I Can Sleep on My Back Without Pain
Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for working with me and all the challenges I have presented you.

Your enthusiasm and encouragement was much appreciated and needed during the “rehab” portion of my training.

Now Able to Sleep Without Back Pain

Initially, I was discouraged as I thought all the training we did prior to my back incident was wasted. It was then that I fully realized how valuable your expertise in biomechanics was by allowing me to achieve the same results with different exercises. I was truly amazed that this could be accomplished.

I must also add that my back is far healthier and stronger than it has been in years. I can now walk longer distances and even sleep without back pain through the night. This is truly a gift.

Committed to Helping My Back Heal

Your professionalism is also to be commended. Your commitment and focus on helping me achieve the results I wanted never wavered in face of my somewhat erratic travel schedule . I’ve learned that even if I am not able to come in daily, I can achieve. I also appreciate the fact that you’ve not laughed (too much) at my inability to take an accurate pulse reading.

You have given me the tools, skills and knowledge to continue to build and maintain a healthy back, pursue a sensible fitness program and above all never to give up… after all, 16 reps isn’t too much to ask for….

Thank you again for your professionalism, your knowledge and showing me that the process can be just as rewarding as achieving the results.



How I Overcame Drug Addiction

Dear Brian,

Who would have ever guessed that the training program I fought so much in the beginning would turn out to, not only save, but it would return my life back to me.

Rehabilitation Programs Did Not Work

Coming from a life time of drug addiction, I had grown accustomed to spending millions of dollars on rehab programs, physiologist and other medical professionals and treatments to survive day to day.

With my past, I had full acknowledgment and understanding based of my self-induced diseased and destructive lifestyle, that I had no real possibility of living long due to the damage I had caused. It was no surprise that those around me had given up on me. In fact I too gave up on myself and expected to die young, and end up as another statistic.

I Deserve One More Chance

But something happened that I couldn’t avoid no matter how I tried. I kept hearing about the Theiss Miracle from a famous rehab professional. He had been boasting about thousands of success stories from around the world and he was also boasting about his own personal Theiss Miracle that transformed him into the best health and conditioning of his life.

Why this was so astounding to me, was for the fact that this man, before being a rehab specialist, was a world class athlete for most of his life. He was 60 years old but had the physical body, mental sharpness and health of a 20 year old!

Could this happen to me? I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.

The other thought that persisted was: “I deserve one more chance”. And that chance I got.

Overcoming My Addiction with Nutrition and Exercise

The Theiss Miracle has rehabilitated me back into a life of happiness, health, youth and vision for the future. I am in the best condition of my life physically, emotionally!

And just as remarkable: “I never felt so alive and full of life” ever!

Brian and the Theiss Program taught me the skills to live from the inside out in a very simplistic workable manner, not only for today, but for the rest of my healthy and glad to announce: “My Long Life”.

For those of you reading this, you owe it to yourself to accept the gift, of a Theiss Miracle for yourself and those who love you and whom you love. Ironically the only thing you have to lose is: “old age and disease“.


I Lost Three Inches on my Waist

Dear Brian,

I have to tell you how much you have rocked my world!

Lost Inches Off My Waist and Look Great

Over the past two years, I dropped about 20 pounds on my own, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I wasn’t “fat”, but I still had a gut and my body didn’t have any definition.

In just two months with TheissCare, I lost three inches from my waist and now look great all around.

Brian can help you lose inches from your waist

Brian can help you lose inches from your waistline.

I Feel Great and Have Lots of Energy

But beyond how I look, how I feel is even better. I took my boys to Disneyland a few weeks ago. My five year old pooped out by about 7:00pm. I was concerned that we would have to cut our trip short — this was his first time at Disneyland without a stroller and he just couldn’t walk anymore. I put him on my shoulders knowing that I am good for about 10 minutes before he gets too heavy.

Well, that was the old me — I had him on my shoulders for over an hour with no problem, no soreness. That was enough time to walk from Thunder Mountain all the way to through Disneyland, through California Adventure, and through the line for the Ferris Wheel. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was knowing that I was able to be able to carry my kid like that for so long.

A week later, I played in my first softball game of the new season. I have always been a good player, but never a power hitter. In my first at-bat, I hit the ball over the left fielder’s head for a home run. In over 15 years of playing adult softball, I have never hit the ball over the left fielder’s head. Again, 0 What A Feeling!

Changed My World and My Waistline

To say that you have changed my world and my waistline is an understatement. I still can’t believe I was finally able to lose those last 3 inches. I do however, have one complaint. Not a day goes by, and I mean not a single day, where I don’t hear at least two or three times about how great I look. At first, I loved the attention. but now it is a bit embarrassing. I am considering making a T-Shirt that reads “I got my new body from TheissCare“.

Keep up the good work!

Kindest Regards,


you are never too old to take action

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the privilege and opportunity to train with Brian Theiss over the past three months and I highly recommend him with complete confidence as a personal trainer.

A Healthy, Strong, Fit Body at Any Age

Brian has shown me personally how to achieve results through his elite training technique that I never thought was possible. It has made me aware that you are never too old to take action and through his expertise, can achieve a healthy, strong, fit body along with a dramatic improvement on your mental attitude. For this I will be eternally grateful.

