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Watch the video : At 57 I made incredible gains in muscle and fitness

The following is a transcript of the full interview with Brian Theiss and Bren about his experience with the TheissCare Health and Wellness Program.

Bren – My name is Bren. And I’m a professional Self-Protection Officer. I have the good fortune of being very close friends with Brian Theiss who is the CEO, the Godfather, of TheissCare.

A Soldier 100%

Brian – What an amazing human being Bren is. I first met Bren in Africa and this is just blueprinted in my brain. We’re going into a very secure area and there are hundreds and hundreds of people. I see one guy with his arms out holding hundreds of people back so the caravan I was in could get through safely.

One guy holding 100s of people back!

Bren's life as a soldier took its toll on his body. He had many injuries that Brian and him were able to overcome during his time in the program.

Bren’s life as a soldier took its toll on his body. He had many injuries that Brian and him were able to overcome during his time in the program.

I’ll never forget that! How one guy can control so many people. He just took over. That’s what he does best.

I was first introduced to Bren when he was security for the number one hearing aid company in the world. He was responsible for taking care of the two most precious people on the planet at the time in my opinion. He took that quite seriously. He made sure that everything was going to be perfect for them.

The Other Side of Bren

Brian – Not only was I introduced to him as a no nonsense, get it done, don’t piss him off  kind of guy. But I saw another side of him that I wasn’t expecting. He is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest and loving person on the planet.

When not on the job protecting lives in dangerous places Bren is one of the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, loving human beings on the planet.

When not on the job protecting lives in dangerous places Bren is one of the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, loving human beings on the planet.

But when he’s doing his job, he’s a soldier 100%. Believe me, this guy is a soldier, he’s been in it all and he’s seen it all. The stories he tells are crazy.

Combat Takes Its Toll on the Body

Brian – Being a soldier and doing the extreme missions he did starts to take a toll on the body. Plus, he’s in his 50s and so life is taking its toll and his life’s hard. We are talking handling hundreds of people by himself. You’re talking combat, you’re talking flips and fights, you’re talking all this stuff and it starts to beat-up your body. Well, he started succumbing to all of that.

He also started to succumb in that his diet wasn’t as good as it needed to be. Then he started having some medical types of issues. One of the biggest issues was with his cholesterol and we needed to get that under control. So we had this conversation and he invested in the TheissCare Health and Wellness program.

The TheissCare Program

Bren – What makes TheissCare different and unique from other workout programs for me is its sustainability. It changed me from the inside out you might say. I had a lot of bad habits that I don’t even think about anymore. I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds in about 2 1/2 months. I feel it’s one of the most sustainable programs I’ve ever done.

For anyone trying TheissCare for the first time I think the true value that you get is that personal connection with Brian. He thinks very carefully about the program and the screening of the individual before they take on the program. He mentors them through the program. I think that’s invaluable.

Brian takes a personal one-on-one approach to every client. The program is customized specifically for each client.

Brian takes a personal one-on-one approach to every client. The program is customized specifically for each client.

Brian has 30 plus years experience in the industry. He’s designed most of the concepts himself that he uses. It’s a combination of science, hard work and study over those 30 plus years that the newcomer to the program will benefit from.

It’s All About Health

Brian – The program is all about health and we have to look at it in its totality. We also have to look at the effects of that total. We have to look at the effects of this whole process.

Keep in mind we have over 100 trillion cells in our body and each cell goes through 100,000 chemical reactions and they’re all communicating. We have to understand where we fit in that mix because when things start to go south, one thing doesn’t go south, two things don’t go south, they all go south together.

How many ducks have you ever seen go south for the winter? Has it ever been just one? No, it’s been all of them, right? Our bodies follow the same thing. Go one, go all.

So that’s what we have. We have this situation with this guy who’s dedicated his life to serving the world, professional people and pulling people out of danger where most people won’t go. He’s committed himself to doing that and we are committed to doing that too. We need to understand how he worked on a hole. That’s where the results lie. It’s never just one thing. It never has been and it never will be.

Not Just a Workout Program

Brian – The TheissCare program is not just a workout program. We have to look at their blood pressure, we have to look at diabetes issues, obesity.

Even if we look at what’s happening today with the coronavirus, the people who are suffering from the ill effects, the big ill effects, have the same things in common. Obesity, lung issues or respiratory issues and eating problems. Isn’t that interesting? Think about that one. The people who are surviving are the ones who have all that under control.

Slowing the Aging Process by Not Eating as Much

Brian – Remember, even if we just look at eating, eating is a big process. If we overeat it ages us prematurely but most people aren’t told that. They don’t realize that two bites, three bites, four bites at each meal over a week isn’t so bad. But over 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 60 years the age of youth loss from that is intense.

That’s why I don’t eat that much. I can simply slow the aging process down by not eating so much. How easy is that?

It’s not that easy for a lot of people because a lot of people aren’t told this. I really believe people are smarter than what the world wants us to think. I also believe they’re not educated properly. They’re not told the fundamental things that it takes for them to be healthy. Once they’re told the fundamentals and shown how they work a lot of these people just take it now on their own. We have 37 years of proof and over 22,000 clients proving it. I trust that science.

Why Your Body Craves Certain Things

Brian – The reason you have your cravings for certain items that you ingest is because your metabolism is geared to pulling that in. Once we reset that and change the order and the information your body will reject those things. You lose desires for them. It’s so profound how effective that is.

I understand how crazy it sounds. Your food could make you not want to eat things that are bad for you because you’re bringing in the right information. Right? It’s not about energy and calories. It’s about information that’s coming from the food that you’re taking in. That information is directing all those cells, all those chemical reactions, like all those ducks that are all flying south together. Remember, come one come all.

The Flexibility and Privacy of the Program

Bren – The flexibility of the TheissCare Health and Wellness program was incredible. When I’m traveling for work Brian was able to accommodate me. There are many, many hours of difference in time between the Middle East and California and Africa and California. He always seems to manage to fit me in somewhere. Brian must work about 24 hours a day. The program was very flexible from that point of view.

Wherever Bren was in the world he and Brian worked out via FaceTime.

Wherever Bren was in the world he and Brian worked out via FaceTime.

I was able to adapt to what I could eat. I never felt I was hungry. I never felt like I was deprived of food. I wasn’t able to stick strictly to a lot of the food plan because of the limitations of what was available to me in the countries that I was in. Brian managed to work the program around what was available to me and I still got all the benefits and the results.

The privacy and exclusiveness of of the problem with regards to time and me personally was incredible. It’s a one to one with me and Brian and whatever space I’m in during the program. Anytime that I’ve had the good fortune to visit Brian’s studio it’s just me in the studio for that hour. When I’m in my hotel room or my home or wherever else I’m doing the program it’s just me and Brian on a one to one. It’s very exclusive. I feel like I’m his only client.

The Results of the TheissCare Program

Brian – The results that Bren was able to experience were life changing. In about a two and a half month period of time he lost 30 pounds which is pretty typical for us.

What we were really proud of and what was life changing for him is we were able to eradicate all the medication and get his cholesterol to normal. We did this by all-natural normal means. This hasn’t been able to be done by his health care professionals for some time.

Injuries Didn’t Stop the Results

Bren – I had incredible results in a short period of time. I carry a lot of injuries so I was really concerned as to how I could workout around those injuries but Brian made it happen.

The physical results Bren received from the program were just as incredible as the mental benefits.

The physical results Bren received from the program were just as incredible as the mental benefits.

Within a very short period of time, within months, I had made incredible gains in muscle, strength and in fitness. It was unbelievable actually. I’m 57 and I remember one day doing a workout. I did a one hour workout and got my heart beat to around 170 beats a minute. I came away from the workout laughing because I would never have imagined that at 57 years of age I could do such a strong workout for a solid hour. It’s just incredible.

The benefits to my physical health from the program have been incredible. For example, yesterday I did a 16 kilometer walk and I ran some of it, I jumped some of it, I did things that at 47 I wasn’t able to do. I’ve received huge, huge gains in all areas from the program.

The Mental Benefits Were Life Changing

Bren – With those physical gains comes a lot of mental gains too. I think better, I think clearer, I am more focused on all the things I need to be thinking about rather than worrying about my health all the time because I was in a lot of pain. Like I mentioned before I’m recovering from a lot of injuries that the program is definitely helping me through.

The TheissCare program has affected me in so many positive ways. I think one of the most positive ways is how it affects me mentally and how I think about things now. I actually look forward to getting old. I’m not worried about it or afraid of it the way I used to be.

I’ve got good quality of life ahead of me. That really affects how I think about things. How I think about the future. The future for me doesn’t end in 10 years when I’m too old to do anything. I feel like I’m starting all over again. The mental impact of that is incredible. I’m looking forward to doing things and thinking about new things. Rather than thinking about retirement I’m thinking about starting all my new projects.

Saving and Changing Lives

Brian – The results that we were able to produce for Bren. Whenever you’re able to change someone’s life or save someone’s life, that is just wonderful. It never gets old. I cry every single time and the impact in my heart, it just literally explodes.

To now watch him take that and see how it’s impacted his life and the decisions that he’s made and his quality of life to go up so profoundly, that never gets old either.

It couldn’t of gone to anybody nicer because this guy is a true soldier. He’s 100% dedicated to every single thing he does. He will take less and give more because he can. I already know and I’ve already seen that you ask of him this much and he gives you that much. And guess what he asked in return? Nothing. Because he’s come from a very good lot. He’s come from a way of life, where what you say and what you do means more than any money could ever be paid to you. Even if it’s a financial loss to you. That’s a real hero.

Sharing the Gift of Health Bren Received

Bren – I’ve witnessed real-life changing results with TheissCare Health and Wellness program, particularly pertaining to my best friend Danny. He is a 31 year Army veteran who became very overweight, has high blood pressure, type two diabetes and some heart issues. He was very close to having a stroke or a heart attack. I introduced him to the program and Brian took him under his wing.

Brian also trained Bren's best friend Danny exclusively over FaceTime. Brian was in California and Danny was in Ireland.

Brian also trained Bren’s best friend Danny exclusively over FaceTime. Brian was in California and Danny was in Ireland.

