Better, Stronger, Healthier & Happier with Your Life

Better, Stronger, Healthier & Happier with Your Life

Dear Brian,

This letter is way overdue. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for … no other way to put it … changing my life. To be perfectly honest, SAVING my life would be more accurate.

As you know, when we first met, I was 6’4″ tall and weighed 345 lbs (I lost 50 lbs on my own, but was regaining it quickly when we met). As I informed you at that time, I had accomplished a lot of good things in my lifetime that I was very proud of. I was a good father, husband, family man & businessman. Nevertheless, no matter how much I did for others, no matter how others loved me and saw me for what was inside, my lifelong struggle with my weight and fitness had me so depressed that I was literally suicidal; tough way to live your life with so many good things happening at the same time. Can you imagine avoiding mirrors at all costs because you couldn’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror? Never going swimming or to the beach with your family because you were ashamed and didn’t want to embarrass yourself or your family? Even though they all told me it wasn’t that bad, and it didn’t matter, I couldn’t allow myself to be seen in public looking like I did.

I also had dreams of playing professional golf, but realized that, in my then state of mind and body, it was impossible. At 6’4″ tall, I thought I could pull off this feat, carry the weight, and be the first person my size to make it to the PGA Tour — boy was I wrong. I found out the hard way when I had a 36-hole tournament in Las Vegas, in 115 degree heat, and had to walk 36 holes on a very mountainous golf course. While others were being literally carried off the course in stretchers and by ambulance, I managed to complete the round, however it took me 5 days to recover, and I realized that this wasn’t going to work. My worst recollection was when I was in contention to win my first BIG tournament, I was 5-under par going into the 16th hole and the only thing I could think about is how bad I looked rather than how well I was playing. I remember looking down at my feet, seeing that my shirt was not tucked in and my belly bouncing with every step. When I saw the media surrounding the 18th hole from the 16th fairway, I tanked the tournament so that I would not have to deal with them. This happened more than once before, but when I threw away this chance not only to win, but win by a landslide, I realized that something needed to happen — and happen fast.

When you guys took me in, I was grateful beyond what any words could say. As you know, I did everything I could do to break every single record ever made at THEISS. This is my typical motivation — be the best at everything possible, and I wanted be the best client you ever had. I learned how to eat properly. I learned to exercise properly. I learned, not only through your training but watching you train others, that no matter what your current physical condition is, THEISS could help make you better, stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier with your life.

As of today, I now weigh 265 lbs (total loss of 130 lbs). I used to wear 54″ waist pants, now I wear a 40″ (sometimes even 38″). I went from a 5×1 shirt to a 2×1 (sometimes even XL — NEVER thought I’d see that again.) I’ve seen pictures of me playing golf posted in newspapers and magazines, and am proud of what I’ve accomplished. My depression is under control. I am not ashamed to go to the beach, swimming, or even take my shirt off at all in front of anyone. If you’ve never experienced this, it may be hard to understand but it is life changing! I have been to the beach with my kids several times, swimming in public areas, and played football without a shirt on! I would say that I am still “working the program” but it is no longer work, it has become a change in lifestyle. So, it would be proper to say that I am “living the program” — and loving the way I look and feel. The before and after pictures that I provided you tell the whole story.

By the way, in January I turned professional as a golfer, and am now chasing my dreams.

The friendships that have been created here are lifelong, and, if there is ever anything I can do for you to return even a percentage of what you’ve given me, just ask.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me.

I love you guys!


“follow your dreams, whatever the cost”