Confidence, Motivation, & System for Healthier Way of Life

Dear Mr. Brian Theiss,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the impact your company has had on my personal health over the past two years. As you know, when I started the TSFTS program I did not understand how effectively your system could improve my overall health and fitness by maximizing my cardiovascular system, manipulating my diet, and by training me in a scientific manner. Your guidance, education and tracking methods have given me the confidence, motivation, and system to continue with this healthier way of life. You have enabled me to incorporate an effective personal program into my very hectic, fast passed schedule. For this, I will forever be grateful.

Additionally, I would like to comment on the quality of service at TheissCare. Not only from a customer perspective, but from a business perspective as well. I have for over thirty years tried to be a leader within my industry and in this community by providing the utmost in quality through personal service. TheissCare delivers the same caliber of service. Your staff is knowledgeable, warm, truly caring, and entirely professional. I congratulate you as a leader in your industry! You provide the service of health and fitness through education and by establishing healthy lifestyles, for all who actively participate in your systems.


Motor Vehicle Accident Left Me Partially Paralyzed

Dear Brian,

I’m fortunate to be alive after a motor vehicle accident left me partially paralyzed as an incomplete paraplegic from a T4 spinal cord injury. In ICU on my 32nd birthday, a doctor drew across my chest with a pen and told my family I’d never move again below that line. In fact, he said I would go through surgeries and months of physical therapy so that I would be able to move my torso in a wheelchair.

That didn’t work for me so I slowly and painfully raised the bar. One year later, I walked all over Disneyland with a cane until the park closed. I was celebrating life, and three birthday’s; my son’s, mine, and my daughter’s; June 25th, 26th and 27th. Oh yeah, I did stop to sit down about 93 times, and, I may have looked like a parody of Weekend at Bernie’s, but I did it.

The mahogany companion is now my outrigger for life, and an important reminder about possibilities. And possibilities are why I’m writing about Theiss for Health and Fitness. Brian, you and the support, administrative, nutrition and fitness specialists staff have raised the bar even higher for me. Your entire organization’s professionalism and commitment to excellence continue to support my health successes.

I still walk with the cane for balance. But you should see me go today on the exercise bicycle, parabolic stepper, or just walking around. I’m as strong as I’ve been since Army Basic Training. Theiss has helped me develop tremendous core body strength, a robust fat burning metabolism, lean muscle mass and a range of motion completely out of anyone’s expectations for my spinal condition.

Thank you Brian. Thank you everyone at Theiss. You’ve changed my life and helped me, as you say, “begin forming health habits for a lifetime”.

Gratefully Yours,


PS. Perfection is unattainable; settle for greatness.

I left my sessions knowing I had been pushed and worked, but felt great. In fact, I found that the sessions help relieve my stress, after a long day at work.

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Brian Theiss

I wanted a trainer, not some young kid saying, “no pain no gain.” At no time in the six months I have been a member, have I hurt after a workout due to the trainer’s instructions. I left my sessions knowing I had been pushed and worked, but felt great. In fact, I found that the sessions help relieve my stress, after a long day at work.

The trainers are constantly asking, “how do you feel” and respond to your replies. I told them once my left knee was not right and they evaluated my form, changed it and the problem was gone.

The monitoring and diet recommendations were a great help too. How much help? I lost 3 inches around my mid section in the first six weeks. I am not sure of the amount of weight loss, because of the change in body mass. I lost fat and gained muscle. They tell you not to look at the scale, it is hard not to look. However, when your clothes become too big and you have to add holes to your old belts to keep you pants up, you are less concerned with what the scale reads.

I must confess that my second session was not as productive as the first. Why? It all came down to one thing. Commitment! I spent the first six months following the program and adjusted my day to day schedule to stay on the track. The second session, I did not follow the program to the letter. I still lost inches and felt great, but it was not at the rate I would have liked.



PS: Just for the record. I am convinced that the ten stroke drop in my golf game is due to being in better shape, from this program.