Brian exudes professionalism and his knowledge of the human body surpassed my highest expectation. Through his hard work, scientific education, and his personal enthusiasm, Brian can help people develop a strong, healthy body, build lean muscle mass and muscle strength, and more important, maintain a more efficient mental and emotional attitude as well as the physical integrity.

Brian has earned my deepest respect as the top trainer in the country and with his commitment to a healthy body, his positive mental outlook, he comes with my highest recommendation.


I Was Able to Lose 12 Pounds of Fat in 60 Days

Dear Theiss

I am very pleased to be writing a letter of recommendation for TheissCare after losing 12 pounds of fat in 60 days. I have plenty of other reasons why I would highly recommend TheissCare to anyone.

How I Lost 12 Pounds of Fat

For someone like me who is 5’2″ and weighed 129 pounds it was very difficult to get in shape and lose the last 15 pounds. I had tried and tried many times using diet & exercise and different programs to lose the pounds but I was always losing at the most 5 pounds and gaining it right back.

What I learned from the program at TheissCare was about what foods I put into my body everyday, and what exercises I do that would actually bring me results every day. It was very simple & very effective. I was given specific exercises to do, how often to do them, and exactly how to do each exercise. The exercise program was designed based on my physique, my heart rate, body fitness & shape and what I wanted to accomplish out of the program.

I learned what kind of foods to eat every day that are healthy, how much of Protein, Carbs, and fat to consume at every meal, and what is the correct ratio & combination of my daily meals. Everything was given to me and it was all very clear and very specific. (The meal plan was based on the food I chose to eat).

The Right Exercise Program Made it Happen

Ultimately with the right exercise program and the right meal plan I was able to lose 12 pounds of fat in sixty (60) days. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I had not only surprised myself, but impressed all my family & friends.

Yes, it took a lot of hard work & discipline on my part, but without the guidance and the expertise from TheissCare I would not have been able to accomplish this myself especially in sixty (60) days.

I Look and Feel Great

Now, I feel and look great, and more importantly I believe I can accomplish anything I want in life. My physical endurance & movement have improved tremendously and are very much noticeable especially on the tennis courts.

I chose to stay in a maintenance program and have been able to maintain my body fat and are right now working on losing the last 3 pounds.

I truly appreciate all the guidance and the assistance I have received from TheissCare and consider them my other family and my second home.



An Executive Fitness Program Built for Health and Wellness
Dear Mr. Theiss:

Being in my mid to late forties, feeling sluggish, weak and overweight, I decided to search for an executive fitness program that would benefit me on my terms. I felt I needed individualized attention, someone to work out with me, to push me. If there were a diet offered, that would be a plus.

The Regular “Gym Life” Didn’t Suit Me

I thought yoga or palates would be good for me. I had no objection to working with weights. With this in mind, I began my quest. I visited several gyms that were recommended to me by my younger, already fit, single friends.

Obviously there are several people that prefer working out in a building with a bunch of other people, each doing their own thing, kids yelling, drinks being served up. Sort of a disco work out, daycare center, bar thing going on. However, being married with kids, president of a corporation with a phone stuck in my ear all day, those types of gyms just didn’t seem to be a match.

I saw two ads that I clipped, one that dealt in palates and the other being a picture of Brian spotting a person on a weight machine. I visited the palates place where I was greeted by a bubbly, young, very young lady that explained to me that her boss, the palates instructor, was not only the trainer, but he built the palates machine with his own hands and also painted the pictures on the wall!

A Program that Specializes in Executive Health and Fitness

Then I dropped over to check out the executive fitness program at TheissCare. I couldn’t see in the windows and I liked that. As I approached the desk, a trainer greeted me. Your facility seemed clean, modem and built for the business professional.

I will never forget my meeting with you. You were (and still are) polite, professional and very dedicated to your profession. Your philosophy on bodybuilding, health, fitness and customer service does not end with you. Your entire staff is just as committed.

Your trainers are kept up-to-date on the latest fitness technologies and results are tested on the VO2MAX.

Health, Fitness and Privacy for the Executive on the Go

With only a handful of clients allowed in at any given time, I always felt comfortable without having to put on the frills.

The clients of the executive health and fitness program at TheissCare are hardworking people. We have similar profiles and we all have the same goal. We also do not have time to mess around. We have our hour, we work out hard, and then we get on with our day.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I know I am fit and physically stronger now than I have been in many years. I believe that it was a wise business decision to make to change the name from ABB to what it is now.

I highly recommend TheissCare to any executive looking for an effective training environment.



I Lost 17 Pounds in a Month and 60 Inches

Dear Brian,

How can I begin say “thanks” for all you have done for me? I have been overweight almost all of my life and the word “exercise” was my four letter word. I was apprehensive about starting your training program believing there was no way I could possibly succeed. I imagined the program to be too hard for me to do.

I Lost 17 Pounds and 60 Inches in a Month

I was very wrong. You designed a program for me where I could succeed. You made it so that I could make accomplishments each and every day. You knew just when to change the program so it was a little more difficult and you also knew those days when I just needed a little extra support or just a little bit more rest. It was a program that I could succeed at and feel good about those successes.

