Online Fitness, Mentor, Monitor & Personal Training Program

Executive Health & Wellness - Dr. Alice Pien trains online with Brian in one of her operating rooms in Irvine, CA

Executive Health & Wellness – Dr. Alice Pien trains online with Brian in one of her operating rooms in Irvine, CA

Brian shows me what to do during my online fitness training

Brian coaches me…

Brian Theiss of TheissCare, LLC is the number 1 Executive Health and Wellness Consultant in the world as voted by the International Sports Sciences Association. I sat down with him to discuss the new online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program that he has recently made available to his clients worldwide. Brian can now mentor, monitor and train with his clients “virtually”, from anywhere in the world that they may be. At home, in the office, in a hotel room, at a gym, at the beach, and even on the moon when they arrive; ANYWHERE!! I interviewed a couple of his current clients to get their opinions on the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program sessions. The videos of those interviews are below.

I have personally been guided and mentored by Brian both in-person at his TheissCare facility and at my professional office. I can attest to how incredible his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program is-second to none. The convenience, the time it saves, the privacy, the money saved and most importantly the results. Physically, I am leaner and for the first time in my life I have some muscle definition. Health wise, my cholesterol levels and blood pressure are perfect. My endurance, strength, and energy levels are through the roof.

Then I do it from wherever I am

Then I do it… from wherever I may be!

My productivity at work and my productivity in my personal life has increased ten-fold. Overall, those around me constantly comment on how much happier I am, and I am, and I contribute this paradigm shift to the significant increase in energy that I attainted in the first week working with Brian. I would also like to add how wonderful I feel in my new mind and body; not only do I feel good, but I feel good about myself and isn’t that what it’s all about?

I started his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program working with only my body weight (that was all my beat up and abused body could handle). I have since graduated to a small set of dumbbells. I still see Brian at his facility on occasion, mostly just to be able to give him a hug and thank him for all he has done for me. Personally, I love the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program sessions. The results that I have been able to achieve working with Brian online, wherever I may be, are simply amazing!

– James Mutter, Director of Operations, AMA Regenerative Medicine

1) Tell me a little bit about your online fitness, mentor, monitoring and training program?

The online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program we provide is a backdrop to sustainable self-discipline. The online training program aspect of what we do is pretty fascinating and it’s fascinating for all the right reasons. The biggest reason why it’s fascinating is the cost saving in money and time. When we are engaged, through the online video conferencing and building your sustainable self-discipline program you literally don’t have to travel anywhere. Imagine that… you can literally get up, brush your hair, brush your teeth, clean your eyes and you are ready to go!

Brian coaching a client via his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program

Brian coaching a client via his online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program

There is little downtime to none and its highly effective. And yes, even if you have no weights other than your body, that is fine too. You would not believe the lives I have saved and changed by understanding the science of the body and leveraging it to slow or reverse the aging process. How we can manipulate your body, get it moving and get your metabolism back into the shape it was years ago while all along increasing your circulation, is top rate; all done through online video conferencing. There is literally very little difference of an individual working in front of me in person or working in front of me through online video conferencing. I have been able to master the transfer of information so the client experience is all the same. Remember, if your eyes see it and your ears hear it, your mind will believe it to be true because your spirit, brain, and body overlap at the mind. So that is another great advantage of having an online video conferencing aspect.

Again, no downtime here and super private and convenient and by the time I am done monitoring and mentoring you through video conferencing, your health history etc. has been updated and every aspect of your progress and program moving forward has already been sent to you. Remember, no downtime and super convenient and super effective. Can you imagine a world of all these online aspects of physical health, longevity and personal relevance? That’s my stance on that.

2) As far as equipment, what is needed? Or can you start out with just their body?

Most of my online fitness program clients start out using only their bodies and body weight, which bewilders them. The wonderful part about that is they don’t even realize what is possible. They don’t realize that they can manipulate their body as an extremely effective device. They don’t realize that they can literally “leverage themselves” to improve their overall health and use what God and the universe gifted them, a physical body: two legs, two arms, ten fingers, ten toes a mind and a soul and the ability to smile; you can create anything with all that and that’s saying a lot.

