I Cut My Blood Pressure Medication in Half with Exercise

My Life Had Already Started to Change

Dear Brian,

I had never lifted weights or used weight machines or even exercised on a treadmill before I met you. I hadn’t run for 30 years, and when I ran I hated it. I never got that euphoric feeling everyone talked about and craved. In fact I really never exercised before except for walking – which I did a lot of. I hated exercise – in fact when I even said the word I felt like I had to wash my mouth out with chocolate.

A World Class Health and Wellness Facility

I knew the moment I entered TheissCare – which is a world class facility – I had already made a decision about whether I would take what was about to happen to me seriously, or lightly as something I tried and later set aside. I thought I was fairly fit, after all and knowing my method of operation, I wasn’t sure all I was about to experience would stick.

Brian with client Kevin Sharer, CEO, Amgen

Brian with client Kevin Sharer, CEO, Amgen

After spending two weeks under your expertise with your direct supervision and intensive training I had a confirmation to my convictions. I knew my life had already started to change. I could feel it physically, mentally and emotionally. I liked what I felt and didn’t want to go back to my old tired saggy body.

Exercise and Nutrition Customized for Me

You began a new work in me. I have continued that process, working hard following your exercise and meal plans which were individually prepared especially for me. I appreciate your continued support and concern for my and my health and fitness.

I appreciate your organization and all those who work for you there. I appreciate your attention to details and your follow up philosophy. I know that whenever I have a question or a problem I can call or email and will have an answer directly. I appreciate your dedication and drive for what you sincerely believe in and your willingness to pass that enthusiasm on to your “students”.

Cholesterol Dropped and Blood Pressure Medication Cut in Half

Congratulations! You have taken a sedentary aging lady and turned her into a lean, working viable younger version of her self….and one who even likes to exercise! (I still like chocolate, but don’t crave it like before.) I have never been in better shape and never felt as good as I feel now.

My cholesterol dropped over 70 points to 183, with my good cholesterol reading 112! I have been able to cut my blood pressure medication (taken for at least 15 years) in half and look forward to the day I can stop taking this medication forever.

People can’t believe my energy, how good I look and feel….and those are just my doctors! I look forward to taking my fitness to higher levels in the future and know I can count on you for future education during this process.

May God richly bless you.