I lost 17 pounds in the month I was there, but even more impressive was the almost 60 inches that I lost! I still have a long way to go, but you helped me with a plan that I could continue doing here at home. Because I was able to succeed there, I feel like I can continue and make progress here—something I didn’t think was possible.

Off My Diabetic and Blood Pressure Meds

My doctor was pleased with my accomplishments, also. My Al C blood test dropped from 7.8 in early December to 5.9 in early April. My blood pressure was 120/64. I was able to drop one of my diabetic meds and one of my blood pressure meds. She says if I continue to do better, I might be able to drop more of my medications.

I also need to make mention of your staff. They were always welcoming and friendly. They were helpful and made me feel comfortable. It was a plus to see smiling faces when I entered and left the building.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to start a program where I can succeed.

Yours truly,


How do you THANK someone who just saved your life?

Dear Brian,

How do you THANK someone who just saved your life?? Mere words do not seem enough. I cannot begin to express how wonderful it was to meet you in October in Minnesota through Bill. From the moment that we were introduced I knew that I had to meet with you at your facility.

Upon returning home to California in November I contacted your facility and scheduled an appointment. You immediately referred me to a heart specialist who ran many tests to see if I was healthy enough to start a diet and exercise program at your facility. After a week long of testing it was deemed that I was barely healthy enough to begin a program. What a wonderful life changing experience!! Don’t get me wrong at the beginning it was tough to get through but after a short time I felt alive again, I could bend, move and climb stairs again. I wish everyone could meet you for they don’t know what they are missing in life.

Thank God and Bill for bringing us together, because as the heart specialist put it (as did you before I even saw the specialist) “they will find you dead in that new truck out there in 3 years if I did not change my ways.” (ie: eating and no exercise).

Thank you for taking a special interest in me and sharing your knowledge and way of life. I will be forever grateful for you.

With Great Respect And Love,


I Was Capable of Doing Many Things

Dear Brian,

As long as it has taken for me to get this letter to you, I hope you know it is not because I am unhappy with the results of my training; quite the contrary. It is simply procrastination…. nothing else.

Making My Health and Fitness a Priority

I do want you to know that I learned a lot about myself in many ways during the training sessions; some of it was not very flattering, but mostly it was wonderful. I learned that I was capable of doing many things I would never have pictured myself doing, and found that I was able to commit to something that focused on ME for the first time in a very, very long time.

Over the years, I have found myself continually putting my personal health on the very bottom of my list of priorities, which is the last place it should be. Your program helped me to get it back into perspective, and for that I am grateful.

The Trainers Were Always Concerned with My Physical Fitness Levels

I appreciate the personal aspect of the training, and the knowledge that all of you were so concerned with my success in the program. You have a wonderful staff, Brian.

Tom was a very good choice for you to pair me up with. He is funny and sweet and was always concerned with my mental well-being as well as my physical fitness levels each time I came in. He was very sensitive to my needs, and gave me the little pats on the back or kicks in the butt, whichever seemed most necessary at the moment.

Though I only trained with Chris twice, I felt very comfortable with her . She is very warm and caring, and I could tell that we would have been a great match as well.

Always Willing to Do a Little Extra

Each time I walked into that place, I felt welcome as a person, not just a client. I think it was great that you were willing to come with me to the fitness store to look at home equipment, and even to a different gym, to help me work on a program that I could do on my own. I doubt that others would have done the same. Considering it was just a 6 1/2 week program.

The fact that you all were willing to do the little extras is the reason I will refer you again and again to the people I meet that may be interested in a program like yours…. because I don’t think there is another program like yours. You have all gone above and beyond anything I would have expected on a professional level, and I feel that I made friends in the process.

Thanks for everything!



I Look Forward to a Fit and Healthy Life

Dear Brian,

RESULTS – that’s what I have achieved in your cutting-edge training program!

7 Week Fitness Plan Changed My Body

In under seven weeks I was able to SEE the loss of 8% body fat, three inches off each thigh as well as nearly three inches off both waist and hips. And, in dramatic fashion, I was able to FEEL my increased energy and strength. To achieve a 33% increase in leg press strength – that is a grand accomplishment for someone who had hip replacement surgery just two years ago!

How fortunate for me that we are neighbors and that your enthusiasm for your clients’ success extends “above and beyond”. Your visit to my home and evaluation of my performance on my own equipment has enabled me to easily integrate this new training program into my life.

Compelled to Continue on for Another 7 Week Fitness Plan

My first 6 1/2 weeks were such a success that I was compelled to continue into another program. Round Two is reinforcing my beliefs that your way is the most effective way to achieve strength, fitness and shape.

Traditional methods of exercise I have tried in the past pale in comparison. I look forward to the results of my next fitness testing and I look beyond to a fit and healthy life – thanks to you!

Please let me recommend Brian Theiss to all who inquire. You promised to change my life and you have indeed done just that!

Thank you, Brian.