Danny is now 48 pounds lighter. He’s off most of his medications and hopefully within a couple of months he’ll be off all of his medications. He recently passed his Army fitness test which he has not been able to pass for 10 years.

The Gift of Life

Bren – I have encouraged my nearest and dearest friends and family to engage in the program with TheissCare. I actually paid for the program myself to get them to join up because I am concerned about their health and well-being. Particularly my best friend Danny who was really on the edge health wise. He looked beyond help and his results have been incredible. It was well worth every cent I spent on him. It was like a gift of life to him. I would encourage anybody to do the same.

They joy of being able to give the gift of life to your best friend.

They joy of being able to give the gift of life to your best friend.

I have referred many people to the TheissCare program that are close and dear to me. I really want to save their lives. I want to give them longevity. I want to give them good quality of life. I want to share the gift that I’ve received from the program.  I want them to be part of it.

I would recommend the program to anybody else that I meet along the way. I’m definitely a disciple of Brian’s program and definitely want to spread the word.

Let Us Help You

Helping you is simple… contact us for a complimentary evaluation at 805-813-3280. Believe me, If you are ready for the new you it will be one of the most significant calls of your life.

God Bless and as always, be safe out there!

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For seniors job together through the park.

Watch the video : How I lost weight and got healthy. My life changing experience.

The following is a transcript of the full interview with Brian Theiss and Robert about his experience with the TheissCare Health and Wellness Program.

My name is Robert Florio. I’m an editor and director on the show NCIS Los Angeles.

A Heart Bigger than Space

Brian – Robert is fantastic. Every once in a while you get these incredibly sweet, gentle people. Robert is one of those sweet, gentle people. He’s got a heart bigger than space.

Robert is one of the sweetest, gentlest people you will ever meet. A true gentle giant.

Robert is one of the sweetest, gentlest people you will ever meet. A true gentle giant.

But because his health was so compromised coming in he was unable to express that.

Robert’s Introduction to TheissCare

Brian – It’s interesting, Robert was not only referred by an incredible client of mine, that client was so involved in Robert’s health, so involved in giving him a second chance at life, he not only brought him to me, he paid for the full program.

Robert – I met Brian through a friend. A friend of mine was concerned about me and told me that he thought I needed to see Brian. So he set up an interview for me. I met Brian and this friend is such a good friend, he also paid for my first program. I’ve been with Brian for about six weeks now.

Brian – Even as interesting as that story is, it happens all the time. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds and maybe thousands of clients who’s programs have been purchased by their family members and their best friends.

When Robert came in I could see that good heart. I could see that gentle giant in there. But he had such poor health he couldn’t move forward.

The TheissCare Program

Robert – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to TheissCare. I expected, obviously, weight loss. I hoped to build more muscle. I hoped to tighten up some of the flabbiness I have and just be a healthier person.

What Brian had told me originally is that he’s going to make me 10 to 15 years younger. People have started to notice that and they have told me that I really look good. My complexion looks better and healthier. There’s been a whole change that has taken place, a transformation that’s taken place, already with me.

An Individualized Training Program that is Always Progressing

Robert – Brian is the most lovely guy. He’s so sensitive to your needs. He’s not a military drill sergeant telling you what to do. He works with you , is very low key, but he really understands what he’s doing and what he has you doing. He understands the body and what he sees your reaction is. I believe he sees that with each individual differently.

No matter how hard the workout was Robert always had fun.

No matter how hard the workout was Robert always had fun.

He keeps raising the level on me. It kind of maintains the level of pain I go through. That’s the other thing that Brian does, as you work with him, you don’t constantly do the same thing. It’s forever changing. It keeps progressing and keeps pushing you a little more and a little more. You just feel good at the end of each training session even though it’s hard during it. At the end of it you’re so glad you’ve done it. I’m ready to get my day moving and do something for the day. The workout is exhilarating. It’s hard, but you feel great after it.

Working out with Brian, no matter how hard it is, he always makes it fun.

One-on-One Private Training Sessions

Robert – He’s got a great little gym. He’s got multiple pieces of equipment, which I haven’t even gotten to all of them yet. He works with you as an individual, one-on-one for an hour session with nobody else in the gym. All of this equipment is at his beck and call for you to use when you need to use a certain piece of equipment.

Brian works with every client individually in his private gym.

Brian works with every client individually in his private gym.

We bounced around from a lot of machines. There’s nobody else in here to be in our way or make us wait. It’s just all one-on-one in his gym.

The elliptical was the hardest machine for me because I was so overweight it was hard on my legs. I could feel the burn in my legs. What’s good about it though is I really knew where I’m at because of that machine. I had gone skiing with my wife and my son a couple of weeks prior to starting with Brian and I couldn’t even get down the mountain. I had to stop like 10 times to breathe. My legs were burning the same as the elliptical gives me now. I work through it and force my way through it and I can’t wait to go skiing again and see how I do now.

Nutrition Plan

Robert – The nutrition plan is a little challenging I imagine for a lot of people at first. Once you do it for a week though you start understanding it and your body starts reacting to it. Although it starts out a little challenging it’s not as difficult as one would think it would be. Once you get into it, you understand it and your body kind of works with it. I think the nutrition plan is a big part of the whole program.

I like chicken and vegetables so all of that stuff was not a problem for me. You also have to quit drinking coffee, which wasn’t a problem for me because I only had one cup a day. I used to like to have a drink a night but I can’t do that right now. I imagine in another month or so I’ll be able to bring back a cocktail once in a while but that wasn’t too hard for me either.

Life Changing Health and Wellness

Brian – This is what we did with this young man in two and a half months. Not only did we drop 33 pounds of solid fat off his body, it’s changed every single thought.

Robert – It’s been amazing. He’s basically changed my life. He’s taught me how to work out, taught me how to eat. Helped me lose over 25 pounds in six weeks. I feel very healthy and strong and we’re still moving forward.

Robert lost over 25 pounds in 6 weeks.

Robert lost over 25 pounds in 6 weeks.

Brian – Now he comes in, he’s happy, he stands straight up. Guess what else has happened? His heart has gotten even bigger. Now he’s got the ability to do what he does the best and that is to love. That’s to take good care of people on the inside. That’s why I’m so proud of of him. He’s amazing.

Robert – Brian is awesome. I feel great. I have a lot of energy. I have a lot of people complimenting me and telling me how great I look. I used to be pretty large guy and now I’m a little over 25 pounds smaller so I feel great.

The Joy of Saving and Changing Lives

Brian – That’s the best part of my business. Over 31 years of doing this and over 22,000 successful documented cases I have the honor and the ability and the privilege to get to the human side of every single one of these folks. I’m able to pull the best out of them. The best that humanity has given them and that their genetics have given them.

Robert gave Brian his director's chair from the NCIS production. On it he wrote "Dear Brian, thank you for saving and changing my life! With much love, Robert Florio".

Robert gave Brian his directors chair from the NCIS production. On it he wrote “Dear Brian, thank you for saving and changing my life! With much love, Robert Florio”.

That’s why for me, it’s Christmas, every single day with every single client, I love them so much. I could not help them if I could not love them. Honestly, I still haven’t worked in 31 years. I’m loving people and that’s the best part.

Let Us Help You

Helping you is simple… contact us for a complimentary evaluation at 805-813-3280. Believe me, If you are ready for the new you it will be one of the most significant calls of your life.

God Bless and as always, be safe out there!

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3D image of neurons in the brain.
"Thank you Brian! I can still hear you motivating me to do more."

“Thank you Brian! I can still hear you motivating me to do more.”

We are living in a time of tremendous breakthroughs in every field. In order to take part in those evolving benefits, all of us are being forced to offload mistaken and limited concepts of the past. A truly motivating thought comes from motivational author Alvin Toffler, who wrote, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

I hope this article touches that part of your highest self that motivates you to grow – to take control of your energy, fitness, weight, health, and life – because if you do not, someone called a health-care provider will! At this point, it’s still your choice….

The Weight Loss Continues On

Brian motivates his clients to continue the weight loss even after the program“Unbelievable, it has been ten years since I have worked directly with you. What is even more unbelievable lies in the fact that the weight lost, increase in muscle mass and life quality I have experienced continues to hold true. Your approach to changing the health of the world lies in the details and knowledge you hold. What I find as equally amazing, is witnessing my patients over the many years whom have gone through your program experience to the same level of length and quality of life, not to mention that you have truly motivated each and every one of them turning back the clock. Brian, you will go down in the history books as a pioneer in the preventive health care industry.”

Dr Robert Improta, MD, F.A.C.S., CEO, Pacific Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Knowledge, know-how, and grace are all I can say about you, my dear friend. The respect you hold within the community and within your patients’ hearts is what I strive for in my own business. What I continue to learn from you and your practice is how to be a true professional. You have taught me, by example, the importance of improving my knowledge base and always working within that knowledge base.

How can I ever thank you for, not always being there, but for the support, time, and mentorship you have given to me along the way. I am so proud to say that I am who I am today in my business due to the wonderful example you have put before me. Thanks so much, my dear friend, for everything you have done for business, my family, and me. We all love you so very much.

In Two Weeks I Was Transformed

Brian motivated me to sprint for the first time in years“I was introduced to Brian at age 68. I had not been able to do any form of strenuous exercise or practice running for more than 18 years. During my visit to Brian’s Institute, I was first evaluated and the information that was ascertained along with my medical documentation allowed Brian to design a program that would include two sessions for two weeks and a meal plan that regulated my hormonal balance. Unbelievable, is all I can say. In two weeks I was transformed to a time years ago when I happened to be training for the Olympics. The net results after this challenging fitness session was a complete transformation- my markers told the story. After being measured I was astonished. Brian was able to set my physical age to a time decades ago and the final joy for both of us happened when he motivated me to sprint. Tears of joy streamed down my face when through the “Theiss Miracle” I was reborn as a runner… as neurotransmitters sent messages throughout my body. I had received the ultimate reward a body that now had the capacity to perform at the highest levels and the net result was that I felt not 68 but youthful, happy and physically competent. ‘It was the Theiss Miracle’.”

