60 Day Executive Fitness Program Changed Our Lives

Change Our Lifestyle & Live a Healthier Life

Dear Brian

We wanted to take the opportunity to share our experiences with you after completing the 60 – day executive program.

Time to Change Our Lifestyle

We are not your “typical” members, we were neither elite athletes desiring to gain a more competitive edge nor do we have medical problems, hoping to lower our blood pressure or reduce the amount of medication we were on.

Chris and I are in our late 30’s and realized it was time change our lifestyle and live a healthier life.

The Results Were Incredible

We were both thrilled with our results. Chris gained 11 lbs of muscle mass while losing over 18 total lbs.

I on the other hand am excited to be getting stronger in my upper and lower body. I have never worked out using nautilus equipment or weights and appreciate the knowledge the personal trainers have given me.

While at times the meal plan has been a struggle (because I really love carbs) we are grateful for the coaching that the personal trainers and you both have given us to continue on.

A Fulfilling Life in a Fit Body

Your words of wisdom resonate in our heads and have given us the tools to make the right choices for a fulfilling life in a fit body. Patience and perseverance are our two mantras as we continue on during our next 60 – day executive program.

Thank you again for your encouragement.


Chris and Lorraine