The personalized fitness program at TheissCare exceeded my expectations

The personalized fitness program at TheissCare exceeded my expectations.

Dear Brian,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your personalized fitness program. The results that I’ve attained in your program have been quick and relatively painless.

Your trainers are truly knowledgeable, and I have a lot of confidence in their judgement as well as their training. You have exceeded my expectations in terms of your qualifications, competence and responsiveness to my special requests for modifications.

A Personalized Fitness Program – Not a “Canned” Program

I always feel that in each session I, an individual, am being trained and improved. Never do I feel that I am following one of a few “canned Programs”. The training facility is always very clean and quiet, qualities which make it a pleasure to be there.

Your willingness to modify the exercises and the diet upon request and personalize them for me is also welcomed. I appreciate your willingness to focus on the improvements to my figure and cardio system that I feel are important.

A Constantly Evolving Program for Maximum Results

Also, I am happy that you personalize and change my fitness program so frequently because my body becomes too accustomed to each program which would result in diminished results. The changing of the fitness program helps me not to become too bored or complacent as well.

Please feel free to use this as a letter of reference, if you wish to do so. I know that I will be a loyal client of yours for a long time.

Thank you for everything.



I Lost Inches From My Waist, Hips, and Thighs

Dear Brian,

I am genuinely ecstatic with the results you helped me achieve during my first six-week training program with you and your staff. I have lost inches from my waist, hips, and thighs, developed much more cardiovascular fitness and lost some weight as well. I feel stronger and much more confident. While I haven’t yet rid myself of my life-long back problems, I now believe that I will greatly reduce my back pain over time.

That’s my factual assessment. Now, for the really important stuff.

Many people have commented on my more slender appearance. I now fit comfortably in a size 6 when I struggled into 8’s and usually wore 10’s before. All of this has been a wonderful emotional boost after having birthed two very big baby boys.
You have such a kind and calming way about you that helps people believe in you and themselves. Your system works, even for people like me who have to accommodate their training to chronic health problems.

I have been uniformly impressed with each of your trainers. They are both knowledgeable and considerate, encouraging yet gently assertive when needed to keep me on course. They quickly earned my confidence and made me feel comfortable.

I am committed to continue my fitness regimen as a new way of life for me. You’ve helped me prove I can do it. I couldn’t be happier and will recommend your program you to anyone who asks.

Thanks for everything. Now I can grunt with the best of them in any facility. And I do five days a week!



Physical Rehabilitation for Our Chronic Conditions

To Whom It May Concern:

After spending a great deal of time researching various options for a personal trainer we were fortunate to be referred to Brian Theiss  for the physical rehabilitation that we needed. We had been told that Brian specialized in working with those people who had specific medical problems.

My husband, Larry, was recuperating from a heart attack and bypass surgery and I had thirteen years of chronic pain in my left shoulder and on the left side of my face. After speaking to Brian both Larry and I were convinced that we were finally blessed with the guidance we both needed for proper rehabilitation as well as for the personal care that we both felt we wanted. We had spent quite a lot of time researching other personal trainers and other gyms and no one came close to what Brian had to offer. The personal trainers at the local gyms were very young and not experienced in medical physical rehabilitation. Most were fresh out of Junior College with very little experience. In fact, most were looking for experience and frankly neither of us wanted to be guinea pigs, when in fact we both had chronic conditions that needed rehabilitating.

Brian with client James F. Little, President & CEO, Employers Direct

Brian with client James F. Little, President & CEO, Employers Direct

Brian always starts his clients’ exercise program by demonstrating the exercises himself with his trainer standing along side of him watching his techniques so that when the trainer takes over they are cognoscente of proper style and position for the specialized program Brian has set forth for your individual needs. There is a unique rhythm, style and routine necessary to make Brian’s program successful, without that consistency you have deviated from the success he has worked and studied so long and hard to accomplish.

Larry and I have had the opportunity to work with both of Brian’s trainers, They both have strong backgrounds in nursing, which was extremely important to both Larry and I, and they both present themselves very professionally. Their sensitivity to our medical problems and their ability to execute Brian’s exercises are impeccable. You know that when you work with them you have their undivided attention and that they are focused on your every need. Both Kris and Krista are very positive reflections of Brian’s specialized program. The attributes and unique qualities displayed in Brian’s instructors is the core of a successful rehabilitation program.

What Larry and I have achieved in the short period of time we have been working at could never have been accomplished elsewhere. Larry was in Cardiac Rehabilitation immediately following his surgery and within the three months he was working with them he never accomplished nor could he have ever accomplished what he has with Brian in this short period of time. The diet, the exercises and the highly specialized online fitness program seems to bring you to your goal much fast than you could ever imagine. What a nice feeling it is to feel accomplished so quickly! Brian is also a very caring and sensitive person and takes care to make sure you are made to feel important not only in your exercise program, but as a person as well.

Larry and I paid for a very specialized program and for highly skilled and professional trainers and we are very pleased to say that Brian and his staff have better than met all our expectations. We would recommend Brian Theiss and the staff highly and would welcome speaking to you if you have any questions or concerns regarding your consideration as one of their client.