Bill Toomey, Gold medal decathlon champion, 1968 Olympics

I am still crying! Wow… we have experienced so much together, and so fast, that I don’t even know where to begin thanking you for what you have done for me. When we first met, you asked me if I could get you to run again after 20 years of suffering from your disabling injury. The look in your eyes when you told me that you haven’t ran those past 20 years broke my heart. I thought how you must being feeling, considering that you are known for being the world’s greatest athlete, with a gold medal for the decathlon.

After spending days reviewing your medical history, and your history as the world’s greatest athlete, I knew that I would have to dig deep into your personal background if I had a chance to help you. After weeks of doing what I do, I was excited when I found out a way to overcome your physiological and biomechanical dilemma. I will remember this for the rest of my life. The day you ran again, and how you and I sat there in my facility and cried tears of joy.

You taught me that giving up is not an option, and if we search long enough, we all have the ability to find what we truly want and need. Bill, to say that we were bound together at the moment we met would be an understatement. We all love you so much, our dear friend and family member.

Adopting the Principles You Teach

Brian has produced a fantastic fitness and weight loss program“I have been very impressed with your work through TheissCare. Your thorough understanding of exercise physiology has allowed you to produce a fantastic fitness program. In my work as an orthopedic surgeon, I have never seen a program produce the results that you commonly achieve. Sports medicine physicians are adopting the principles that you teach across America. You are a true pioneer in the field of athletic training. Keep up the good work.”

Dr. John Larsen, Orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine

We hit it off from hello. I will never forget the time you came into my office. You had that look on your face of, “What am I doing here?” But after hello, we became great friends. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from observing you perform surgeries. I am still in awe.

You reinforced in me how important it is to always be your best, and to always be at the top of your game. I am also in awe of how the hospital and all the other doctors respect and hold you in such high regard. Thanks so much for always being here for my business, my family and myself. We all love you so very much, our dear friend.

A Gift to the World

Brian motivating his clients to better health, fitness and weight loss is a gift to the world“As a physician, I think that your fitness program and your work are going to revolutionize the health industry. Currently, modern medicine is really focused on fixing the body once it has broken down – cardiac bypass for coronary artery disease, gastric bypass for obesity, drugs for hypertension. The medical community always talks about “lifestyle modification” and “disease prevention” without having practical, obtainable solutions for their patients in this regard. Your approach to health and nutrition is the practical pathway to the goal of every primary physician out there who wants to prevent disease. By the time I retire, I expect to see the principles espoused by TheissCare become standard teaching in medical schools and medical residencies. Again, I cannot begin to thank you for your wonderful work. You are a gift to the world.”

Dr. Paul Dougherty, Medical director, Dougherty Laser Vision

Who would have ever guessed? When I first met you, I approached you in the local mall (without ever meeting you before) and explained how one of your employees was turning your customers away. It was so upsetting, since I knew the time and cost of having a kiosk. After a brief discussion, we both went on our ways. So, years later when I was looking for the best eye surgeon on the planet, I asked my clients who this would be, and of course, it was you. When I saw your face for the second time, I knew that we would be family forever.

Paul, my dearest friend, how can I ever thank you for the love and support that you have given to not only my family, but my business and me. You not only opened your heart to us, but you also opened your home and business to us without questioning us once. I feel so pleased and honored that you will always be in our hearts, a family member, and without question, a big part of our future. We all love you so much.

Be the Best You Can Be

Brian motivates his fitness clients to be the best that they can be“Brain Theiss reminds me of an expert diamond cutter. He evaluates each individual like an uncut diamond, seeing those hidden qualities beneath the rough exterior of each person. The ten-day transformation of mind and body is what is so amazing about the TheissCare program: buffing out those qualities to a dazzling brilliance that can only come from within you. Now the most important question to ask yourself is,” What do you do with the results you achieve?” Enjoy the happiness of being the best you can be.”

Michael Weintraub, CEO, Mr. Michael’s

I wish I had heard you coming, so I could have prepared my life, business, and family for you. You are, for sure, at the top of the list for promoting TheissCare. The clients you continually send to us are out of is this world. It’s so hard to believe that when I bought my BMW from you, that I would be getting your 30-plus years of business experience along with my pink slip. But it is even beyond that.

The love and support you provide for my family, is very comforting in today’s society, and I know that deep down in my heart that you will always be there to support and love us for many years to come. Thank you so much for giving so much to us all. You are not only a dear friend, but you are a family member. We love you so much.

Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally

Brian motivates his fitness and weight loss clients on many levels. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually“I have known Brian for several years and over these years I have come to find out what a very genuine person he is. He genuinely cares about his clients emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally and this care he shows in his clients. His caring and compassion, makes him in my eyes, a genuine human being. I am Happy to be his friend.”

Lou Ferrigno, actor, author, “Mr. Universe”

When I first met you as a boy, you were, and still are to me, a mountain of a man. I will never forget waiting in line to meet you so you could sign a poster for me. I recall thinking of all the great questions I was going to ask you, but when the time came, and I stood in front of you, I couldn’t open my big mouth to save my life. After you signed my poster, I was escorted off stage, awe struck!. And then without warning, words started pouring out of my mouth, but it was too late.

Through the years, I read about you and watched you on TV, but what impressed me the most, and still inspires me to this day, is that you have always stayed true to the lifestyle you always preached. I can’t tell you how inspiring your life has been to me. And as I get to know you more, I grow prouder in you for sticking to your morals. What you have taught me is that it will all work out when I stick to what I am passionate about. Thanks for being a good friend to me, and never forget that you will always be a true hero to me. Thanks for all the life lessons.

He Really Cares About You and Your Health

Brian knows just how to motivate you“Passion and Inspiration are words I would use to describe Brian in what he brings to the world. What I always enjoy is his infectious enthusiasm that you feel as soon as you see him. Brian is a great friend to many. Being a great friend means not being afraid to tell you how he feels about something you are doing in your life that may be bad for you and has a great talent for being able to get in your face without it being personal or feeling like he is hurting you. he really cares about you and your health. He knows just how hard to motivate you and knows when you have hit the wall.

Maxx Galster, executive-coach, consultant

Who is this guy that sits before me? I will never forget the first day you came into my office. You had that look on your face. I knew that if you didn’t start working on your health, you wouldn’t have it for long. Since that time, you have not only brought great and wonderful clients to me, but you also brought to me nothing but love and joy – into my business and my whole family.

What you have taught me, my dear friend, is how to put others before myself. Indeed, we are greater as a whole then as individuals. Maxx, thanks for treating me as a brother and doing everything you could to continually improve my business, family, and my life. I love you so much, my dearest friend.

Weight Loss Success Stories : Brian with top weight loss client

Weight Loss Success Stories : Brian with top weight loss client

This road traveled of weight loss success stories wasn’t traveled alone. From day one to current time, I was blessed with the love and friendship of many. Therefore, I wanted to say thanks to all that have loved and supported not only myself, but also my family and my business. Keep in mind that I could write a whole book on each of these great and wonderful people.

Each one of you, I will take a piece of what you have all given to me, and hold it next to my heart for the rest of my life. You are all great and wonderful mentors, friend and humanitarians and without just one of you my family and business wouldn’t be the same since  each one of you have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. Their weight loss success stories are truly inspirational.

Success Story # 1

Your Training Program Saved My Life

James’s weight loss success saved his life“Brian, as you and anyone that really knows me – I am a man of little words. When I was first introduced to you and your program, I thought to myself…’if this kid can produce a fraction of what I’ve been hearing about him, for me, I’d be amused.’ Since I’ve known you over these many years – you have turned my amusement into admiration and respect. You and your program did not impact my life. It actually saved my life. You are truly a man of great action, and it has been my pleasure to watch you save so many other lives. My family and my business all thank you for giving me back my life.”

James F. Little, Chairman/President & CEO, Employers Direct

The sea parted when you came into my life. Isn’t it magical how one little dollar-mailer changed my life forever by bringing you to me. I will never forget the day when you pulled me aside and said that I had developed a very special health and wellness program, and that I needed to double the amount I was charging. And also that I needed to focus on the clients whom would appreciate the health benefits from my services. Not only did you advise me on this next step, but also you took the time to educate and direct me toward a whole new business.

You taught me how trust my own ideas and thoughts, and not to worry about what other thought or said about me. What I appreciate and admire most about you is that you have never been afraid to reprimand me when you saw me going astray. How can I ever thank you enough for the overwhelming support and friendship that you have given to my business, my family, and me? It is important to us that you know that we truly love you, my dear friend.

Success Story # 2

A Truly Life Changing Experience

Drew’s weight loss motivation was Brian“Who would have ever guessed that meeting one man could change the rest of my life? Brian Theiss of TheissCare was truly a life changing experience not only for me, for my family and friends. For those of you who are committed to maximizing your life potential and receiving results in 60 days, what it take others to achieve in 1 year!! I recommend TheissCare: I know it sounds too good to be true, but I am walking proof of what the Brian Theiss program can do.”

Drew Donen, professional auctioneer, President/Owner of “Bang The Gavel”

I will never forget the first day I met you. As I opened the door to your Bentley, you preceded to my office with grace and confidence radiating from you. For the full hour, as you sat in front of me, you watched and critiqued my every move and words, without ever being negative. After raising my blood pressure, you looked me in the eye and said: “I will never do your program for myself”.

It took me several years to fully understand why you did do my program. I now realize that you did this for me. Maybe this was your way of giving back to society, by supporting this young kid who was trying so hard to support himself, his business, and his family. I can’t thank you enough for all the love, support, and the incredible people you have brought me over the years. Thank you for giving so much to us without every asking for anything in return, and I mean never asking for anything! We love you from the bottom of our hearts, our friend and family member.

Success Story # 3

Happier, Healthier and Enjoying Life

Enjoying life is Greg’s weight loss success story“I turned 46, and it happened! I started gaining weight and losing my health. But I am a stickler for efficiency, so when Brian told me if I would give  him three hours per week, he would give me two more hours per day back: and he did it. I can now do things I haven’t been able to do for decades. I am happier, healthier and enjoy life more. Thank you Brian.”

Greg Mooers, life-coach and motivational speaker

I wish I had met you 20 years ago. The impact you had on my personal life was swift and unexpected, and I still am in the process of truly understanding the long-term effect. You taught me many critical life lessons.

