Impressed with Your Knowledge of Health & Fitness

TheissCare Client Testimonial

TheissCare Client TestimonialDear Brian,

Thirty days have past since I completed your six and one-half week training program. I am pleased to report that I have not gained any weight back and I am continuing many of the good nutrition and health habits I learned from you. In fact, I no longer have the desire to eat some of the things I used to eat and I look forward to working out each day.

I still stand in amazement at what I accomplished in such a short period of time. Not only did I lose the amount of weight I wanted to lose, but I lost even more body fat, which was replaced with lean body mass. I feel better and I am happier because I like how I look.

I also want you to know how impressed I was with your knowledge of health and fitness. It gave me the confidence I needed to follow your instructions and stick to the program. Thanks again to you and your friendly staff for a new lease on life. If the world knew what you could do for them, they would be beating your door down. I plan to spread the word; so get ready to have your door beat down.