I Was Battling High Blood Pressure & Type II Diabetes

I Was Battling High Blood Pressure & Type II Diabetes
Dear Brian,

It’s hard to put into words how much my experience at TheissCare has changed my life for the better. What occurred for me was truly life-saving, as it has been for many others. You, and the staff at TheissCare are to be highly commended for improving peoples’ health and extending their lives by the care, teaching, and principles offered to the participants.

When I arrived at ThiessCare, I was severely overweight, had suffered from a heart disorder, was battling high blood pressure and type II diabetes, and I was so deconditioned that I could barely walk. This was from years of neglecting my health and working at a primarily desk job. With the least exercise my heart rate would go up and it took a long time to recover.

After 6 weeks of ThiessCare wellness physical training and meal plan conditioning I lost 70 pounds (80 pounds of fat), became stronger, and was able to walk long periods of time without fatigue. Many of my poor medical conditions were reversed and my general health has greatly improved. My family has noticed the positive change in my appearance and condition and they are extremely thankful that you were there to help me. I feel better and am far happier as a result.

I have a ways to go to get to the point where I am truly healthy, but I never would have begun to turn my life around if it had not been for you. I am sure that if I had never gone to you for help, my lifespan would have been significantly shorter than it should be. Now I feel empowered to continue working out, losing weight, and make the changes I need to in order to be around to see my children and grandchildren grow and prosper.