Kevin Sharer discusses his experience training at TheissCare

3) What do they need? Do they need a smart phone? Do they need a computer?

The online fitness program aspect of it is typically done utilizing some form of video conferencing device; computer, tablet or a smart phone. Predominantly my client’s preference is working with a smart phone.

Clients are individually creative. I have one client that I follow all over the world and he takes me to the most amazing locations with some of the most beautiful gyms I have ever seen. He just sets up wherever he goes when he travels and presto we are on.

I have another client that travels all over the country to and we literally have a talk. But before he departs I establish a travel program based on location, altitude and weather he’s going to be utilizing a gym facility or if he’s going to work on the beach with just his body. After each set he hangs up and then calls me back and we off to the races once again. The flexibility for the clients is incredible.

The online fitness program aspects is exactly like the TheissCare program and produces sustainable outcomes every single time. Again, ease of use, no downtime and highly, highly effective.

4) What type of questions do you get from clients?

Questions that come up from clients are very interesting but it’s more of their comments that hit home… “I can’t believe how easy this is. I can’t believe how effective this is. How could I have gone through my whole life not having TheissCare’s online fitness program’s unique features”. Even though their questions very, it’s always their praise and the amazement of it that is constant.

5) What are they amazed by?

"Even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore."

“Even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore.”

Their amazement always comes with a personal price to me. And sometimes this price hurts my feelings. Clients express their pleasure with my unique approach in this way; even though we love you, we don’t have to travel to you anymore. That’s a blessing in disguise, right? Honestly, I love the fact that the TheissCare program is so effective at producing sustainable self-discipline that clients come to see me, to bond with me as authentic people. I am always beside myself knowing that my clients want to come see me, and not because they need to come see me… I truly love them all.

Another constant praise among TheissCare clients is, how bewildered they are at how effective and how efficient the online fitness program is and how cost effect the program is in both money and time savings; time is money right? If I can save you an hour and a half of running around or save you a week or two of traveling to work with me, That’s huge.

Another constant TheissCare clients like, is the fact that they don’t have any other eye’s observing them. When I am able to mentor and monitor them from the comfort of their own homes or hotel with just their body weight or a couple of dumbbells, not only do they get to avoid getting super fancy for others, but they are able to be themselves and they work harder and learn more because they go within. They can throw on shorts and a t-shirt and they are ready to go at it. Once they are done, they literally just pop right into the shower. At least I hope they are!

6) Let’s talk about the privacy aspect…

My client’s continual privacy is of the utmost important to me and I go to great lengths to keep it that way; private. In the process of mentoring and monitoring my clients I learn more about them, then most, from a medical health state to a personal life state. So, with total privacy clients are able to freely express to me events about their lives and what is happening within their lives, that they want no one else to hear. One of the most effective but costly feature TheissCare provides to each client is, during their time with me there is absolutely no one around me. It is me and them. It is their time and their space made for them. All their personal information is stored in an offsite safe location. The only others who know about their personal life are typically their healthcare providers and their spouses.

7) What type of results? Are you seeing the same type of results from the online fitness program as the in-person? Are you still achieving the same results in the same amount of time?

Brian trains a client in Alaska from his Woodland Hills, CA training facility

Brian trains a client in Alaska from his Woodland Hills, CA training facility

That’s a really great question about results. The clients that TheissCare cater to are predominately business professionals. Their results aren’t measured in the size of their biceps. It’s not necessarily how flat their stomachs are either, even though most obtain this as a byproduct of becoming super healthy. The results that matter most to them are true drops in fat mass, drops in blood pressure, drops in medications and increase in energy, increase in productivity, increase in focus, increased concentration but most important is the increase in their relevance. These results in my clients are always through the roof. I see these measured results every single day.

