I Lost Three Inches Off My Waist and My Gut is Gone

I Lost Three Inches on my Waist

Dear Brian,

I have to tell you how much you have rocked my world!

Lost Inches Off My Waist and Look Great

Over the past two years, I dropped about 20 pounds on my own, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I wasn’t “fat”, but I still had a gut and my body didn’t have any definition.

In just two months with TheissCare, I lost three inches from my waist and now look great all around.

Brian can help you lose inches from your waist

Brian can help you lose inches from your waistline.

I Feel Great and Have Lots of Energy

But beyond how I look, how I feel is even better. I took my boys to Disneyland a few weeks ago. My five year old pooped out by about 7:00pm. I was concerned that we would have to cut our trip short — this was his first time at Disneyland without a stroller and he just couldn’t walk anymore. I put him on my shoulders knowing that I am good for about 10 minutes before he gets too heavy.

Well, that was the old me — I had him on my shoulders for over an hour with no problem, no soreness. That was enough time to walk from Thunder Mountain all the way to through Disneyland, through California Adventure, and through the line for the Ferris Wheel. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was knowing that I was able to be able to carry my kid like that for so long.

A week later, I played in my first softball game of the new season. I have always been a good player, but never a power hitter. In my first at-bat, I hit the ball over the left fielder’s head for a home run. In over 15 years of playing adult softball, I have never hit the ball over the left fielder’s head. Again, 0 What A Feeling!

Changed My World and My Waistline

To say that you have changed my world and my waistline is an understatement. I still can’t believe I was finally able to lose those last 3 inches. I do however, have one complaint. Not a day goes by, and I mean not a single day, where I don’t hear at least two or three times about how great I look. At first, I loved the attention. but now it is a bit embarrassing. I am considering making a T-Shirt that reads “I got my new body from TheissCare“.

Keep up the good work!

Kindest Regards,