I Finished My First Six Week Executive Training Course

I Finished My First Six Week Executive Training Course

Dear Brian,

This letter is to give you heartfelt thanks for sweeping me into your big, loving arms and showing me how to change. When I first came to you I was so miserable with my weight and I was feeling very, very old. Our dear friend, Bryan Scott, stood by my desk and made me make the phone call to set up a meeting with you.

That’s all it took! One phone call and things started changing for me! I was in the habit of eating only one meal a day…dinner….and feasting on coffee the rest of the day. The custom meal plan taught me how to eat healthy and smart. I felt the positive results immediately when I started eating small meals and snacks all day long! I began to have more energy during the day up into the night and I started feeling really great in my body and mind.

When I began my cardio and training it was so hard at first, but you are wonderful… and I mean ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL… your personal trainers kept ever-so-gently pushing me to achieve more. When I finished my first six week Executive Training Course and had my meeting with Brian to review the results I was astounded at how much progress I had made so fast! I lost 11 pounds and went from 39% body fat to 25%! I am wearing my size 4 clothes again and I feel sexy and young! (And that’s a really great feeling for a 49-year-old woman.)

I’m in my second six-week Executive Training Course at present and just can’t wait to see what I will achieve at the end! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for doing what you do and being the loving people you are. Theiss is my safe haven. A place where I can come to and trust the people who work with me and always feel loved and accepted for just who I am. A place to grow and gain deeper understanding about my health and wellness and believe that I can achieve far more than I ever thought I could!