Talk about results. Before we started our interview I just finished with a great client from Alaska. It is so remote where he is, they don’t even name the place. It’s by coordinance (70.304,209 latitude, 151.150,0550 longitude Kuukpik Pad Near the village of Nuiqsut). He is already down 35 pounds all by the online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program. He works these incredible hours, about 18 hours almost every single day. He’s an engineer and a supervisor and he’s responsible for 450 employees constantly, so he can’t afford not to be his best. He’s a machine that needs to be ready to run 24-7 and none stop. What we have been able to provide for him is what we talked about, measured results that he uses every day.

If you are not healthy in his environment, you are never going to survive 18 hours a day. It will literally beat you in days. That is why a lot of the employees that come in are only good for 2 years because this lifestyle, if you are not healthy, creates such a toll on your body that it breaks you and when you are broken they send you home. Because my client is 100% committed I will aid him in extending his working career working “the river” for years to come.”The river” is a term they have come up with working in this extreme environment and this extreme remote place, and you guested it, the most extreme surroundings. This river is constantly rolling like rapids that never seems to end.

Dr. Alice Pien discusses her experience training at TheissCare

8) This isn’t about Hans & Franz: Pump You Up from Saturday night live is it?

The only results that matter start within the complex chemistry from the inside of your 100 trillion cells. From working within we are able to control the aging process and fight off Illness, dysfunction, disease progression, and yes premature aging and death. All negative side effects that accompanies you when you are actually aging biologically faster than you are chronologically aging; you are biologically aging way above your calendar years, so your cells are dying off faster than they can be replaced. That is where the big benefit comes in from a TheissCare online fitness program. Think about this. Can you imagine how you would look and feel and how your life would drastically change if you were 5 to 20 years biologically younger in a very short period of time? Could you imagine the possibilities of what you would be able to do? How your thoughts would change and how all your actions would change? Imagine how your whole life is going to change. I am so blessed by God since I have had the honor and privilege to work and be witness to this miracle of over 19,000 successful, documented times.

The success of TheissCare clients have more to do with each client then it has to do with me; they do the work. I simply provide the years of experience with solid science and the most favorable environment that is conducive based on their physiology, biology, chemistry and their medical history and lifestyle. Every online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program pertains to each client specifically. With that said, they have to show up for themselves. If they don’t show up I’m useless; good looking, but useless. However, If I do anything well, it’s that I care.

Craig Marshall discusses his experience training at TheissCare

9) Who is this online fitness, mentor, monitor and personal training program for?

Another great and profound question with two key parts.

Brian working with client "virtually" via his online fitness, mentor, monitoring and training program

Brian working with client “virtually” via FaceTime

The TheissCare program is for those who quit too soon on about everything and are ready to do something about it. And for those individuals whose lives are bigger than themselves. They are responsible for children, spouses, employees, and business of every conceivable size and the forward momentums of each and every one of these responsibilities and some. It’s sad that in the process of providing for so many they all end up with the same disease. Their disease is they give up their lives for the betterment of others and because of that, these individuals have quit on their health 1000 different times.

But, their knowledge and experience has made them wise and with this wisdom they see the writing on the walls. They watched their parents and their grandparents and other people they love around them suffer. They have watched the younger generations suffer decades ahead of life’s schedule. Not only the suffering they have witness, but they have been witness to the financial cost of suffering and it’s a big one. These individuals have determined based on their wisdom that they don’t want to suffer and they also don’t want to acquire the expense of suffering and the loss of quality of life.

They come to TheissCare because they want to delay or reverse the aging process and recapture as much youth and health before it’s unattainable. Keep in mind. If we don’t watch it and we don’t control our health and vitality of life we lose our relevance. And once we lose our relevance we lose our desire to live. Mind you, even TheissCare clients who are in the right mentoring and monitoring training program and who have mastered sustained self-discipline will eventually be taken over by aging. It’s the extra 5, 10, 20 years of great life, longevity and relevance that keeps them committed to themselves…

I’ll take that any day, wouldn’t you?