guarantee what we do.

820 Somera Court • Simi Valley, CA 93065

Our intimate facility is ideally suited for one-on-one personal fitness sessions. Our exclusive program is completely private. You will never feel like you’re in a crowded gym.

To your health,
Brian Theiss