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Brian and Darren celebrating what the new "50 years old" looks like

Brian and Darren celebrating what the new “50 years old” looks like

Your life is complicated. You live with too much stress, poor eating, and a lack of sleep and exercise. These negative lifestyle elements combine to attack your metabolism and rob you of energy and motivation.

We tell ourselves we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves, until something happens. TheissCare has been specifically designed to get you back on track, fast.

For Those Who Want a True Path to Amazing Health

“Thank you for taking your time to listen to what I have learned over 34 years in my pursuit to change and save the lives of thousands…. 34 years… Amazing! In weeks I am going to be chronologically 54, and just yesterday I was turning 24.

Try this for yourself… Close your eyes and try to feel the GAP mentally  between your chronological age of today and your chronological age of 10,15,20 plus years ago… That’s correct… mentally you can’t feel this GAP… With your eyes closed again… I want you to feel the difference between your chronological age of 10,15,20 plus years ago compared to how you are feeling today… It’s interesting… YES… that you can feel the this GAP!!!”

Internal Intelligence and Exercise – What Does Exercise Truly Do For Us?

“What does exercise truly do for us, or what can it truly do for us if we know how to maximize it? If maximized… It allows us to connect to our inherent, infinite intelligence within ourselves. Some refer to this intelligence as our higher self, our soul, God etc…

Here is the power in what I share… exercise… can be a key component for us in mastering our neurological self. Don’t forget… what we mentally rehearse and what we physically demonstrate is who we are on a neurological level. And the “Neurological Us” is made up of the combination of our thinking, our feelings, our emotions, our actions, and our creations on a moment-to-moment basis…”

The Sodium Potassium Pump – How Nutrition Affects Our Brain

“What we are going to be focusing on today is a really critical process called our neurological self and how we take what we create in the non-physical and how we are able to maximize that neurologically between this little gap through our sodium potassium pump so what we create we are able to capture as much of that into the body…

It is important to remember that the daily dietary choices we make don’t just impact our physical health. They also have a significant effect on our short-term and long-term cognitive health, even going so far as to factoring in to how our neurological-self is expressed.”

Webinar – How Does Real Change Take Place?

“Today’s webinar “How Does Real Change Take Place” is being presented by Brian Theiss. Brian is the founder and CEO of American Built Bodies, Theiss Institute and currently TheissCare, LLC, a multi dimensional corporate executive health and wellness consulting business. Brian got his AA from Moorpark College and majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. His educational background is in sports medicine. He is certified through the International Sport Science Association…

Brian was a training and performance consultant for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team in 2001 as well as a consultant on a test program for the Los Angeles Kings in 2000-2005. He has been a keynote speaker, publisher and author for many years. He was awarded the highest educational standards in fitness excellence through the ISSA and in recognition of placement within the top 3 trainers nationwide. During his 31 years in business he worked with over 19000 clients worldwide and he has established himself as a pioneer in the field of executive health and wellness. Brian has worked with 975 physicians worldwide and currently the NBFE fellows since 2016. He has won the number one executive health and wellness consultant in over 250000 competing trainers. Brian, thank you so much for your involvement with this PNA webinar and program, there will be a brief delay as we change presenters.”