I Lost 17 Pounds and 60 Inches in a Month

I Lost 17 Pounds in a Month and 60 Inches

Dear Brian,

How can I begin say “thanks” for all you have done for me? I have been overweight almost all of my life and the word “exercise” was my four letter word. I was apprehensive about starting your training program believing there was no way I could possibly succeed. I imagined the program to be too hard for me to do.

I Lost 17 Pounds and 60 Inches in a Month

I was very wrong. You designed a program for me where I could succeed. You made it so that I could make accomplishments each and every day. You knew just when to change the program so it was a little more difficult and you also knew those days when I just needed a little extra support or just a little bit more rest. It was a program that I could succeed at and feel good about those successes.

I lost 17 pounds in the month I was there, but even more impressive was the almost 60 inches that I lost! I still have a long way to go, but you helped me with a plan that I could continue doing here at home. Because I was able to succeed there, I feel like I can continue and make progress here—something I didn’t think was possible.

Off My Diabetic and Blood Pressure Meds

My doctor was pleased with my accomplishments, also. My Al C blood test dropped from 7.8 in early December to 5.9 in early April. My blood pressure was 120/64. I was able to drop one of my diabetic meds and one of my blood pressure meds. She says if I continue to do better, I might be able to drop more of my medications.

I also need to make mention of your staff. They were always welcoming and friendly. They were helpful and made me feel comfortable. It was a plus to see smiling faces when I entered and left the building.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to start a program where I can succeed.

Yours truly,