Internal Intelligence and the Meditative Qualities of Exercise

Exercise can be a meditative experience that connects you to your higher self if you know how to maximize it.

Exercise can be a meditative experience that connects you to your higher self if you know how to maximize it.


What does exercise truly do for us, or what can it truly do for us if we know how to maximize it?

Maximizing Exercise to Connect with Our Higher Self

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If maximized, exercise allows us to connect to our inherent, infinite intelligence within ourselves. Some refer to this intelligence as our higher self, our soul, God, etc.

Whatever name we decide to connect to this intelligence, this connection we share is as true as the day is long. The most amazing news is that within each one of us we have an ​expression​ of this intelligence that has awareness, of all t​hat IS, all that WAS, and all that will BE.

Connecting to Our Internal Higher Self Through Prayer and Meditation

As we pray or meditate we connect more​ to our internal intelligence, which by the way is our true barometer of life. As we practice, we become more discerned and we are able to perceive or recognize subtle differences in ourselves and life, because we are connected to our internal higher self. It’s our higher self that is ​able to tell us more.​

Our higher self also connects us to others, because this infinite intelligence is expressed through billions of others universally and everything, period.

As we become more attuned to our higher self within us we are not only better for ourselves but we are better to others and for others.

Mediation, Prayer, Higher Self and Exercise

So what does this all have to do with exercise? Great question.

Brian working with a client in his studio.

Brian working with a client to maximize the true potential and power of exercise.

Again, when exercise is “done correctly” it connects us to ourselves by way of our metacognitive ability and it’s this awareness of our consciousness and conscious attention that allows us to redirect our subconscious to control our behaviors.

Mastering our Neurological Self

Here is the power in what I share, exercise, can be a key component for us in mastering our neurological self. Don’t forget, what we mentally rehearse and what we physically demonstrate is who we are on a neurological level. The “Neurological Us” is made up of the combination of our thinking, our feelings, our emotions, our actions, and our creations on a moment-to-moment basis.

Open your eyes and your heart to this wisdom and see, maybe for the first time, the true potential and power of exercise? Yes, exercise is meditative, or it can be!

Let Us Help You Discover the Meditative Qualities of Exercise

For those of you who are watching, listening and you want more, deserve more, and who feel deep down inside there is more.  If you feel what I am saying, or your first subconscious reaction is to learn more, do the next normal and natural thing you have done many times before.

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