Physical Rehabilitation and Better Health

If this makes sense to you reach out to me today. We can schedule a no obligation consultation to review your current status and recommend a health and wellness plan for you.

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! You owe it to yourself!






Living a Much Healthier Lifestyle Saved My Life

Dear Brian

The impact of the Theiss training program on my life is so profound and huge, I am amazed each and every day. There aren’t enough words, time or money to express my gratitude to you for saving my life and giving me the tools to live a much healthier lifestyle. Before I came to you, I considered myself athletic and extremely healthy, I was proud to say I never got sick. Maybe I caught a cold once every 5 years but that was it. However, for the last 6 years I have struggled with enormous stress, all sorts of mysterious ailments, weight gain, coming to terms with so many things I just couldn’t do anymore, and malaise. And, honestly, these problems had been developing for many years. Deep inside I never believed this was part of the aging process. In fact, last year, I remember saying to my daughter, I am getting old — and then crying about it. I had never said or thought any such thing in my entire life.

Brian with client Bob Bradway, CFO/Executive VP, Amgen

Brian with client Bob Bradway, CFO/Executive VP, Amgen

I had been to countless doctors and nutritionists. I tried every diet and pill known to man. I played tennis 4 to 5 times a week for 2 to 3 hours at a time, I rode my bike and I walked. I researched the internet and diagnosed myself with all sorts of disorders and diseases to explain what was happening to me. For the last 2 years I ate only whole, organic foods, no fast foods or processed foods. Some people advised me to eat less. Some said I wasn’t eating enough. None of it worked one little bit. There wasn’t anything I wasn’t willing to try to get better. I felt completely out of control of my life and health. I was at the lowest point in my life. The odd thing is that none of the massive amounts of information from doctors, diets, nutritionists or “cures” made any sense to me. Nothing and no one had any effect on my rapidly declining health. I was positive I was dying.

From the first second I met Brian I was 100% certain my life would be forever changed. Every single word Brian said in our interview made perfect and complete sense to me. I can’t say I understood all the complexities Brian explained to me that day but there wasn’t one doubt that Brian was the one person on this planet who was going to change the direction of my life and health. And that is exactly what happened in an incredibly short time.

I ask myself everyday what person wouldn’t want better health than they have had in years and maybe in their entire life. What value and price does each of us place on our health? What would we be willing to commit and what would we give to have the best health of our lives? For me it was very simple — It was easy to commit 100% of myself and all my resources to the online fitness program Brian designed specifically for me. There is only one thing that has been hard for me since beginning my training with Brian. . . containing my excitement and passion for my life today. My desire is to have everyone I meet and everyone I know meet Brian and take the opportunity to change their health and life in the same extraordinary way.

With Love and Gratitude,


Make the Commitment to a Healthier Lifestyle

If this makes sense to you reach out to me today. We can schedule a no obligation consultation to review your current status and recommend a health and wellness plan for you.

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! You owe it to yourself!






My Life Had Already Started to Change

Dear Brian,

I had never lifted weights or used weight machines or even exercised on a treadmill before I met you. I hadn’t run for 30 years, and when I ran I hated it. I never got that euphoric feeling everyone talked about and craved. In fact I really never exercised before except for walking – which I did a lot of. I hated exercise – in fact when I even said the word I felt like I had to wash my mouth out with chocolate.

A World Class Health and Wellness Facility

I knew the moment I entered TheissCare – which is a world class facility – I had already made a decision about whether I would take what was about to happen to me seriously, or lightly as something I tried and later set aside. I thought I was fairly fit, after all and knowing my method of operation, I wasn’t sure all I was about to experience would stick.

Brian with client Kevin Sharer, CEO, Amgen

Brian with client Kevin Sharer, CEO, Amgen

After spending two weeks under your expertise with your direct supervision and intensive training I had a confirmation to my convictions. I knew my life had already started to change. I could feel it physically, mentally and emotionally. I liked what I felt and didn’t want to go back to my old tired saggy body.

Exercise and Nutrition Customized for Me

You began a new work in me. I have continued that process, working hard following your exercise and meal plans which were individually prepared especially for me. I appreciate your continued support and concern for my and my health and fitness.

I appreciate your organization and all those who work for you there. I appreciate your attention to details and your follow up philosophy. I know that whenever I have a question or a problem I can call or email and will have an answer directly. I appreciate your dedication and drive for what you sincerely believe in and your willingness to pass that enthusiasm on to your “students”.

Cholesterol Dropped and Blood Pressure Medication Cut in Half

Congratulations! You have taken a sedentary aging lady and turned her into a lean, working viable younger version of her self….and one who even likes to exercise! (I still like chocolate, but don’t crave it like before.) I have never been in better shape and never felt as good as I feel now.

My cholesterol dropped over 70 points to 183, with my good cholesterol reading 112! I have been able to cut my blood pressure medication (taken for at least 15 years) in half and look forward to the day I can stop taking this medication forever.

People can’t believe my energy, how good I look and feel….and those are just my doctors! I look forward to taking my fitness to higher levels in the future and know I can count on you for future education during this process.

May God richly bless you.



I'm living proof that exercise can lower blood pressure.

