I Watched My Father Die From Diabetes. I Would, Too

Re: Gratitude

Dear Brian,

Thank you.

At age 54 my vision was acceptance of decline. Month by month more things going wrong with my body. The negative statistical facts of diabetes ever piling up. Long spiral down ever accelerating. I was making my self comfortable with this inevitability. I watched my father die from diabetes. I would, too , and be brave about it.

Another client of yours, Elliott Smith, my oldest and dearest friend, knew of my attitude and he wasn’t buying. He bought your fitness program for me and, as he only can, made it impossible for me to not to come to you. Those of you who know Elliott will understand.

Big deal. I have done weight loss and exercise before — successfully — for a while. What’s the difference here? Energy, interest, focus, transparency, intelligence, empathy, persistence, confidence, positiveness, acceptance, flexibility, joyfulness, friendliness, humor — I don’t know why.

But you do.

Three days after starting the program with you , my blood sugar morning readings were close to normal on the days of the work-out. The readings hadn’t done that for several years despite my belief, albeit deluded, that I was compliant with my diabetic regime.

It wasn’t easy. Although I felt ill, dizzy and faint during the initial work-outs, with your staff’s kind presence and support, I persisted and after about two weeks, the bad feelings went away.

My weight began to drop, but more surprisingly, I began to shrink horizontally. Excitement. Compliments given. Energy abundant. Amazement. What the hell, muscles! It works, it works, it works!

I follow a fairly simple dietary program that you have clearly outlined for me. I do the cardio and weight training that is unambiguously laid out for me. I give you — no, I give myself about an hour or so a day — and, it works.

And I think that I may not be following in my father’s footsteps quite so soon after all.


And blessings.