Personal Trainers Making My Health and Fitness a Priority

I Was Capable of Doing Many Things

Dear Brian,

As long as it has taken for me to get this letter to you, I hope you know it is not because I am unhappy with the results of my training; quite the contrary. It is simply procrastination…. nothing else.

Making My Health and Fitness a Priority

I do want you to know that I learned a lot about myself in many ways during the training sessions; some of it was not very flattering, but mostly it was wonderful. I learned that I was capable of doing many things I would never have pictured myself doing, and found that I was able to commit to something that focused on ME for the first time in a very, very long time.

Over the years, I have found myself continually putting my personal health on the very bottom of my list of priorities, which is the last place it should be. Your program helped me to get it back into perspective, and for that I am grateful.

The Trainers Were Always Concerned with My Physical Fitness Levels

I appreciate the personal aspect of the training, and the knowledge that all of you were so concerned with my success in the program. You have a wonderful staff, Brian.

Tom was a very good choice for you to pair me up with. He is funny and sweet and was always concerned with my mental well-being as well as my physical fitness levels each time I came in. He was very sensitive to my needs, and gave me the little pats on the back or kicks in the butt, whichever seemed most necessary at the moment.

Though I only trained with Chris twice, I felt very comfortable with her . She is very warm and caring, and I could tell that we would have been a great match as well.

Always Willing to Do a Little Extra

Each time I walked into that place, I felt welcome as a person, not just a client. I think it was great that you were willing to come with me to the fitness store to look at home equipment, and even to a different gym, to help me work on a program that I could do on my own. I doubt that others would have done the same. Considering it was just a 6 1/2 week program.

The fact that you all were willing to do the little extras is the reason I will refer you again and again to the people I meet that may be interested in a program like yours…. because I don’t think there is another program like yours. You have all gone above and beyond anything I would have expected on a professional level, and I feel that I made friends in the process.

Thanks for everything!