I’m living proof that exercise can lower blood pressure.

Dear Brian

I want to thank you for creating TheissCare so that I could find my way there, to get my self to a healthy life style and lower my blood pressure. Since the beginning I have been so impressed with your care and concern about my health. It’s been a great experience for me and so many wonderful things have happened in my life in these past weeks.

I’m No Longer on Blood Pressure Medication

First and foremost I am so grateful to not be taking blood pressure medication anymore, which I have taken for 15 years.

Its hard to believe that the first day I came to you my blood pressure was 180/97 and that was with medication and now I am no longer taking blood pressure medication. I never ever imagined that it would be possible for that to happen, but happen it did.

It is hard to describe the energy I have now and what a joy it is in my life. I play golf and walking was always a big part of the game to me. Prior to your exercise program I was so out of shape that I was considering giving up walking on the golf course, one of the very things I enjoyed about the game of golf. After this program I can easily walk 18 holes of golf and if I wanted to could walk 36 holes, I have that much energy. It is such a sense of freedom knowing I can do any physical thing I choose.

Watch the video : How exercise lowered my blood pressure

Help with the Proper Exercises to Lower My Blood Pressure

Working with a personal trainer was the best yet. You have such a great staff, always encouraging and so interested in my progress. I so much appreciated each and every one of them, with their concern and encouragement along the way. I never dreamed that I would like working with weights or working on machines but I do because the reward is so great.

I would encourage everyone with high blood pressure to take this exercise program; it will change their lives. They could look around forever but they would never find and exercise program that could compare to what you have going there.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (my healthy heart).



Thanks for Helping Us Change Our Lifestyle
Dear Brian

When we first met you, we expressed concern that our unhealthy lifestyle was interfering with our ability to keep up with our four year old son. As a middle-aged executive with a high stress job, Alan was concerned he was too out of shape to ever hope to play baseball with him. We were also concerned about Alan’s high cholesterol levels and family history of heart disease. Jerry had difficulty fitting into old jeans and found day-to-day activities with a four year old exhausting.

Your unique training program helped us make significant changes to our bodies in just 6-1/2 weeks. Our highly individualized workouts were reviewed and constantly modified to ensure we worked as hard as we could without sustaining injuries. Your dedicated trainers constantly refined our form to ensure we received the maximum benefit from each exercise. They sought feedback from us every step of the way and developed a sixth sense concerning how we responded to the demands of the program. Your understanding of human physiology and chemistry were invaluable in designing our individual programs and in educating us concerning the changes that were occurring in our bodies. Finally, during those tough times when just one more repetition seemed impossible or one more bite of chicken seemed intolerable, the encouragement we received from you and your staff kept us going.

Although we remain middle-aged, much has changed during the past 6-1/2 weeks. We both lost considerable fat and improved our strength and endurance. In addition, Alan dramatically improved his cholesterol levels, reducing his count from an unhealthy level to downright healthy.

But perhaps the best part of the program cannot be measured. From our perspective, the most unique and wonderful aspect of the program was working with a group of people who genuinely care about each of their clients.

Thanks to you and your entire staff for helping us change our lifestyle.



Kicking My Once 'Low Butt' Into High Gear

Dear Brian

I know this letter is long over due and I ask that you please accept my sincere apologies for the lengthy delay. In the same breath, please know it doesn’t lessen my passion for wanting to write it.

I hope this letter finds you and yours well. Please know I think of you so often, as well as your incredible staff and miss you all. I cannot believe it will be one year this November since experiencing the most life-altering health and fitness regiment ever. As you know, it had always been a dream of mine to be able to participate in one of your fitness programs, but never quite got around to doing so until I found myself in love, engaged and relocating to Chicago, Illinois…leaving behind beautiful California and 20 years of life experiences in its wake. As you know, before my departure, I gifted myself with your six-week program condensed into four weeks. Ironically enough, the timing could not have been better. I was up for the challenge and craved the discipline. Although it was intense, it kept me focused and healthy during a most stressful, yet joyous time in my life. It reaffirmed the importance of taking care of one self and learning to make time for such. I loved every minute of it!

As you know, having been an athlete all of my life, I have always been passionate about fitness, health and nutrition. With that, I have endured my share of injuries. Some of which forever changed my ability to perform activities I once loved (gymnastics, golfing, etc.). However, all of that changed once I trained at TheissCare and learned my true strength and how to train within what I felt were my physical limitations. I’m a changed woman! I’ll forever be grateful. To date, I’m happy to report that I have remained faithful to my fitness regime. The results are incredible. I weigh what I did in my early 20’s. I have gone from size 8/10 to 4/6. I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been, especially in my upper body. I no longer suffer from bi-lateral chronic shoulder and neck pain as I did for so many years. I’ve learned to enjoy working out in a gym setting again, something I hadn’t done in many, many years. The constant camaraderie is priceless!

In conclusion, I thank you and all of your dynamic trainers for the constant inspiration, motivation and priceless knowledge and for kicking my once ‘low butt’ into high gear. You are all leaders in your profession. I’ve never felt better and I will never go back to living in pain. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true!

