How I Got My Cholesterol & Triglycerides Under Control

How I Got My Cholesterol & Triglycerides Under Control
Dear Brian,

I am writing this letter for you to share with your clients. If you are a potential client of Theiss, you have before you an opportunity to truly change your life for the better. As a young man I was extremely skinny and did everything I could do to put on weight, and never had any success. Through my 20’s I tried everything to put on muscle mass including gulping down those chalky horrible protein shakes everyday. In my busy 30’s I just started gaining weight, and as I was beginning my 40’s I became a primary candidate for heart & liver disease.

My Triglycerides had shot up to 500. My Internist put me on Zocor to lower my cholesterol. One month later in spite of the medication, my Triglycerides had shot up to over 600, almost 4 times what is considered the HIGHEST normal range and 17 times the low part of the normal range. My doctor immediately took me off the medication due to fear of creating more liver damage. My cholesterol was now up to 224, pretty high for someone who didn’t appear that overweight. In fact I still considered myself somewhat athletic.

I had known Brian for several years as an acquaintance and doctors who could not help me, told me to go see him. I began a 6 week training program with Brian. He explained to me how my own metabolism would be the key to my success. He started with a VO2 test to get an understanding of how my metabolism was working. He and his staff then customized a nutritional plan and eating habits to begin my recovery.

Brian guaranteed results and I didn’t want the fault of not succeeding again to fall on me. I followed his program as best I could. I stopped eating at some places, (many of which most people think are healthy) and started finding new places to eat. I only missed one day of the Theiss training program due to a prior commitment. At the end of the program, my cholesterol was down from 224 to 176 and my triglycerides had plummeted from 601 to 165! I was ecstatic!

It has now been a few months since I have completed the program. I have had many personal challenges during this time, but the nutritional plan is now simply a part of my everyday lifestyle. By running a few times a week I’ve maintained the weight that I achieved at the completion of the first stage of the program. Oh, I almost forgot to say I lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks; from 203 to 179.

Brian I owe you a debt of gratitude that I could never repay. Thank you! Once I get a couple things cleared up, I will be ready to take the next step toward my fitness- goals. There is no doubt who I will turn to to make those goals a reality.