Physical Fitness is Vital to a Productive & Energetic Life

One of the best decisions I have made in recent years was to turn to Brian Theiss and his quality staff for help, guidance, and motivation.

Realizing that physical fitness is vital to a productive and energetic life, I had determined to revamp my lifestyle. At age 57 I was finding end of the day fatigue to be a constant (and unwelcome) companion. I also recognized that I needed a professional with proven credentials to get me back on the path. I needed a meaningful jumpstart! I had heard strong endorsements for from friends and acquaintances. More importantly, I had witnessed positive changes in their attitudes and appearance. Clearly, there was something special and unique going on. I decided to give them a try.

Following my decision to turn to Brian Theiss and his team, I was introduced to a new level of health and physical accomplishment. I was able to effect major lifestyle changes, which have now become ingrained. I can’t praise the program strongly enough. The staff is superb. They are friendly and highly professional. They make this process enjoyable and personal. In a word they care.

Over the years I have been asked to lend my name and professional reputation to recommend various products and services. I have never done so until now and I do it enthusiastically.

Richard S. Wieler, D.D.S.

Today I Am a Leaner & Stronger 56 Year Old Man
To Brian Theiss,

I want to explicitly congratulate the staff for supporting me in successfully completing the “Program“‘. At first I was skeptical that I could complete the curriculum, but through my own personal diligence and the support and encouragement that the staff provided, I was able to “shatter” my belief systems as to what I could physically handle.

Today I am leaner and stronger 56 year old man. I have more stamina and my metabolism is working better now than in the last 30 years. I have the knowledge and understanding to work further in accomplishing more fitness goals. I am doing activities now that I could never have imagined partaking in prior to the “Program”.



expertise in helping me achieve the incredible 60 day results

Dear Brian,

This letter comes along with my thanks and appreciation for your wonderful training program and the staff’s expertise in helping me achieve the incredible 60 day results including a 12% reduction in body fat and net weight loss of 23 lbs. I wouldn’t have thought it was at all possible in such a short timeframe and at the age of 52. I’m now doing exercises and lifting weights like I used to do when I was training for high school sports!

Working with the TheissCare team has been a thoroughly enjoyable and life-changing experience!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to everyone at TheissCare!


Measurable weight loss and physical fitness improvement

Dear Brian,

Thank You !!! After many years of physical neglect, I have finally moved in the right direction. Over the past decades, I have yo-yoed up and down in weight and physical fitness. I always approached diet and exercise in the wrong manner. Instant gratification through fad diets or “no pain, no gain” exercise never gave me the long lasting results or life style changes needed to maintain the levels that I achieved.

After turning 50 last summer and taking a long but rather sad look at myself in the mirror, I felt something had to be done if I was going to maintain any kind of meaningful lifestyle. Finding you has been a blessing and source of great personal satisfaction. At our first session, you asked what I wanted to gain from the sessions. I told you my wish list including better cardio-vascular fitness, weight loss, increased stamina and overall muscle toning. As you said, this was all achievable, if I was willing to put in the time and discipline to reach my goal. Up front you were very clear that I would have to do the work and make the changes but that you would do everything in your power to help me get to my desired place.

Well, two programs later, I am so pleased with the results. Measurable weight loss and physical fitness improvement have been achieved. Your desire to have me understand why I was doing things as well as how was very important in my reaching my goals. I have done it the right way this time. Having made the changes slowly gives me the confidence that I can maintain or improve from my current condition. In addition, the physical improvements have prompted many favorable comments from friends and family that provide additional motivation to “stay the course”.

Thanks again for all that you have done, and I hope to continue my relationship with you and your firm, both as a student and friend.



Decades Beyond What Many Physicians Can Do

Dear Brian,

How can I ever say thank you enough… and how can I ever thank Bill and Tani for sending you to save my life. When I saw you on that stage I knew there was something wonderful and special about you and I was destined to find out why you were special.

And boy did I ever! You are by far the most knowledgeable, results oriented, up-to-date, detail-oriented, organized, and most effective health consultant I have ever worked with in my life. Ever!