Best Regards,


the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise plan

Dear Brian,

I wanted to take time to let you know how you and your staff have helped to permanently change my life. After my personal health consultation, you gave me a lot to think about as well as a stack of forms to fill out. The forms were overwhelming, at first, but yet I understood the importance of having the proper medical and physical information in order to establish the right recommendations for my program of physical well-being and a healthy diet plan. Nevertheless, with great reluctance and skilled procrastination, it took me about two months to complete the forms and return them to you.

In addition to the paperwork, I was also intimidated by my preconceived intensity of your ultimate program recommendations and requirements. Could I measure-up and ultimately complete your program? Would I have the stamina and consistency to stay the course? I have never, in the past, maintained any kind of exercise on a regular basis! But I really desired to break that life pattern, particularly after a serious accident that I had two and one half years ago. Despite extensive physical therapy, my body was resisting full recovery. I did not want to limit my capacities in my later years. So I decided that the time was now to change the potential downward physical trend that I was headed towards.

Despite my reservations, your program seemed to be a good choice to reverse my downward trending physical condition.

The first two weeks of your diet and exercise reminded me of boot camp. With God’s help, I was determined to complete the training and reach the physical goals set for me. You and your dedicated staff have encouraged me, showed me how to exercise and most importantly made me accountable to your program and to myself! They showed me the right form and how to exercise to get the best results. I had never realized that form had such great importance in the results achieved. I had exercised on and off in the past but had no idea, as it turned out, what I was doing. In some past exercising, I now realized, I was actually not helping but hindering my physical improvement.

Brian, after my initial two-month Theiss program, the results have been phenomenal! My before and after test results have truly been inspiring. My blood pressure dropped 16 points, my weight dropped 20 pounds, my body fat dropped 20 pounds and my muscle weight gained 3 pounds and my energy level rose significantly. People have noticed the difference in me and have asked what have you been doing? You look younger! Your skin has changed! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your program. You have thoroughly convinced me in the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise plan. This has been a life style change, and I believe, I life extender for me. As you know, I have continued your program for an additional six months and will never stop these important lifestyle changes! Yes, I not only survived Theiss, I thrived through Theiss!

Brian, I want to say thank you for your push to healthy living. Please pass on to your staff especially my personal coach, how grateful I am for their dedication and encouragement. All of you have helped me make an investment in my physical life that will continue to pay greater dividends than any monetary investment I could have made.

I have recommended your Institute to a number of friends and I hope that they decide to take the steps necessary for your program and the benefits of healthy living as I have.



Take the Next Step to Better Health

If this makes sense to you, reach out to me, today. We can schedule a no obligation consultation to review your current status and recommend a health and wellness plan for you.

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! You owe it to yourself!






Being Healthier for the Rest of My Life

Dear Brian,

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you and your staff have done for me. Being at TheissCare has been more than a fitness training or diet management program for me. It has truly been a life changing process. The things that I have learned from your program will benefit my well-being for the rest of my life.

Not only has my life expectancy increased, but also my quality of life and the ability to enjoy life has improved dynamically. I have learned patterns of managing the food I eat that make sense and are easy to follow. What I like most is that you have taken foods that I like to eat and shown me how to maximize their nutritional value without gaining weight. There are no pre-packaged meals or diet plans that would be difficult to follow once I leave the program.

I especially like the exercise and training plan. Your specialists provide expert direction that goes beyond just maneuvering the weight. They concentrate on body mechanics, exercise form, and varied exercise patterns. I have been impressed with their knowledge and the ability they have of applying that knowledge to my unique situation.

Above all, I have to thank you for helping me through the most difficult time that I, thus far, have ever faced in my life. When I came to you, my life was out of control and unmanageable. My stress level was far above anything I had ever experienced. Your staff showed me how to deal with the stress through focusing on my workouts. Even at times during my workouts, when my emotions would leak out, they were compassionate, understanding, and willing to listen. I can’t tell how comforting it was to have them place a hand on my shoulder and let me know that they cared and that they were there to help and support me. Without these fine people you have as specialists, I would have been lost and unable to function.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your personal attention. I appreciate how you take time each time I am in the gym to come out and say hello. I am grateful for the time and effort you have taken to prepare yourself to design and establish such a beneficial program. It is more than just fitness and health; it is about making life changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

It is without hesitation and with the utmost sincerity, that I would highly recommend your program to anyone who is interested not only in being healthy, but being healthier for the rest of their life.

Warmest Regards,


A Lifestyle that Promotes Success, Health and Well-Being
Dear Brian,

It’s difficult to express in words the impact your online fitness program has had on my health, and overall attitude toward health and fitness.

With my extensive exposure to power lifting and strength training, I approached this training program extremely skeptical of the impact it would have on my body type. Per your suggestion, I put faith before feeling, and have never felt more satisfied with any other decision I have made regarding my overall health and well being. The results I have experienced over a six-week period were dramatic both on paper analysis and in how my body feels during exercise and rest.

