I Lost More than 25 lbs in 6 Weeks and Feel Incredible

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The following is a transcript of the full interview with Brian Theiss and Robert about his experience with the TheissCare Health and Wellness Program.

My name is Robert Florio. I’m an editor and director on the show NCIS Los Angeles.

A Heart Bigger than Space

Brian – Robert is fantastic. Every once in a while you get these incredibly sweet, gentle people. Robert is one of those sweet, gentle people. He’s got a heart bigger than space.

Robert is one of the sweetest, gentlest people you will ever meet. A true gentle giant.

Robert is one of the sweetest, gentlest people you will ever meet. A true gentle giant.

But because his health was so compromised coming in he was unable to express that.

Robert’s Introduction to TheissCare

Brian – It’s interesting, Robert was not only referred by an incredible client of mine, that client was so involved in Robert’s health, so involved in giving him a second chance at life, he not only brought him to me, he paid for the full program.

Robert – I met Brian through a friend. A friend of mine was concerned about me and told me that he thought I needed to see Brian. So he set up an interview for me. I met Brian and this friend is such a good friend, he also paid for my first program. I’ve been with Brian for about six weeks now.

Brian – Even as interesting as that story is, it happens all the time. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds and maybe thousands of clients who’s programs have been purchased by their family members and their best friends.

When Robert came in I could see that good heart. I could see that gentle giant in there. But he had such poor health he couldn’t move forward.

The TheissCare Program

Robert – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to TheissCare. I expected, obviously, weight loss. I hoped to build more muscle. I hoped to tighten up some of the flabbiness I have and just be a healthier person.

What Brian had told me originally is that he’s going to make me 10 to 15 years younger. People have started to notice that and they have told me that I really look good. My complexion looks better and healthier. There’s been a whole change that has taken place, a transformation that’s taken place, already with me.

An Individualized Training Program that is Always Progressing

Robert – Brian is the most lovely guy. He’s so sensitive to your needs. He’s not a military drill sergeant telling you what to do. He works with you , is very low key, but he really understands what he’s doing and what he has you doing. He understands the body and what he sees your reaction is. I believe he sees that with each individual differently.

No matter how hard the workout was Robert always had fun.

No matter how hard the workout was Robert always had fun.

He keeps raising the level on me. It kind of maintains the level of pain I go through. That’s the other thing that Brian does, as you work with him, you don’t constantly do the same thing. It’s forever changing. It keeps progressing and keeps pushing you a little more and a little more. You just feel good at the end of each training session even though it’s hard during it. At the end of it you’re so glad you’ve done it. I’m ready to get my day moving and do something for the day. The workout is exhilarating. It’s hard, but you feel great after it.

Working out with Brian, no matter how hard it is, he always makes it fun.

One-on-One Private Training Sessions

Robert – He’s got a great little gym. He’s got multiple pieces of equipment, which I haven’t even gotten to all of them yet. He works with you as an individual, one-on-one for an hour session with nobody else in the gym. All of this equipment is at his beck and call for you to use when you need to use a certain piece of equipment.

Brian works with every client individually in his private gym.

Brian works with every client individually in his private gym.

We bounced around from a lot of machines. There’s nobody else in here to be in our way or make us wait. It’s just all one-on-one in his gym.

The elliptical was the hardest machine for me because I was so overweight it was hard on my legs. I could feel the burn in my legs. What’s good about it though is I really knew where I’m at because of that machine. I had gone skiing with my wife and my son a couple of weeks prior to starting with Brian and I couldn’t even get down the mountain. I had to stop like 10 times to breathe. My legs were burning the same as the elliptical gives me now. I work through it and force my way through it and I can’t wait to go skiing again and see how I do now.

Nutrition Plan

Robert – The nutrition plan is a little challenging I imagine for a lot of people at first. Once you do it for a week though you start understanding it and your body starts reacting to it. Although it starts out a little challenging it’s not as difficult as one would think it would be. Once you get into it, you understand it and your body kind of works with it. I think the nutrition plan is a big part of the whole program.

I like chicken and vegetables so all of that stuff was not a problem for me. You also have to quit drinking coffee, which wasn’t a problem for me because I only had one cup a day. I used to like to have a drink a night but I can’t do that right now. I imagine in another month or so I’ll be able to bring back a cocktail once in a while but that wasn’t too hard for me either.

Life Changing Health and Wellness

Brian – This is what we did with this young man in two and a half months. Not only did we drop 33 pounds of solid fat off his body, it’s changed every single thought.

Robert – It’s been amazing. He’s basically changed my life. He’s taught me how to work out, taught me how to eat. Helped me lose over 25 pounds in six weeks. I feel very healthy and strong and we’re still moving forward.

Robert lost over 25 pounds in 6 weeks.

Robert lost over 25 pounds in 6 weeks.

Brian – Now he comes in, he’s happy, he stands straight up. Guess what else has happened? His heart has gotten even bigger. Now he’s got the ability to do what he does the best and that is to love. That’s to take good care of people on the inside. That’s why I’m so proud of of him. He’s amazing.

Robert – Brian is awesome. I feel great. I have a lot of energy. I have a lot of people complimenting me and telling me how great I look. I used to be pretty large guy and now I’m a little over 25 pounds smaller so I feel great.

The Joy of Saving and Changing Lives

Brian – That’s the best part of my business. Over 31 years of doing this and over 22,000 successful documented cases I have the honor and the ability and the privilege to get to the human side of every single one of these folks. I’m able to pull the best out of them. The best that humanity has given them and that their genetics have given them.

Robert gave Brian his director's chair from the NCIS production. On it he wrote "Dear Brian, thank you for saving and changing my life! With much love, Robert Florio".

Robert gave Brian his directors chair from the NCIS production. On it he wrote “Dear Brian, thank you for saving and changing my life! With much love, Robert Florio”.

That’s why for me, it’s Christmas, every single day with every single client, I love them so much. I could not help them if I could not love them. Honestly, I still haven’t worked in 31 years. I’m loving people and that’s the best part.

Let Us Help You

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God Bless and as always, be safe out there!