As a health care provider for over 30 years, your program made absolute sense. The fact that you do Pre and Post V02 Testing, Review Medical History, Body Fat analyzes etc. is phenomenal. Your knowledge and insight with respect to symmetrically changing the health of your patients by manipulating their current state of health through nutrition and physical application is beyond words. And to know that you do this for each and every one of us is not only inspiring, but its decades beyond what many physicians can do or even know.

Brian, you once shared with me two statements. I will never forget and they have changed my life ever since. You told me: “That you first have to give your patients what they need before you can give them what they want”. You also told me: “Your patients don’t lack capacity, they simply lack personal knowledge to save themselves”. These two statements will never leave me.

Again, I cannot begin to thank you enough for being the change in the world that you want to see no matter how difficult and challenging this road is. You are a true gift to the world.

From my heart to yours,



I Have Lost Over 30 Pounds of Fat!
Dear Brian,

I wanted to take a moment to write you and thank you for the results that I have achieved thus far with your fitness program. As you may know, I work quite a bit and finding the time to go to the gym has been difficult. It was nearly impossible to achieve any substantial results with the limited times that I could attend. Your program has changed this! I have found your program to be so comprehensive that I have achieved very real results in a short time. I believe this is due to two key factors; education and knowledgeable staff.

First, I have come to believe that education is part of what makes your program so successful. I have learned a great deal about fitness and nutrition since starting. You staff has taught me the proper methods for countless exercises as well has how to look at the contents of the food I eat and determine if they are the proper fuel for my body. I look at the food I eat in a very different way than prior to the program.

Second, your staff is incredible. I have trained with various people on your training staff and all seem to be very knowledgeable in proper fitness and nutrition methods. As you may recall, I came to you with lower back problems. Your staff has kept this in mind when planning my exercise programs. If I have any feeling of strain, they are quick to recommend alternatives that have a lesser effect. In short, I can honestly say that I have not had one day of back pain since starting the program.

Once again, let me thank you for the changes that your program has made in my life. To date I have lost over 30 pounds of fat! I feel stronger and less fatigued, my clothes are fitting better, and I feel better about myself. These are changes that could do anybody good.

Thank you again,


How I Got My Cholesterol & Triglycerides Under Control
Dear Brian,

I am writing this letter for you to share with your clients. If you are a potential client of Theiss, you have before you an opportunity to truly change your life for the better. As a young man I was extremely skinny and did everything I could do to put on weight, and never had any success. Through my 20’s I tried everything to put on muscle mass including gulping down those chalky horrible protein shakes everyday. In my busy 30’s I just started gaining weight, and as I was beginning my 40’s I became a primary candidate for heart & liver disease.

My Triglycerides had shot up to 500. My Internist put me on Zocor to lower my cholesterol. One month later in spite of the medication, my Triglycerides had shot up to over 600, almost 4 times what is considered the HIGHEST normal range and 17 times the low part of the normal range. My doctor immediately took me off the medication due to fear of creating more liver damage. My cholesterol was now up to 224, pretty high for someone who didn’t appear that overweight. In fact I still considered myself somewhat athletic.

I had known Brian for several years as an acquaintance and doctors who could not help me, told me to go see him. I began a 6 week training program with Brian. He explained to me how my own metabolism would be the key to my success. He started with a VO2 test to get an understanding of how my metabolism was working. He and his staff then customized a nutritional plan and eating habits to begin my recovery.

Brian guaranteed results and I didn’t want the fault of not succeeding again to fall on me. I followed his program as best I could. I stopped eating at some places, (many of which most people think are healthy) and started finding new places to eat. I only missed one day of the Theiss training program due to a prior commitment. At the end of the program, my cholesterol was down from 224 to 176 and my triglycerides had plummeted from 601 to 165! I was ecstatic!

It has now been a few months since I have completed the program. I have had many personal challenges during this time, but the nutritional plan is now simply a part of my everyday lifestyle. By running a few times a week I’ve maintained the weight that I achieved at the completion of the first stage of the program. Oh, I almost forgot to say I lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks; from 203 to 179.