The first was: we can never truly be authentic when we live our lives from the outside in. And lesson number two: living our lives from the inside out is the only way to be a true hero.

I realize these two life lessons will take me the rest of my natural life to learn. But that is OK, since I will have my great friend and mentor to help me walk this hero’s path. I want to thank you from the inside out for all that you have done for me, my family, and business. We all love you so very much.

Success Story # 4

Raising the Bar on My Own Fitness

weight loss success stories“I have practiced critical care medicine for over 30 years dealing with many ‘train wrecks’. Several years ago I refocused my medical practice to concentrate on highly personalized proactive health care. Now I concentrate on ‘fixing the tracks’. Evidence based data reveals that 70% of chronic health problems can be prevented. I have come to appreciate the importance of proper nutrition combined with a regular fitness program. The highly personalized fitness approach at TheissCare under the leadership of Brian Theiss is World Class. I am personally thankful to Brian for ‘raising the bar’ on my own fitness level and that of numerous patients.”

Dr. Paul Block, MD. FACP, FCCP

It still amazes me that one man can have such a profound impact on not only the health of so many people, but also on their personal lives. You are truly a man who puts his patients first, and for the past 35 years of practice. I wanted to thank you again for not only taking good care of my clients, but also for believing in my ability to serve my clients with the same care, love, and respect that you do.

I am so pleased to be able to work with you over these many years, and I am truly excited over what we will do together in the future. I have so much more to learn from you, my dear friend. On a personal note, thank you for all that you have done for me, and thank you for bringing me into your family and your heart. From my family to yours, we all love you very much.

Success Story # 5

A “Younger” Older Man

Weight loss success allowed David to reach back to his younger years“What you have assembled for me, and many others, is a doable, practical conceptual framework and how to approach health and well-being by integrating a measured and segmented training and exercise program combined with a diet management approach. When followed with a measure of diligence and intensity, this program has enabled me to reach back to my younger years for that sense of vitality that has me eagerly anticipating what I will do in my coming years, as ‘a younger’ older man.”

Dr. David Lacey, Senior VP, research head, Amgen

Boy, were they ever right about you. When I was first told about you, I was told what a wonderful, brilliant person and scientist you are. As I got to know you better I realized that they also left out what a powerful man you are, and also what an exceptional friend you are, too.

What I have learned from you, my dear friend, David, is the knowing that in life’s struggles, if we use our energy correctly, we can change the world in which we live. You are a great and honorable man, and I want to thank you personally for giving so much to so many around the world. Thank you, my dear friend, for what you have given my business, my family and me. I love you very much.

Success Story # 6

Positive Encouragement

Billy received weight loss motivation from TheissCare“Brian is the most knowledgeable health and fitness consultant I have ever met: not your average health and fitness consultant. Brian’s focus extends to wellness, medical history and current health status, as well as a clients energetic state. His positive encouragement and is happy demeanor only enhances his talents.”

Billy Yamaguchi, celebrity stylist, Feng Shui Beauty

The day I met you, the sun was shining and it continues to shine ever brighter in my heart. Out of all the people whom I have known and worked with through these 30+ years in business, you are the closest that comes to my inner self. When I am in your presence, you instantaneously bring out of me this incredible peace and balance that relaxes me to my core.

Thank you so much for bringing more of my internal energy out so I can help more of those around me. Billy, it is because of what you have given me, that I will be able to help so many more: You are brilliant! I want you to always remember that even though you are the artist and superstar Billy Yamaguchi to the world, you will also be Billy Picasso to me! Thanks for bringing me into you world and your heart.

Success Story # 7

Transforming People

Doing greatness together is Freddie’s weight loss success story“’We are going to do greatness together!’ These were the very first words that Brian Theiss uttered in our first handshake! His passion, purpose and sincere heartfelt interest in people is legendary, and he shined his light and gift on me form that moment on. It is said that ‘knowledge is power’ but when it is combined with heart, you have a master. Brian embodies this mastery in his expertise in transforming people from overweight, tired and out of shape to glowing beings who are truly empowered. I know, he put me on his program and I am more alive today than I ever have been. I am honored to call him my health advisor and colleague but more importantly, I am blessed to call him my friend.”

Freddie Ravel, #1 recording artist and composer

The man behind the music. The first night we met, I knew there was something special about you. As I got to know you over the years, I understood why you are truly respected and loved by so many, not only in the music industry, but also by everyone around you. You have reinforced in me the knowledge that it is all about the details, and it is up to us to structure the life we want, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us.

Thank you so much for taking my business and my family into your heart. This is truly a great gift. I am so excited about what we will do together in the future, since you are part of the great future of my life. I am excited about the thousands of lives that, together, we will touch. From my family to yours, we love you all.

Executive Health & Wellness - Dr. Alice Pien trains online with Brian in one of her operating rooms in Irvine, CA

Executive Health & Wellness – Dr. Alice Pien trains online with Brian in one of her operating rooms in Irvine, CA

Brian shows me what to do during my online fitness training

Brian coaches me…

Brian Theiss of TheissCare, LLC is the number 1 Executive Health and Wellness Consultant in the world as voted by the International Sports Sciences Association. I sat down with him to discuss the new online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program that he has recently made available to his clients worldwide. Brian can now mentor, monitor and train with his clients “virtually”, from anywhere in the world that they may be. At home, in the office, in a hotel room, at a gym, at the beach, and even on the moon when they arrive; ANYWHERE!! I interviewed a couple of his current clients to get their opinions on the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program sessions. The videos of those interviews are below.

I have personally been guided and mentored by Brian both in-person at his TheissCare facility and at my professional office. I can attest to how incredible his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program is-second to none. The convenience, the time it saves, the privacy, the money saved and most importantly the results. Physically, I am leaner and for the first time in my life I have some muscle definition. Health wise, my cholesterol levels and blood pressure are perfect. My endurance, strength, and energy levels are through the roof.

Then I do it from wherever I am

Then I do it… from wherever I may be!

My productivity at work and my productivity in my personal life has increased ten-fold. Overall, those around me constantly comment on how much happier I am, and I am, and I contribute this paradigm shift to the significant increase in energy that I attainted in the first week working with Brian. I would also like to add how wonderful I feel in my new mind and body; not only do I feel good, but I feel good about myself and isn’t that what it’s all about?

I started his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program working with only my body weight (that was all my beat up and abused body could handle). I have since graduated to a small set of dumbbells. I still see Brian at his facility on occasion, mostly just to be able to give him a hug and thank him for all he has done for me. Personally, I love the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program sessions. The results that I have been able to achieve working with Brian online, wherever I may be, are simply amazing!

– James Mutter, Director of Operations, AMA Regenerative Medicine

1) Tell me a little bit about your online fitness, mentor, monitoring and training program?

The online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program we provide is a backdrop to sustainable self-discipline. The online training program aspect of what we do is pretty fascinating and it’s fascinating for all the right reasons. The biggest reason why it’s fascinating is the cost saving in money and time. When we are engaged, through the online video conferencing and building your sustainable self-discipline program you literally don’t have to travel anywhere. Imagine that… you can literally get up, brush your hair, brush your teeth, clean your eyes and you are ready to go!

Brian coaching a client via his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program

Brian coaching a client via his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program

There is little downtime to none and its highly effective. And yes, even if you have no weights other than your body, that is fine too. You would not believe the lives I have saved and changed by understanding the science of the body and leveraging it to slow or reverse the aging process. How we can manipulate your body, get it moving and get your metabolism back into the shape it was years ago while all along increasing your circulation, is top rate; all done through online video conferencing. There is literally very little difference of an individual working in front of me in person or working in front of me through online video conferencing. I have been able to master the transfer of information so the client experience is all the same. Remember, if your eyes see it and your ears hear it, your mind will believe it to be true because your spirit, brain, and body overlap at the mind. So that is another great advantage of having an online video conferencing aspect.

Again, no downtime here and super private and convenient and by the time I am done monitoring and mentoring you through video conferencing, your health history etc. has been updated and every aspect of your progress and program moving forward has already been sent to you. Remember, no downtime and super convenient and super effective. Can you imagine a world of all these online aspects of physical health, longevity and personal relevance? That’s my stance on that.

2) As far as equipment, what is needed? Or can you start out with just their body?

Most of my online fitness program clients start out using only their bodies and body weight, which bewilders them. The wonderful part about that is they don’t even realize what is possible. They don’t realize that they can manipulate their body as an extremely effective device. They don’t realize that they can literally “leverage themselves” to improve their overall health and use what God and the universe gifted them, a physical body: two legs, two arms, ten fingers, ten toes a mind and a soul and the ability to smile; you can create anything with all that and that’s saying a lot.

Kevin Sharer discusses his experience training at TheissCare

3) What do they need? Do they need a smart phone? Do they need a computer?

The online fitness program aspect of it is typically done utilizing some form of video conferencing device; computer, tablet or a smart phone. Predominantly my client’s preference is working with a smart phone.

Clients are individually creative. I have one client that I follow all over the world and he takes me to the most amazing locations with some of the most beautiful gyms I have ever seen. He just sets up wherever he goes when he travels and presto we are on.

I have another client that travels all over the country to and we literally have a talk. But before he departs I establish a travel program based on location, altitude and weather he’s going to be utilizing a gym facility or if he’s going to work on the beach with just his body. After each set he hangs up and then calls me back and we off to the races once again. The flexibility for the clients is incredible.

The online fitness program aspects is exactly like the TheissCare program and produces sustainable outcomes every single time. Again, ease of use, no downtime and highly, highly effective.

4) What type of questions do you get from clients?

Questions that come up from clients are very interesting but it’s more of their comments that hit home… “I can’t believe how easy this is. I can’t believe how effective this is. How could I have gone through my whole life not having TheissCare’s online fitness program’s unique features”. Even though their questions very, it’s always their praise and the amazement of it that is constant.

5) What are they amazed by?

"Even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore."

“Even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore.”

Their amazement always comes with a personal price to me. And sometimes this price hurts my feelings. Clients express their pleasure with my unique approach in this way; even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore. That’s a blessing in disguise, right? Honestly, I love the fact that the TheissCare program is so effective at producing sustainable self-discipline that clients come to see me, to bond with me as authentic people. I am always beside myself knowing that my clients want to come see me, and not because they need to come see me… I truly love them all.

