I Have Lost Over 30 Pounds of Fat!

I Have Lost Over 30 Pounds of Fat!
Dear Brian,

I wanted to take a moment to write you and thank you for the results that I have achieved thus far with your fitness program. As you may know, I work quite a bit and finding the time to go to the gym has been difficult. It was nearly impossible to achieve any substantial results with the limited times that I could attend. Your program has changed this! I have found your program to be so comprehensive that I have achieved very real results in a short time. I believe this is due to two key factors; education and knowledgeable staff.

First, I have come to believe that education is part of what makes your program so successful. I have learned a great deal about fitness and nutrition since starting. You staff has taught me the proper methods for countless exercises as well has how to look at the contents of the food I eat and determine if they are the proper fuel for my body. I look at the food I eat in a very different way than prior to the program.

Second, your staff is incredible. I have trained with various people on your training staff and all seem to be very knowledgeable in proper fitness and nutrition methods. As you may recall, I came to you with lower back problems. Your staff has kept this in mind when planning my exercise programs. If I have any feeling of strain, they are quick to recommend alternatives that have a lesser effect. In short, I can honestly say that I have not had one day of back pain since starting the program.

Once again, let me thank you for the changes that your program has made in my life. To date I have lost over 30 pounds of fat! I feel stronger and less fatigued, my clothes are fitting better, and I feel better about myself. These are changes that could do anybody good.

Thank you again,