My Gift to You

A two hour TheissCare virtual designed program. Given away each month!

The year 2020… The world will never be the same from here forward… Correct?

In our new world… I have had more time to reflect on the many blessings in my life and the true hero’s that have unconditionally… given to me, my business and my family. These heroes I talk about… I could never name them, due to the nature of their gift’s and the meanings behind them… I am sure… you understand this. 

For those of whom I speak, and you know who you are, I thank you, my business thanks you and my family thanks you… for all that you have done by unconditionally saving and supporting one man… Me…Brian Theiss. 

Wisdom… here is the wisdom of my many gifts: the only requirement on my part was to… simply pass it on to others in need.

Having been so moved by these amazing acts of kindness and selflessness… I knew I had to do something. So I took my issue to prayer…  and this is what was revealed to me… move it forward in the same spirit I received it in… So I have decided to gift our new world… we all now find ourselves living in, yes this world… The foundation of my gift is rooted in the same selflessness, humility and love that I received it in… what a powerful place to live in… I am telling you there is nothing better. 

So here you go… a no strings attached… non complicated gift…of two hour TheissCare virtual designed program to those who find themselves: frustrated, broken, worn out, lack the time, and simply tired of being entertained when it comes to their health.

Listen… We at TheissCare understand your concerns since we know quite well that whatever path you started to ultimate health, they all intersect at the same coordinates… if… our health is not geared specifically to us: lost youth, compromised health, pain and suffering… The world has taught us this in spades, and If by any chance you have lost sight of this… simply feel your body and it will remind you.

All we need is 

  1. Results to matter to you
  2. Complete the entry form below
  3. Email address and phone number
  4. The desire to get your health back on track
  5. Pick any charity of your liking and simply donate what your heart tells you
  6. Simply let us know of the charity you will be donating to.

TheissCare will randomly pick a Monthly Winner… And return the gifts bestowed upon us… by passing it forward to you.