Another constant praise among TheissCare clients is, how bewildered they are at how effective and how efficient the online fitness program is and how cost effect the program is in both money and time savings; time is money right? If I can save you an hour and a half of running around or save you a week or two of traveling to work with me, That’s huge.

Another constant TheissCare clients like, is the fact that they don’t have any other eye’s observing them. When I am able to mentor and monitor them from the comfort of their own homes or hotel with just their body weight or a couple of dumbbells, not only do they get to avoid getting super fancy for others, but they are able to be themselves and they work harder and learn more because they go within. They can throw on shorts and a t-shirt and they are ready to go at it. Once they are done, they literally just pop right into the shower. At least I hope they are!

6) Let’s talk about the privacy aspect…

My client’s continual privacy is of the utmost important to me and I go to great lengths to keep it that way; private. In the process of mentoring and monitoring my clients I learn more about them, then most, from a medical health state to a personal life state. So, with total privacy clients are able to freely express to me events about their lives and what is happening within their lives, that they want no one else to hear. One of the most effective but costly feature TheissCare provides to each client is, during their time with me there is absolutely no one around me. It is me and them. It is their time and their space made for them. All their personal information is stored in an offsite safe location. The only others who know about their personal life are typically their healthcare providers and their spouses.

7) What type of results? Are you seeing the same type of results from the online fitness program as the in-person? Are you still achieving the same results in the same amount of time?

Brian trains a client in Alaska from his Woodland Hills, CA training facility

Brian trains a client in Alaska from his Woodland Hills, CA training facility

That’s a really great question about results. The clients that TheissCare cater to are predominately business professionals. Their results aren’t measured in the size of their biceps. It’s not necessarily how flat their stomachs are either, even though most obtain this as a byproduct of becoming super healthy. The results that matter most to them are true drops in fat mass, drops in blood pressure, drops in medications and increase in energy, increase in productivity, increase in focus, increased concentration but most important is the increase in their relevance. These results in my clients are always through the roof. I see these measured results every single day.

Talk about results. Before we started our interview I just finished with a great client from Alaska. It is so remote where he is, they don’t even name the place. It’s by coordinance (70.304,209 latitude, 151.150,0550 longitude Kuukpik Pad Near the village of Nuiqsut). He is already down 35 pounds all by the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program. He works these incredible hours, about 18 hours almost every single day. He’s an engineer and a supervisor and he’s responsible for 450 employees constantly, so he can’t afford not to be his best. He’s a machine that needs to be ready to run 24-7 and none stop. What we have been able to provide for him is what we talked about, measured results that he uses every day.

If you are not healthy in his environment, you are never going to survive 18 hours a day. It will literally beat you in days. That is why a lot of the employees that come in are only good for 2 years because this lifestyle, if you are not healthy, creates such a toll on your body that it breaks you and when you are broken they send you home. Because my client is 100% committed I will aid him in extending his working career working “the river” for years to come.”The river” is a term they have come up with working in this extreme environment and this extreme remote place, and you guested it, the most extreme surroundings. This river is constantly rolling like rapids that never seems to end.

Dr. Alice Pien discusses her experience training at TheissCare

8) This isn’t about Hans & Franz: Pump You Up from Saturday night live is it?

The only results that matter start within the complex chemistry from the inside of your 100 trillion cells. From working within we are able to control the aging process and fight off Illness, dysfunction, disease progression, and yes premature aging and death. All negative side effects that accompanies you when you are actually aging biologically faster than you are chronologically aging; you are biologically aging way above your calendar years, so your cells are dying off faster than they can be replaced. That is where the big benefit comes in from a TheissCare online fitness program. Think about this. Can you imagine how you would look and feel and how your life would drastically change if you were 5 to 20 years biologically younger in a very short period of time? Could you imagine the possibilities of what you would be able to do? How your thoughts would change and how all your actions would change? Imagine how your whole life is going to change. I am so blessed by God since I have had the honor and privilege to work and be witness to this miracle of over 19,000 successful, documented times.

The success of TheissCare clients have more to do with each client then it has to do with me; they do the work. I simply provide the years of experience with solid science and the most favorable environment that is conducive based on their physiology, biology, chemistry and their medical history and lifestyle. Every online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program pertains to each client specifically. With that said, they have to show up for themselves. If they don’t show up I’m useless; good looking, but useless. However, If I do anything well, it’s that I care.

Craig Marshall discusses his experience training at TheissCare

9) Who is this online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program for?

Another great and profound question with two key parts.

Brian working with client "virtually" via his online fitness, mentor, monitoring and training program

Brian working with client “virtually” via FaceTime

The TheissCare program is for those who quit too soon on about everything and are ready to do something about it. And for those individuals whose lives are bigger than themselves. They are responsible for children, spouses, employees, and business of every conceivable size and the forward momentums of each and every one of these responsibilities and some. It’s sad that in the process of providing for so many they all end up with the same disease. Their disease is they give up their lives for the betterment of others and because of that, these individuals have quit on their health 1000 different times.

But, their knowledge and experience has made them wise and with this wisdom they see the writing on the walls. They watched their parents and their grandparents and other people they love around them suffer. They have watched the younger generations suffer decades ahead of life’s schedule. Not only the suffering they have witness, but they have been witness to the financial cost of suffering and it’s a big one. These individuals have determined based on their wisdom that they don’t want to suffer and they also don’t want to acquire the expense of suffering and the loss of quality of life.

They come to TheissCare because they want to delay or reverse the aging process and recapture as much youth and health before it’s unattainable. Keep in mind. If we don’t watch it and we don’t control our health and vitality of life we lose our relevance. And once we lose our relevance we lose our desire to live. Mind you, even TheissCare clients who are in the right mentoring and monitoring training program and who have mastered sustained self-discipline will eventually be taken over by aging. It’s the extra 5, 10, 20 years of great life, longevity and relevance that keeps them committed to themselves…

I’ll take that any day, wouldn’t you?

The Aging Process... Chronological Aging versus Biological Aging. Can you reverse the aging process?

The Aging Process… Chronological Aging versus Biological Aging. Can you reverse the aging process?

None of us like getting old. The process of aging is annoying, uncomfortable, and it just plain hurts. New research on aging shows that regardless of how old you are, you can greatly improve or reverse the aging process. Let’s begin with some definitions. What is chronological aging and what is biological aging?

Chronological Age

Chronological Age is measured by earth revolutions around the sun. This is the one we’re all most familiar with. Because it’s easy and familiar, everyone has a chronological age. Many tests and programs are based around it.

Is this really a good measure of age in a technologically evolving world?

There are big problems with measuring age chronologically. All it says is you were born x years, or earth-sun rotations, ago. Considering that the aging process is different for everyone, biological aging would be a better method of measure

Biological Age

Biological aging can be reversed with specific exercise & nutrition.

Biological aging can be reversed with specific exercise & nutrition.

Biological Age is defined as an individual’s development based on biomarkers. A biomarker is a recordable molecular or cellular event. Here we’re looking at the individuals as they are, not necessarily when they were born. This is biological aging.

Humans, in most cases, follow the same biological path. For example, the easiest one that comes to mind is the beginning of puberty. More complicated ones exist, such as increases and decreases in human growth hormone, myelination events in the brain, and the degradation of certain tissues as you get older.

The great news is, we can significantly slow or even reverse biological aging through a combination of specific exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. But what is the combination that will deliver the optimum results? Can we reverse the aging process by 10, 20, 30 or more biological years? Again, the answer is YES.

The 5 Theories of The Aging Process

In the fight against aging, most of us need all the help we can get. Little do we know that there are many factors that can contribute to aging that we can work to control.

The following are the five theories anti-aging experts attribute to its causes, amplification and prevention.

  1. Inflammation The activation of the immune system—due to an infection, allergen or toxin—leads to internal inflammation at the cellular level. Poor nutrition, too little sleep, and radiation are common culprits of low-grade inflammation, which has been linked to arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.
  2. Lifestyle What we eat (too much sugar, fat and sodium), drink (too much soda, juice, etc.), do (get overstressed, work too much), don’t do (exercise or sleep enough), and what we expose ourselves to can speed up the aging process and the development of chronic diseases.
  3. Hormones Levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid and/or human growth hormone drop as we age. But by increasing these all-important biochemicals, it may be possible to improve health and forestall the aging process. A controversial approach, hormone therapy, requires oversight by an experienced physician.
  4. Antioxidants Call it the “rusting” theory. As we get older, we’re subject to oxidative stress, the byproduct of free-radical damage, a natural process in which unstable molecules disrupt cell and tissue functioning. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid can help protect cells.
  5. Detoxification When the body can’t rid itself of toxins, including high amounts of sugar, trans fat, mercury and chemicals we ingest from our food, its equilibrium is impaired, leading to fatigue, poor skin, heart disease, cancer and more. Detoxification and inflammation are closely linked.

Cutting Edge Research on Aging

A groundbreaking study called the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Aging confirms people age at different rates. It turns out your chronological age is just a number! More importantly, your biological age can reveal a great deal about your general health and the rate at which you are aging. This study was different than other research on aging. The scientists’ objective was to reveal more about the aging process in younger people, and therefore provide a foundation for devising preventative therapies for age-related diseases.

During this research on aging nearly 1,000 subjects born in New Zealand in 1972 and 1973 were measured for 18 different biological markers over a period of almost 40 years. Each marker is a piece of the aging puzzle. The ‘health’ of each participant’s pulmonary, periodontal, cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, and immune systems were assessed using these biomarkers. With these results, researchers calculated a biological age for each participant and then compared the changes in these measurements over time, yielding a quantified pace of aging.

The majority of the research on aging participants had biological ages similar to their chronological age. But here is the important part. Some participants were found to have aged as much as 3 years physiologically over the course of just one calendar year. Scientists also found participants with an accelerated rate of aging performed worse on physical and cognitive ability assessments.

It's up to you to reverse the effects of the biological aging process

It’s up to you to reverse the effects of the biological aging process

The common saying, “you’re as old (or young) as you feel,” was confirmed by the study’s results. Participants with an older biological age perceived themselves to be in worse health than their biologically younger peers.

