What Makes an Effective Health and Physical Fitness Program

Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in Brian's Training Program
Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in Brian's Health and Physical Fitness Program

Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in the TheissCare Health and Wellness program

1) What makes the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program so different from other training programs?

To begin, TheissCare is an integrated whole-life health and physical fitness experience, not just a training program. It combines the personal objectives of each client with a nutritional plan and exercise component to achieve accelerated, positive results. These are results they haven’t been able to accomplish on their own, or in other health and fitness programs. ThiessCare delivers the results our clients dream about, but have been unobtainable to this point.

Why the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program is so Different

2) You’ve been a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer for many years. How did you first develop your health and physical fitness program?

Many years ago I was in a serious accident. My recovery wasn’t going well and my doctors were pessimistic if I would ever recover. I was facing debilitating pain and paralysis and likely wouldn’t be able to walk the same again. Being the stubborn person I am, that wasn’t an option. After much pain and effort, I was successful in developing my own rehabilitation program. I knew if I could do this for myself, I could help others as well. This wasn’t just about rehabilitation. It was about getting my freedom back. I would not accept being trapped in a physical condition I knew in my heart could be changed. That was the beginning of what was to become the TheissCare health and physical fitness program with much more to come.

3) What do you mean, more to come?

Dr. Alice Pien and the TheissCare Training Program

Dr. Alice Pien Training with Brian

Over the years our clients directed me to create what is now TheissCare. Their results were as dramatic as my own recovery. I began attracting clients who had tried all sorts of other physical fitness and training programs, but had failed with the conventional approaches. They were ready to give up, on so many levels. Out of this came our current training program after thousands of clients in the last 31 years. We have hundreds of testimonials based on their actual results. Many from doctors who undertook our program after witnessing the remarkable transformation of the clients under their care.

4) So who is your ideal client?

That’s a great question. Anyone will benefit from the unique approach to health and fitness at TheissCare. The biggest gains come from clients over 45 years of age who are very busy and can’t afford the time or schedule of a traditional physical fitness program. They often have multiple health issues that start showing up as they age, compounded by their lifestyle of stress and the modern American diet. The good news is the results come very quickly with minimum time and effort. That’s not to say the program is easy, far from it. It is extremely effective. Life behavior change is always a challenge, but we are naturally averse to change. It takes effort, but most importantly, it takes focus and determination. TheissCare works because it delivers such great results, reinforcing the results of the life changes.

Watch the Video : My health and physical fitness program experience at TheissCare

5) You mentioned ideal candidate for your health and physical fitness program was over 45, why is that?

That’s another great question. As our bodies age, our hormone balance and physical metabolism changes. We don’t burn calories the same way we did in our 20’s, 30’s, or even early 40’s. There are many reasons for this, but part of it is we all get old and can’t do the things we once did. We don’t recover as quickly. Most importantly, the improvements we make regress very quickly. When you combine these physical facts with the reality of busy executive schedules, poor diet, and unregulated stress, it’s no wonder we have such an overweight, hypertensive, out-of-shape population. The Baby Boomers, and now GenXers are all aging out and need a different kind of health and physical fitness program to meet their health objectives and still not be disruptive to their busy schedules and lifestyles.

6) Is the TheissCare health and physical fitness program a weight loss plan?

There are big, positive weight changes naturally associated with the program. This is because we change how the body metabolizes calories. We do this by changing diet and nutrition. Our clients aren’t hungry during their program, but they do lose considerable weight as their body’s access stored energy and burn the extra calories. Of course that stored energy is in the overweight fat pretty much everyone has put on over the years.

7) Tell me about the exercise component of your health and physical fitness program. What kind of workout do you have your clients do?

I need to be completely clear here. TheissCare is not a workout program in the classical sense. While we do have machines, they’re different and used differently. One of the things I discovered during my rehabilitation was the conventional workout program was effective, but wasn’t efficient. It simply took too long. I developed an exercise methodology that is extremely fast and effective. Clients often do a complete workout routine in 20 minutes. The key is in how your body accesses the stored energy and converts it to work. My health and physical fitness training program is completely safe with very low exposure to injury, unlike many of the popular workout programs today. It can be done with or without additional weight.

8) You say your health and physical fitness program is extremely efficient and effective. How does it compare to popular programs like P90X and Crossfit, to name just two?

Brian working with a client in his training program

Brian Working with Client

Workout programs like you mentioned are also very effective, but they’re most effective for young bodies. They are extremely intense. With that intensity you run an increased risk of injury. As we age, our bodies don’t have the capacity to accommodate that level of intensity, quickly. The result is often injury that has a very longtime recovery time. I developed TheissCare because our clients simply cannot afford to be exposed to that degree of risk. It’s not an option. TheissCare is intense, but in a different way. It’s designed to be very low impact, using low or no weight, with a high degree of safety. What makes it so different it that we exercise very targeted and specific muscle groups and group combinations. This isn’t the common practice of fitness trainers or personal coaches. The normal “workout” targets large muscles like deltoids, biceps, triceps, and so on. I’ve discovered and developed something different. When you target very specific muscles and muscle groups in a very specific way, amazing things happen. The muscles are quickly and collectively reach exhaustion. Then a completely different group of muscles are worked to exhaustion. The key is what muscles, which groups, and which combinations. The body doesn’t’ know what’s happening so it goes into an elevated calorie burn cycle to accommodate this massive exhaustion that’s happening everywhere. This has been refined over the last 31 years with thousands of clients. In a very short time, the client receives a complete, whole-body workout that significantly raises their calorie-burning metabolism. Their body then continues to burn throughout the day.

Would you like to know why other health and physical fitness programs haven’t worked and why my method is so effective?

Before and After Photos of Actual Clients of the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program

Before and After Photos of Actual Clients of the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program

  • Medically supervised training program focused on wellness and sustainable optimum health.
  • Start with a battery of tests and medical evaluation designed for Health and Wellness and NOT Insurance mandated tests driven by the insurance company agenda.
  • The focus is on what will keep you WELL not just Heal your current condition.
  • Reverses the effects of aging