Motor Vehicle Accident Left Me Partially Paralyzed

Motor Vehicle Accident Left Me Partially Paralyzed

Dear Brian,

I’m fortunate to be alive after a motor vehicle accident left me partially paralyzed as an incomplete paraplegic from a T4 spinal cord injury. In ICU on my 32nd birthday, a doctor drew across my chest with a pen and told my family I’d never move again below that line. In fact, he said I would go through surgeries and months of physical therapy so that I would be able to move my torso in a wheelchair.

That didn’t work for me so I slowly and painfully raised the bar. One year later, I walked all over Disneyland with a cane until the park closed. I was celebrating life, and three birthday’s; my son’s, mine, and my daughter’s; June 25th, 26th and 27th. Oh yeah, I did stop to sit down about 93 times, and, I may have looked like a parody of Weekend at Bernie’s, but I did it.

The mahogany companion is now my outrigger for life, and an important reminder about possibilities. And possibilities are why I’m writing about Theiss for Health and Fitness. Brian, you and the support, administrative, nutrition and fitness specialists staff have raised the bar even higher for me. Your entire organization’s professionalism and commitment to excellence continue to support my health successes.

I still walk with the cane for balance. But you should see me go today on the exercise bicycle, parabolic stepper, or just walking around. I’m as strong as I’ve been since Army Basic Training. Theiss has helped me develop tremendous core body strength, a robust fat burning metabolism, lean muscle mass and a range of motion completely out of anyone’s expectations for my spinal condition.

Thank you Brian. Thank you everyone at Theiss. You’ve changed my life and helped me, as you say, “begin forming health habits for a lifetime”.

Gratefully Yours,


PS. Perfection is unattainable; settle for greatness.