A big challenge in assessing aging are the compound results caused by cumulative life experiences. For doctors and scientists, it’s nearly impossible to determine whether lifestyle, stress, medical history, or other circumstances are individually responsible for many age-related diseases.

Ultimately, it’s a combination of all these factors that either ages you prematurely or keeps you healthy and prevents illnesses now and in the future. This is precisely why so many biomarkers were used in the study and why multiple beneficial lifestyle choices typically have a synergistic effect on your overall health.

This study will have significant implications on further research to prevent aging, which will help us not only increase our lifespans, but more importantly, increase our health span, or “the years of life lived without disease and disability.” Living longer doesn’t help us much if we’re too sick to fully enjoy the extra years we have. Making proactive decisions about your health now can have lasting positive effects this new research on aging shows.

This is all good news, but it’s just the beginning. Most people are either too lazy or not worried enough to change their behavior and routine. In my next article, I’ll be talking about the most common major age-related health issues.

What Our Clients Say…

I Can Reverse the Effects of Middle Age

Dear Brian,

How to reverse the biological aging process at 51

How to reverse the biological aging process at 51

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with the support and training that has given me improved health, energy, focus and most importantly the knowledge that I can reverse the effects of middle age.

Before joining your program I believed that I would need to live with high blood pressure, feeling winded after climbing stairs, lack of energy and just feeling like an old man at 51 years of age. After just 4 weeks of training my blood pressure was normal, I could climb stairs without feeling winded and I felt 20 years younger. It was truly amazing!

Brian, thanks again to you and your professional staff for all that you done for my health, my family and my business by keeping me on track.

Best regards to you and your staff,


Stopping the Aging Process in it’s Tracks – The New 50

Watch the Video : 50 Years Old and Running Across America

My Health is Now a Cherished Commodity

Dear Brian,

How to reverse the biological aging process

How to reverse the biological aging process

Thank you for the gift of new life. Because of your very special “Gift” and your unique understanding of the human body, you accomplished what I thought would be impossible! After having gained so much weight and having various other unsolvable medical problems as well. I had given up hope that anything or anyone could help. I was pleasantly surprised with what you were able to do with this body of mine, both physically and mentally.

I even got to the point that I looked forward to exercising, me, the person that wouldn’t go to the gym! Brian, you are the most energetic. uplifting and positive person I have ever met, and that definitely worked for me. The special attention given me by your entire staff was so positive that , along with all your incredible knowledge about the body, I am a different person today. For that, I will be eternally grateful. I feel great and more than that. I am a different person. I stay excited about everything now. Everyone notices the change in me, and my husband loves it too. My health, something I took for granted before becoming almost bedridden, is now a cherished commodity.

Thank you for getting me started on the road to a longer and healthier life. You are a jewel.

Best Wishes Always,


What to do after a workout
what to do after a workout

What to Do After a Workout – Recovery When You’re Over 45

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. We make jokes about it, kid each other about being slow, but the truth isn’t any laughing matter. Once you cross 45 chronological years, the vast majority of people notice some big changes. They get tired faster. Workouts are harder and the soreness lasts longer. Recovery is measured in days, not hours. It’s harder and harder to lose weight, and easier to gain it. Our sleeping patterns change and so does our sex drive.

The combination of lifestyle, the modern diet, and lack of regular exercise are a potent combination that delivers some nasty long term results. Even if you want to make meaningful changes, there simply isn’t enough time in the day or week on a regular basis.

Today I’d like to zero in on some of the major health dysfunctions facing the aging professional. It’s not your fault, and this isn’t a lecture to make you feel bad about yourself. Rather, I want you to understand what you’re up against and how you can get back on track.

Maximum Results with Minimum Time Invested

Knowing What to Do After a Workout will Help Achieve Maximum Results

Knowing What to Do After a Workout will Help You Achieve Maximum Results

When you’re in your twenties and thirties you don’t have to be as careful when you workout. It’s easy to do too many exercises for each muscle group, too many reps and too many sets. You didn’t have to worry about what to do after a workout. You probably didn’t even have clear goals for each workout.

When you’re young you can afford to make these kinds of mistakes. As we age we need to be much more careful. We need maximum results with minimum time invested. It’s not just because we lead busy lives and can’t spend hours in the gym. It’s because every workout represents a certain amount of wear and tear on the body. It makes no sense to speed up the depletion by performing more exercise than necessary to achieve our goals.

The challenge we face as we get older is doing the right amount of exercise for each muscle group. Now we need to worry about what to do after a workout! Muscles grow though an adaptive response to the intensity at which they are forced to work. In your mid-40s, your workouts start to take more of a toll on your body and recovering after your workout isn’t what it used to be.

You’ll need to make a few tweaks to your routines to ensure you’re not over-training. Lengthy workout sessions of weight training and running was perfectly fine in your 20s and 30s, but in your 40s, You’ll have to cut back as it gets harder to get out of bed in the morning after a hard training session.

6 Ways to Recover Naturally

Extreme Fatigue After a Workout Let's You Know You are Overdoing it

Extreme Fatigue After a Workout Let’s You Know You are Overdoing it

How do you know you’re overdoing it? Extreme fatigue. Exercise should energize and uplift you, even when you feel unmotivated at the beginning of your sweat session. Here are six ways to recover naturally from exercise as you get older. These are the top 6 things you can do to answer the question of what to do after a workout.

Reduce Exercise Time

Instead of an hours-long gym session, you can start with 20 minutes of resistance training, followed by a 20-minute run and that’s it. You can cut this time even more, but it requires careful consultation to create your personalized plan.

Focus on Macronutrients

Eat to replenish after a workout and throughout the day. Ensure you’re getting the right ratio of carbs to protein to fat for your diet and fitness goals. As we age, nutrition plays an even greater role in our ability to metabolize and recover. Decreasing carbs in a controlled and supervised way is especially important for those with insulin resistance or metabolic disorder.

Add More Recovery Days

I used to workout 5-6 days per week. Now, it’s every other day to ensure I get a day to properly recover from my workouts. If you really want to be as efficient with your exercise time, you’ll need to have a personalized plan. You can’t just guess on your own. On off days, do yoga or foam rolling to stretch your muscles, helping to further recovery.

Eat and Drink Natural Anti-inflammatories

A potent natural anti-inflammatory is turmeric. Fruits high in antioxidants and flavonoids like blueberries and cherries are great natural anti-inflammatories as well. Juice it all for speedy recovery.

Consider Adding Supplements

There are a wide range of supplements with high bioavailability that can help improve circulation, metabolism, and reduce inflammation. As our cellular functions begin their natural decline, supplements play an increasingly important role in extending our functionality. It’s best to consult and integrative physician or naturopath to make sure you choose exactly what is right for you.

Plenty of Rest is Essential

Be sure to engage in relaxation via mediation, yoga and mindfulness. For faster recovery and optimal health, go to bed early to get more sleep and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The use of fitness tracking apps like Fitbit can help you monitor the quality of sleep to make sure you are getting the full benefit of your resting recovery time.

10 Natural Supplements to Reverse the Signs of Aging
Incorporating these natural supplements into your daily life can slow and even reverse the effects of aging

Incorporating these natural supplements into your daily life can slow and even reverse the signs of aging

You can slow or reverse the signs of aging starting today through the use of these 10 natural supplements. For maximum effect, the key is to incorporate all of these natural supplements into your daily life. These are natural organic solutions that will help reverse the aging process. When combined with an organic diet, reduced UV exposure, plenty of water, and adequate sleep, you have a great chance at reversing the signs of aging.

10 Natural Supplements to Reverse the Signs of Aging

1. Glucosamine

Benefits of Glucosamine – Protects against: Fine lines and sagging skin
Although there’s more research on the amino acid as a topical ingredient, a study published in the Journal of Dermatologic Treatment showed a 34% reduction in visible wrinkles and fine lines in participants who ingested it. A review of the benefits of glucosamine in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology suggested it can accelerate wound healing, improve skin hydration, and decrease wrinkles when taken as a natural supplement.
Recommended dose of Glucosamine: 1,500 mg per day

2. Coenzyme Q10

Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 – Protects against: Wrinkles
What is coenzyme q10? Similar to vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient that can help contribute to the overall health and appearance of your skin. Coenzyme Q10 has also shown promise as a particularly effective youth-booster: In a Japanese trial, adults who took oral coenzyme Q10 reported a reduction in wrinkle depth, volume, and area after just two weeks.
Recommended dose of Coenzyme Q10: 200 mg per day

3. Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C – Protects against: Wrinkles and dullness
The benefits of oral and topical vitamin C have been shown in clinical studies to decrease oxidative stress in cells, which helps cells to grow normally. This helps cells regenerate and produce healthier skin, pumping the brakes on wrinkles and making your complexion more vibrant. Vitamin C also has been clinically shown to improve lipoprotein as well as antioxidant activity of serum being enhanced with the elevation of Vitamin C dosage.
Recommended dose of Vitamin C: 1250 mg per day

4. Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E – Protects against: Environmental skin damage and dullness
“Research shows that vitamin E has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,” Goldenberg says. Both factors are important and show that vitamin E benefits skin regeneration and cell turnover, the process in which dead skin cells slough off and healthier, more radiant skin cells take their place. Goldenberg says vitamin E also protects skin from wrinkle-forming UV radiation and environmental damage.
Recommended dose of Vitamin E: 200 IU per day

5. Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (PLE)

Benefits of Polypodium Leucotomos Extract – Protects against: Sun damage, discoloration, and sagging skin
In a Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology study, Polypodium Leucotomos Extract helped preserve human skin’s fibroblasts, which build and restore collagen to help combat wrinkles and sagging skin.
Recommended dose of Polypodium Leucotomos Extract: 500 mg before sun exposure

6. Telomerase

Benefits of Telomerase – Protects against: Natural shortening of telomeres essential to cell replication
Telomerase is a natural enzyme that is an anti-aging supplement created to increase the length of a telomere (or telomeres). Telomeres are the tips of the chromosomes which shrink in size as the cell divides; anti-aging doctors believe that the longer the telomeres, the longer a person will live. Telomerase increases the size of the telomeres which rejuvenates everything from the skin to all other organs, thus leading a person to life extension
Recommended dose of Telomerase: 250 – 1000 Units

