Measurable Weight Loss & Physical Fitness Improvement

Measurable weight loss and physical fitness improvement

Dear Brian,

Thank You !!! After many years of physical neglect, I have finally moved in the right direction. Over the past decades, I have yo-yoed up and down in weight and physical fitness. I always approached diet and exercise in the wrong manner. Instant gratification through fad diets or “no pain, no gain” exercise never gave me the long lasting results or life style changes needed to maintain the levels that I achieved.

After turning 50 last summer and taking a long but rather sad look at myself in the mirror, I felt something had to be done if I was going to maintain any kind of meaningful lifestyle. Finding you has been a blessing and source of great personal satisfaction. At our first session, you asked what I wanted to gain from the sessions. I told you my wish list including better cardio-vascular fitness, weight loss, increased stamina and overall muscle toning. As you said, this was all achievable, if I was willing to put in the time and discipline to reach my goal. Up front you were very clear that I would have to do the work and make the changes but that you would do everything in your power to help me get to my desired place.

Well, two programs later, I am so pleased with the results. Measurable weight loss and physical fitness improvement have been achieved. Your desire to have me understand why I was doing things as well as how was very important in my reaching my goals. I have done it the right way this time. Having made the changes slowly gives me the confidence that I can maintain or improve from my current condition. In addition, the physical improvements have prompted many favorable comments from friends and family that provide additional motivation to “stay the course”.

Thanks again for all that you have done, and I hope to continue my relationship with you and your firm, both as a student and friend.