Brian I owe you a debt of gratitude that I could never repay. Thank you! Once I get a couple things cleared up, I will be ready to take the next step toward my fitness- goals. There is no doubt who I will turn to to make those goals a reality.



 Feeling Healthier, Eating Better & Actually Looking Better

Dear Brian,

I want to thank you for your assistance in helping me to get back into shape. At 48 years old and having spent the last 20 of those years mainly behind an office desk, we both know I had plenty of work to do to get back into shape. You listened to me as I addressed my concerns of a previous broken back and a bad knee, and then we went to work. You and your team wrote an exercise and diet program and I followed through with eating right and doing the exercises as directed. I was pleased with the results by the time I was finished with the first program and I was ready to continue with the success that I was experiencing. Now I am able to enjoy the fitness that you have helped me to achieve.

My wife was quick to see the results that I was having and although she has had and still has heart trouble, she decided that she wanted to see how you could help her as well. Her results have been nothing short of amazing. She has lost pounds and inches (I don’t know how many because she won’t tell me) and she is feeling much better about her overall health.

Then our boys ages 16 and 20 decided that they wanted to get in on the fitness. In a very short time you have helped Damon, our oldest, become more prepared for his next season of collegiate soccer and you are currently working with Kyle on a broad area of skills and fitness to help him with his love of high school sports; soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Needless to say this has become a real family affair. We are all feeling healthier, eating better and actually looking better thanks to you and your great training program. We all truly appreciate the smiling faces and warm greetings from you and your staff while we are there. The attention to our individual concerns is always so well addressed and dealt with. I have observed your staff working to keep the facility and the equipment clean, and that is greatly appreciated. There is nothing worse than a gym that smells like my sons’ soccer bag after a long weekend of playing soccer!

Again I just want to thank you for your diligence to be excellent at what you provide to your clients. Keep up the good work you deserve the success that you have. I would recommend your program to anyone who is serious about getting in and staying in shape!

With Great Appreciation,


Excellent Fitness Coaching & Remarkable Results
Dear Brian,

As someone who appreciates a job well done, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent fitness coaching and remarkable results I experienced. I could not have imagined a few months ago the personal changes about to take place.

Having been thin most of my life, I rarely gave much effort to physical fitness. However, I found myself in the tailor shop the last few years “letting it out just a little more.” A diminished energy level added to my frustration. Our chance meeting as you helped me lift a computer into my car resulted in a set of fitness habits I will enjoy practicing for the rest of my life. I never thought that working out could actually be fun, but that’s just what it turned out to be.

After the first few training sessions I noticed a marked increase in energy that lasted throughout the day. This was just the beginning. After several weeks I noticed my trousers fitting a little looser, and by the sixth week I was punching extra holes in my belt to make it tighter. The tailor, who was now taking my trousers “in”, asked for an introduction to my personal trainer. You have to love that.

At the same time I noticed my arms and chest getting bigger. This additional strength was a welcome benefit. I no longer worried that an afternoon on the golf course would result in stiffness the next morning. I was now carrying my clubs for 18 holes, with plenty of energy at the end of a round. Walking the course has resulted in a smoother pace, adding to my overall enjoyment of the game.

The final improvement was cardiovascular efficiency. You explained that the goal was to decrease the amount of work the heart must do get the job done. In just a few months, my resting heart rate dropped from 76 beats per minute to 58, and when exercising, I’ve noticed a big difference in endurance and a much quicker return to a resting level.



I Was a Type II Diabetic with Serious Heart Issues
Dear Brian,

Instead of just telling you the impact you’ve had on my life, I’ll let the facts speak for themselves. Before I joined TheissCare, I was as an out-of-control Type II diabetic with serious heart issues. My blood sugar numbers were awful and my cholesterol numbers were fair. My diabetes pill medications were at their maximum levels and I was taking insulin daily in what seemed to be a futile attempt at control.