7. Fish Oil or Omega 3 Fish Oil

Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil – Protects against: Heart disease and stroke, inflammation
Fish oil is very popular due to its high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids and its other benefits as an anti-aging system. Fish oil (or omega 3 fish oil) improves skin suppleness. It’s also known to be a great way to naturally treat arthritis and forms of inflammation within the body.
Recommended dose of Omega 3 Fish Oil: 1000-1500 mg daily

8. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Benefits of Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Protects against: Cell oxidation and blood sugar balance
Alpha-Lipoic Acid is fat and water soluble . ALA is a powerful anti-oxidant and it helps control the level of glucose in the body. It also helps lower high levels of sugar in the blood and is beneficial in fighting Type II diabetes. Alpha-lipoic acid is one of the best anti-aging supplements. There’s some early evidence that long-term use of alpha-lipoic acid might help with the symptoms of dementia. Other studies suggest that an alpha-lipoic acid cream might help skin damage related to aging. However, more research needs to be done.
Recommended dose of Alpha-Lipoic Acid: 500-1200 mg daily

9. Glutathione

Benefits of Glutathione – Protects against: Cell oxidation and blood sugar balance
Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-aging antioxidants around; it is produced in the body by the amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine; glutathione is one of the best anti-aging supplements because it is a great way to detoxify the body, maintain the body’s red blood cells and protect white blood cells
Recommended dose of Glutathione: 250 – 500 mg daily

10. DHEA

Benefits of DHEA – Protects against: Cell oxidation, inflammation, wrinkling, adrenal response
DHEA is a naturally occurring anti-aging hormone (like melatonin and human growth hormones) secreted by the adrenal gland. DHEA regulates the male and female sex hormones, androgen and estrogen. As a result, DHEA can impact a person’s rate of aging, including skin wrinkling and maintaining collagen for a longer period of time
Recommended dose of DHEA: 25-200 mg daily as advised medically

There are other natural supplements that can be added to this list as well. These ten will give you a great start toward reversing the effects of natural aging. You can take full advantage of these natural supplements by combining them with an anti-oxidant rich organic diet, and minimum UV exposure. Remember to drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep daily, as well.

Nutrition and Aging - A Healthy Lifestyle via Healthy Eating
Nutrition and Aging - A Healthy Lifestyle via Healthy Eating

Nutrition Plays an Important Role Throughout Your Life Span

There is increasing scientific and clinical interest in the interactions of nutrition and health as part of the aging process. This interest is due to the important role that nutrition plays throughout the life span. This role affects the growth and development of the body during childhood, affects the risk of acute and chronic diseases, the maintenance of physiological processes and the biological process of aging.

There are several scientific journals devoted to the role of nutrition and aging. The aim of “The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging” is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge regarding the relationships between nutrition and the aging process from birth to old age.”

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 70% of the physical decline among older adults with chronic disease is associated with modifiable risk factors such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and smoking. In addition, nearly 90% of older adults have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or a combination of all three. Each of these conditions have nutrition-related components.

Nutrition Requirements as We Age

A healthy diet becomes even more important as we age

A healthy diet becomes even more important as we age

While healthy eating is essential in all stages of life, eating well is especially important for older adults. Wise food choices and a balanced diet are key elements to a healthy lifestyle and can both slow and improve the aging process.

Our body goes through changes as we age. First of all, the body’s daily energy needs slowly decrease. Therefore, we likely need fewer daily calories than when we were younger. In addition, natural hormone changes make our body prone to depositing more body fat (usually around the mid-section) and less muscle. The situation is compounded by the amount of carbohydrates in our diet.

As we gain weight, our body moves toward a state of “insulin resistance” or Metabolic Syndrome. It has become an epidemic in the US partly due to our unhealthy lifestyle and partly due to the changing nature of our diet and food supply.

Your risk for hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke increases with the number of metabolic risk factors you have. The risk of having metabolic syndrome is closely linked to being overweight and obesity and a lack of physical activity.

Insulin resistance also may increase your risk for metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body can’t use its insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that helps move blood sugar into cells where it’s used for energy. Insulin resistance can lead to high blood sugar levels, and it’s closely linked to being overweight and obesity. Genetics (ethnicity and family history) and older age are other factors that may play a role in causing metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is becoming more common due to a rise in obesity rates among adults. In the future, metabolic syndrome may overtake smoking as the leading risk factor for heart disease.

It is possible to prevent or delay metabolic syndrome, mainly with lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. Successfully controlling metabolic syndrome requires long-term effort and teamwork with your health care providers.

Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Aging

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of anti-oxidants

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of anti-oxidants

The role of antioxidants is a particularly popular nutrition topic in the media these days; in particular, their role in cancer prevention, anti-aging, and heart health.

Antioxidants, which are found mainly in fruits and vegetables, have been shown to help increase the body’s immune function by decreasing the chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that are often part of the aging process. Aging results in chronic low grade inflammation that is associated with increased risk for disease, poor physical functioning and mortality. Strategies that reduce age-related inflammation may improve the quality of life in older adults.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Heart disease is an all-too-common problem in our society, especially in the aging population. Omega 3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that plays an especially important role in heart health. Research has shown that omega 3 fats decrease the risk of arrhythmias, which can lead to sudden cardiac death, decrease triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure, and reduce the buildup of plaque on artery walls. The best sources of omega 3 fats are salmon, trout, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, walnuts, and walnut oil. It is important to include these foods on a regular basis.

While good nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle, exercise combined with healthy eating is the most effective way to reduce the risk of age-related chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. In addition, regular exercise can help reduce the risk of falls by improving balance and coordination and also lead to an increased sense of well-being. If you are looking to become more physically active to improve your health, take the following into consideration:

Conclusions & Next Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

By now it should be pretty apparent there are many controllable factors that can reduce or reverse the aging process. Once we pass 45 chronological years, the aging process accelerates and we must be much more serious in our efforts to stay fit and feeling young.

Answer these questions for yourself:

  1. How important is it for you to have high energy, stamina, and vigor?
  2. What’s the value of your health to you and your family?
  3. Are you willing to invest the time to get to a healthy state?
  4. In a perfect world what would your ideal health look like?
  5. How do you feel today compared to last year or the year before?
  6. Have you noticed how much harder it is to get and stay in shape?
  7. When was the last time you felt really, really good?
  8. What would be the cost to you if you suffered a serious health event?
  9. What’s holding you back from being in the best shape you can be?
  10. Can you do this on your own, or do you need help?

I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can help you make the right decision that will put you on the path to the best health of your life. This includes reversing the aging process. This isn’t something new for me. I’ve been constantly improving my training program for 30 years.

Telomeres and Aging - Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes
Telomeres and Aging - Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes

Most DNA molecules consist of two biopolymer strands coiled around each other to form a double helix

We’re on the edge of being able to control or reverse the rate at which we age. There are exciting new technologies, revolving around telomeres and aging, that when combined with a carefully designed exercise and fitness plan, can clearly reduce and even reverse the aging process.

Dr George Church

Dr. George Church

Introducing the Harvard Pioneer of CRISPR, Dr. George Church. He is a highly distinguished professor of genetics and major figure at Harvard Medical School and in science worldwide. He is a pioneer in the area of genome engineering and the development of gene editing tools based on the CRISPR/Cas9 system (referred to as CRISPR here).

In December 2015, Dr. Church presented a talk highlighting that aging seems to be controlled to a large extent by the action of a rather small subset of your genes, and especially by master genes that control large numbers of other genes.

Your genes are areas of your DNA that determine eye color, hair color, sex, height, and other characteristics of your body. It is becoming more and more clear that genes also determine how you age.

Dr. Church described how science has now advanced to the point where the activity of your genes, whether the genes are “turned on” (expressed) or “turned off” (repressed, or down-regulated,) can increasingly be controlled, and not just in a test tube, but in whole bodies, and even in the brain.

Reducing or Reversing the Aging Process

reversing the aging process

CRISPR – Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats

Dr. Church’s focus is on CRISPR technology, which is a relatively new and particularly powerful method for adjusting gene activity in many different ways. It can even be applied for “editing”, or changing genes, which can be used to correct deleterious mutations, or to create deliberate mutations that can have good effects (such as in knocking out the effects of pro-aging genes).

The implication is very clear: If aging is controlled by master genes, and if the activity of such genes can now be intentionally controlled, then we are beginning to approach the regulating and reversing of aging on a very fundamental level. The same technology can be applied to the correction of many diseases as well, whether age-related or not.

Dr. Church wants to make the control of aging a practical reality, and soon. In an interview with the Washington Post at the beginning of December 2015, Dr. Church said his lab is already reversing aging in mice. He has already been able to reverse aging in human cells using CRISPR technology, and expects the first clinical trials of this technology to begin within as little as one year and that human applications may only be a few years away.

As exciting as this is, it’s not the only alternative when it comes to what’s happening at the cellular level. A second technology is currently available. It focuses on telomere lengthening. Telomeres are directly related to aging.

Nobel Science for Anti-Aging

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes, which house our genomes. In young humans, telomeres are about 8,000-10,000 nucleotides long. They shorten with each cell division and when they reach a critical length the cell stops dividing or dies.

Telomeres and Aging - Telomere lengthening has the potential to reverse aging

A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome

Telomeres therefore act as a kind of molecular clock that tells a cell how old it is. Our cells also have a special enzyme called telomerase that rebuilds telomeres causing telomere lengthening. Cells with lots of telomerase can live much longer, and those without it die more quickly. Discovering how this all worked was a tremendous scientific achievement, for which Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak received the 2009 Nobel Prize.

If we know the epigenetic state of all these different cells, no matter how many years apart they are, it only takes a few days to reprogram a cell and duplicate the effects of decades of slow change in the body, or reverse those effects. So in principle we could turn a young cell into an old one or an old cell into a young one because the only difference between them is epigenetics, or gene expression.

