Feeling Healthier, Eating Better & Actually Looking Better

 Feeling Healthier, Eating Better & Actually Looking Better

Dear Brian,

I want to thank you for your assistance in helping me to get back into shape. At 48 years old and having spent the last 20 of those years mainly behind an office desk, we both know I had plenty of work to do to get back into shape. You listened to me as I addressed my concerns of a previous broken back and a bad knee, and then we went to work. You and your team wrote an exercise and diet program and I followed through with eating right and doing the exercises as directed. I was pleased with the results by the time I was finished with the first program and I was ready to continue with the success that I was experiencing. Now I am able to enjoy the fitness that you have helped me to achieve.

My wife was quick to see the results that I was having and although she has had and still has heart trouble, she decided that she wanted to see how you could help her as well. Her results have been nothing short of amazing. She has lost pounds and inches (I don’t know how many because she won’t tell me) and she is feeling much better about her overall health.

Then our boys ages 16 and 20 decided that they wanted to get in on the fitness. In a very short time you have helped Damon, our oldest, become more prepared for his next season of collegiate soccer and you are currently working with Kyle on a broad area of skills and fitness to help him with his love of high school sports; soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Needless to say this has become a real family affair. We are all feeling healthier, eating better and actually looking better thanks to you and your great training program. We all truly appreciate the smiling faces and warm greetings from you and your staff while we are there. The attention to our individual concerns is always so well addressed and dealt with. I have observed your staff working to keep the facility and the equipment clean, and that is greatly appreciated. There is nothing worse than a gym that smells like my sons’ soccer bag after a long weekend of playing soccer!

Again I just want to thank you for your diligence to be excellent at what you provide to your clients. Keep up the good work you deserve the success that you have. I would recommend your program to anyone who is serious about getting in and staying in shape!

With Great Appreciation,