• Empowering Life’s Possibilities

    Imagine how your life would drastically change if you were 5 to 20 years biologically younger.

    Imagine the possibilities of what you would be able to do.

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  • Sustainable Self-Discipline

    Together we are able to control the aging process and fight off Illness, dysfunction, disease progression and yes, premature aging and death.

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  • Virtual Training

    You literally don’t have to travel anywhere.

    Imagine that!

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    What’s an hour of your time worth?

    You’ll experience significant results in 30 days or less.

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What Our Clients Say

“I’ve seen people go to TheissCare that have injuries. I’ve seen people go to TheissCare that have issues with weight and I see them 2 months later, 3 months later and they are completely transformed.”

Suzy Cameron, Environmental Advocate

“There’s been a whole change that has taken place, a transformation that has taken place already with me. I’ve lost over fifty pounds. I’m off my blood pressure medication. TheissCare is awesome!”

Robert Florio, Editor / Director

“The thing that makes TheissCare different is they really see your future in you. They see the you that you are capable of being. The you that you don’t even know is in there. They are the body whisperers.”

Darren Kavinoky, TV Personality / Attorney

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Words of Wisdom from TheissCare’s Founder

“Because I have been able to maximize my years of knowledge and experience, I have developed this internal wisdom and with a open heart, that is faith based, I have dedicated my life to serve those who want more and who want a true path to amazing health…”

“What does exercise truly do for us, or what can it truly do for us if we know how to maximize it? If maximized, it allows us to connect to our inherent, infinite intelligence within ourselves. Some refer to this intelligence as our higher self, our soul, God etc…”

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