Turning Back the Internal Clock and Reversing Aging

Turning back the internal clock to reverse aging

Turning back the internal clock to reverse aging

“Now we have found a way to lengthen human telomeres by as much as 1,000 nucleotides, turning back the internal clock in these cells by the equivalent of many years of human life,” said Helen Blau, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford and director of the university’s Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology. “Telomere lengthening greatly increases the number of cells available for studies such as drug testing or disease modeling.”

The Stanford researchers found that as few as three applications of the modified RNA over a period of a few days could significantly increase the length of the telomeres in cultured human muscle and skin cells. A 1,000 nucleotide addition represents more than a 10 percent increase in the length of the telomeres. These cells divided many more times in the culture dish than did untreated cells: about 28 more times for the skin cells, and about three more times for the muscle cells.

“This study is a first step toward the development of telomere lengthening to improve cell therapies and to possibly treat disorders of accelerated aging in humans,” said John Cooke, MD, PhD. Cooke, a co-author of the study, formerly was a professor of cardiovascular medicine at Stanford. He is now chair of cardiovascular sciences at the Houston Methodist Research Institute.

There are also implications for treating conditions of aging, such as diabetes and heart disease. This has really opened the doors to consider all types of potential uses of this therapy.” Ramunas, Yakubov, Cooke and Blau are inventors on patents for the use of modified RNA for telomere extension.

Brian Theiss The First ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

I’m Dr. Sal Arria, Co-Founder and CEO of the International Sports Sciences Association. Back in 1978 I started the first chiropractic and sports medicine clinic in Santa Barbara, CA. It was the largest sports medicine clinic between Los Angeles and San Francisco and we actually had a gym. The glass-walled gym inside of our clinic so that patients could see that not only was the treatment important but their training and conditioning after the treatment was critical to the outcome of their recovery. From that, we developed the International Sports Sciences Association. The ISSA is the first organization in the United States to certify personal trainers.

An ISSA Personal Trainer Taking Personal Training to an Entirely New Level

I’ve known Brian Theiss for over 30 years now. Brian was actually a patient of mine and when we started the ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, I suggested to Brian that he get involved and he became the first ISSA personal trainer at that time. Today, he has taken personal training to an entirely new level. A level that most personal trainers in the United States don’t even think about. That is, that level of executive health and fitness that you just have to hear about.

Article: What ISSA Certification means to Brian Theiss, the first ISSA Personal Trainer

Article: What ISSA Certification means to Brian Theiss, the first ISSA Personal Trainer

An ISSA Personal Trainer Program Tailored Specifically to Objective Goals that Work

Executives and CEOs of big corporations just don’t have the time to focus on healthy aging. It’s sad, but they just don’t have the time to set aside to get in shape. They are too busy running a large company. Brian has made his training program tailored specifically to objective goals that work. That make changes in executives lives. He has that experience.

Kyle Gaffney Training with ISSA Personal Trainer Brian Theiss

Kyle Gaffney Training with ISSA Personal Trainer Brian Theiss

Unlike most people who watch professions and how things evolve, Brian has been the leader. That ability to take and to see what is coming up and to make and adapt to those changes is what puts him at the forefront of the health and fitness profession.

If clients are put on a training program, a canned program, they fail. Brian’s approach to health and fitness is way different. He takes each individual and tailors their training program specifically to their needs and their physiological responses. Their work environment. All of the factors to make a change in lifestyle, not a temporary change. That is critical to the outcomes over a long period of time.

You can go on a diet and lose a little bit of weight but chances are you are going to gain it back.

The Finest ISSA Personal Trainer in the United States

If I had to pick a personal trainer in the United States, in the ISSA we have certified and trained over 200,000 trainers in the country, I would have to say that Brian is absolutely one of the finest ISSA certified personal trainers in the United States and I would recommend his training program to anyone who is considering a lifestyle change. Anyone who has to make a change in their health and their outcomes and their physical well-being. I would recommend Brian and the TheissCare training program without reservation.

Dr. Sal A. Arria, MSS, DC Co-Founder and CEO International Sports Sciences Associatio

Dr. Sal A. Arria, MSS, DC
Co-Founder and CEO
International Sports Sciences Association

Take the Next Step to Better Health

ISSA Personal Trainer Brian TheissIf this makes sense to you, reach out to me, today. We can schedule a no obligation phone consultation to review your current status and recommend a workout plan for you.

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! You owe it to yourself!

Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in Brian's Training Program
Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in Brian's Health and Physical Fitness Program

Darren Kavinoky Enjoying the Results he Achieved in the TheissCare Health and Wellness program

1) What makes the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program so different from other training programs?

To begin, TheissCare is an integrated whole-life health and physical fitness experience, not just a training program. It combines the personal objectives of each client with a nutritional plan and exercise component to achieve accelerated, positive results. These are results they haven’t been able to accomplish on their own, or in other health and fitness programs. ThiessCare delivers the results our clients dream about, but have been unobtainable to this point.

Why the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program is so Different

2) You’ve been a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer for many years. How did you first develop your health and physical fitness program?

Many years ago I was in a serious accident. My recovery wasn’t going well and my doctors were pessimistic if I would ever recover. I was facing debilitating pain and paralysis and likely wouldn’t be able to walk the same again. Being the stubborn person I am, that wasn’t an option. After much pain and effort, I was successful in developing my own rehabilitation program. I knew if I could do this for myself, I could help others as well. This wasn’t just about rehabilitation. It was about getting my freedom back. I would not accept being trapped in a physical condition I knew in my heart could be changed. That was the beginning of what was to become the TheissCare health and physical fitness program with much more to come.

3) What do you mean, more to come?

Dr. Alice Pien and the TheissCare Training Program

Dr. Alice Pien Training with Brian

Over the years our clients directed me to create what is now TheissCare. Their results were as dramatic as my own recovery. I began attracting clients who had tried all sorts of other physical fitness and training programs, but had failed with the conventional approaches. They were ready to give up, on so many levels. Out of this came our current training program after thousands of clients in the last 31 years. We have hundreds of testimonials based on their actual results. Many from doctors who undertook our program after witnessing the remarkable transformation of the clients under their care.

4) So who is your ideal client?

That’s a great question. Anyone will benefit from the unique approach to health and fitness at TheissCare. The biggest gains come from clients over 45 years of age who are very busy and can’t afford the time or schedule of a traditional physical fitness program. They often have multiple health issues that start showing up as they age, compounded by their lifestyle of stress and the modern American diet. The good news is the results come very quickly with minimum time and effort. That’s not to say the program is easy, far from it. It is extremely effective. Life behavior change is always a challenge, but we are naturally averse to change. It takes effort, but most importantly, it takes focus and determination. TheissCare works because it delivers such great results, reinforcing the results of the life changes.

Watch the Video : My health and physical fitness program experience at TheissCare

5) You mentioned ideal candidate for your health and physical fitness program was over 45, why is that?

That’s another great question. As our bodies age, our hormone balance and physical metabolism changes. We don’t burn calories the same way we did in our 20’s, 30’s, or even early 40’s. There are many reasons for this, but part of it is we all get old and can’t do the things we once did. We don’t recover as quickly. Most importantly, the improvements we make regress very quickly. When you combine these physical facts with the reality of busy executive schedules, poor diet, and unregulated stress, it’s no wonder we have such an overweight, hypertensive, out-of-shape population. The Baby Boomers, and now GenXers are all aging out and need a different kind of health and physical fitness program to meet their health objectives and still not be disruptive to their busy schedules and lifestyles.

6) Is the TheissCare health and physical fitness program a weight loss plan?

There are big, positive weight changes naturally associated with the program. This is because we change how the body metabolizes calories. We do this by changing diet and nutrition. Our clients aren’t hungry during their program, but they do lose considerable weight as their body’s access stored energy and burn the extra calories. Of course that stored energy is in the overweight fat pretty much everyone has put on over the years.

7) Tell me about the exercise component of your health and physical fitness program. What kind of workout do you have your clients do?

I need to be completely clear here. TheissCare is not a workout program in the classical sense. While we do have machines, they’re different and used differently. One of the things I discovered during my rehabilitation was the conventional workout program was effective, but wasn’t efficient. It simply took too long. I developed an exercise methodology that is extremely fast and effective. Clients often do a complete workout routine in 20 minutes. The key is in how your body accesses the stored energy and converts it to work. My health and physical fitness training program is completely safe with very low exposure to injury, unlike many of the popular workout programs today. It can be done with or without additional weight.

8) You say your health and physical fitness program is extremely efficient and effective. How does it compare to popular programs like P90X and Crossfit, to name just two?

Brian working with a client in his training program

Brian Working with Client

Workout programs like you mentioned are also very effective, but they’re most effective for young bodies. They are extremely intense. With that intensity you run an increased risk of injury. As we age, our bodies don’t have the capacity to accommodate that level of intensity, quickly. The result is often injury that has a very longtime recovery time. I developed TheissCare because our clients simply cannot afford to be exposed to that degree of risk. It’s not an option. TheissCare is intense, but in a different way. It’s designed to be very low impact, using low or no weight, with a high degree of safety. What makes it so different it that we exercise very targeted and specific muscle groups and group combinations. This isn’t the common practice of fitness trainers or personal coaches. The normal “workout” targets large muscles like deltoids, biceps, triceps, and so on. I’ve discovered and developed something different. When you target very specific muscles and muscle groups in a very specific way, amazing things happen. The muscles are quickly and collectively reach exhaustion. Then a completely different group of muscles are worked to exhaustion. The key is what muscles, which groups, and which combinations. The body doesn’t’ know what’s happening so it goes into an elevated calorie burn cycle to accommodate this massive exhaustion that’s happening everywhere. This has been refined over the last 31 years with thousands of clients. In a very short time, the client receives a complete, whole-body workout that significantly raises their calorie-burning metabolism. Their body then continues to burn throughout the day.

Would you like to know why other health and physical fitness programs haven’t worked and why my method is so effective?

Before and After Photos of Actual Clients of the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program

Before and After Photos of Actual Clients of the TheissCare Health and Physical Fitness Program

  • Medically supervised training program focused on wellness and sustainable optimum health.
  • Start with a battery of tests and medical evaluation designed for Health and Wellness and NOT Insurance mandated tests driven by the insurance company agenda.
  • The focus is on what will keep you WELL not just Heal your current condition.
  • Reverses the effects of aging