Your professional staff continues to be helpful and motivating as I continue with TheissCare to achieve my ultimate fitness goals. Your training program and influence has now become part of my lifestyle, a lifestyle that promotes success, health; and well being. Your staff consistently provided motivation during my training sessions, and their expertise with proper exercise form has helped me to stay injury free during an intense training regimen.

Thank you, for all of your hard work in developing and teaching me a training regimen that allows a busy professional, like myself, attain my fitness goals and to learn/practice `clean’ eating habits.

Please extend my sincere gratitude to your professional staff for helping to motivate me in attaining my fitness goals. Your system has guided me in my efforts to make positive lifestyle changes in further promoting my overall health.



A Disciplined Eating and Exercise Program for Health

Dear Brian,

I wanted to commend you on the training program you designed for me. As you may remember I do a tremendous amount of travel, which makes it very difficult to be in a disciplined eating and exercise program. However, the online fitness program you set me up on after spending two dedicated weeks with you has been very rewarding.

I began the training program at 222 lbs. My blood pressure was around 140/90. I just went in for a physical because I am about to celebrate my 54th birthday in a couple of months. I weighed in at 202 lbs. (after breakfast) and my blood pressure was 104/70. The results tell the story. It has only been 4 months and I feel incredible.

My wife, Sue, and I are running together when I am in town. We often get to do our intervals and circuit weight training together. When I am out of town I try to at least get in my running and sometimes even intervals. I will try to take my snack servings with me if it is a short trip and just make good choices on my meals. It is so simple the way you have designed all of it.

As I mentioned to you when I started I have been working out at the gym for 5 years and each year I would gain about 5 lbs. I couldn’t figure it out but you did. I appreciate your very hard work and dedication. All that know you will benefit from that experience. Thank you so very much and feel free to have any one contact me that is interested in TheissCare.

Best regards,


My Cardio-vascular Strength and Endurance Increases

Dear Steve,

Over the past eight weeks, I have been on an individualized fitness training program created and directed by Brian Theiss in Westlake Village. The enclosed copy of my letter to him, which I wrote upon completing my 6 1/2-week program, gives you a good sense of what he helped me to achieve. I’ve also enclosed copies of my test results before and after the program. You will want to pay close attention to my cardio-vascular strength and endurance increases.

I just thought you should know that Brian, who is rated among the top three certified professional fitness trainers in the nation, out of 8,000, has achieved a great deal in a very short period of time. It’s been a week since I finished, but I’ve continued with the program on my own, and I continue to lose weight. It’s taking years off of my physique.

When things settle down in my personal life a bit more, I’ll be in for all my annual lab tests. (My wife is looking down the barrel of a hysterectomy in the next couple of months.)

I offer you my highest recommendation of Brian for your patients in the west Valley. If nothing else, you might want to visit his immaculate and excellent facility and meet Brian to get a true sense of his expertise and knowledge.

Very truly yours,


I am a firefighter diagnosed with brain cancer

Dear Brian Theiss,

I would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. I am a firefighter/paramedic who was diagnosed with brain cancer. After a year and a half of chemotherapy, my body was beat up and out of shape. After working with your team, I was able to return to full firefighting duty.

Your training program not only helped me with my strength and cardio, but also taught me how to eat properly. I still have a long medical road to follow, but with my body in tune and my positive outlook on life, I plan to enjoy each day with my family and friends.

Thanks again to you and all your staff!



The Beginning of a Lasting Fitness Change in My Life

Dear Brian,

I didn’t need or have the money for another “gym membership”! And I had hired Personal Trainers in the past… with poor, short-term results. So when I wandered onto your doorstep 11 months ago, I was very skeptical and resistant. During my life, I’ve heard just about every pitch imaginable.

Besides, my fiancée had just purchased an expensive treadmill so, along with my projected use of it and my membership at Gold’s Gym, I felt that I didn’t need your services. But deep inside, I knew I was kidding myself. I had not been achieving the kinds of results that I wanted and needed in health and fitness since I was in my early 20s. In my youth, it was much easier! The only reason I ever came to you was to get the free VO2 Test that you offered when Suzanne purchased the treadmill from the Fitness Store down the street. I had never had a VO2 assessment and I wanted to have that information.

That VO2 Test was the beginning of a lasting fitness change in my life. Lasting is the key word. I have achieved short-term results in the past. But, I need it to be permanent! Could you possibly do what nobody else in my life has ever been able to do for me in health and fitness… effect a lasting change? After nearly a full year, my enthusiastic answer is YES!

You really can form health habits for a lifetime. You’ve done it for me. You’ve done it through hiring quality and well educated trainers, by personally following and structuring my program to suit my individual needs, by teaching me what to do and then making sure I learned it so I can stand on my own, and by regulating your ultra clean, state-of-the-art gym so that I don’t have to wait in line to be able to use any of the equipment. But most of all, you truly believed in me and cared about my success.

Cher once advertised, “If good bodies came in a bottle, everyone would have one”. This program isn’t easy and it doesn’t come in a bottle, but it definitely works and my results are a matter of record. More importantly, it will last and change the life of anyone willing to trust themselves to your direction. No wonder you are among the top 3 Personal Trainers in the nation and that you were awarded the #1 Fitness Trainer by the ISSA.

Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success,