In addition, my diet wasn’t that bad on the surface. I ate virtually no red meat and did not drink alcohol. While I tried to watch my carbs, I did a bad job of it. Dieting was hard when eating even a little rice or pasta would send my blood sugar skyrocketing. It was especially hard since my heart problems made it difficult for me to just eat meats and other proteins. That type of diet had too much cholesterol. To make a long story short, I was lost. I chose TheissCare because I recognized that I was on a road that literally led to a miserable death and I did not know how to get off. Here’s how it worked.

After doing the daily cardiovascular workout you assigned and following your diet for just three days, I stopped using insulin because my daily pill dosage was enough to control my diabetes. Within a week on the training program, I needed to adjust my pill dosages downwards because diet and exercise alone were starting to control my blood sugar level. After six weeks, I’ve cut my medications more than 70%. During this period, I have lost approximately 15 pounds from 187 lbs. to 172. My blood sugar and cholesterol numbers are now good and heading towards excellent.

As a member of Kaiser-Permanente, I have a “coach” who works with me on diabetes control. She’s the tough-love type who has sent me several serious letters in the past telling me that I was headed towards debilitating diabetes-related complications. How pleased was she about the change? She is already using my story to inspire her other patients. Wow!

Basically, Brian, your training program has helped me turn from someone on a road to nowhere into an inspiration story in six weeks. You’ve put me in a balance that makes me want to keep it maintained simply because it feels so good being there. So this is just the start, not the ending. I look forward to the next stage when I continue my positive gains and develop a long-term program that will keep me in top condition for the rest of my life, which should now be many, many years longer.



Training Program to Improve Life & Overall Health
Dear Mr. Theiss,

I felt compelled to write a few words about the work that you do at TheissCare and the manner in which you and your staff do it.

My experience is that you have been completely supportive of my exercise requirements and have been about as even keeled in attitude as an organization of professional could possibly be. I know that I don’t always show up ready to take on the training program you’ve created but you and your staff are always ready to motivate and support.

Your organized approach to the exercise sessions has been excellent. Your training program clearly has a plan, it is in writing, goals are set and progress has certainly been made. I also appreciate the variety that comes from the different workouts that alternate by day and by month.

My experience with your organization has been wholly successful and our goals have been both measurable and achievable. Since coming to TheissCare, losing 25+ pounds and reducing my cholesterol, glucose and body fat, my life and health has certainly improved. Your positive influence continues to inspire success.

I would say that the expectations that you set through your training programs, while originally difficult to undertake, clearly have improved both my life and health overall.

I am proud to say that the qualities you exhibit are exemplary and I would be delighted to discuss them with anyone you should refer to me for a reference.

Very truly yours,


Executive Training Program turned me into a fitness monster
Dear Brian and the TheissCare Executive Training Program team,

I want to personally thank you for what you and your executive training program have done for me over the last 10 months. The changes in my level of fitness and my overall lifestyle are awesome and I owe it to you.

As you know, I walked into your center already in fairly good shape. I had been riding bicycles for a couple of years pretty seriously and wasn’t sure what you could do for me. I was excited to see what I could accomplish, but also skeptical of the results you promised.

Well, I soon found out that I wasn’t as fit as I thought. My first VO2 Max was good at 62, but I had 19.8% body fat and weighed 151 pounds.

Under your training program of a strict meal plan and the 4 weeks of pre-cardio, then the 60-Day Executive training program, I lost 12 pounds; got my body fat down to 12.5% and my ending VO2 Max was 69.5!!!

Not only are the numbers great, but my performance on the bike improved dramatically. I went from being one of the middle of the pack guys on my group rides to being one of the leaders and always in the top 2-3 to the top of the hills. I started racing and always finished in the top 3rd of the pack.

I continued in your Executive Training Program for two maintenance programs where you turned me into a fitness monster. I am now at 11 % body fat. I have arms, back and shoulder muscles I have never had and actually have washboard abs. Best of all, though is that my VO2 Max is now 75.5!!!

I have been working very hard during the off-season and feel I am at the top of my fitness level.  I have joined a bike racing team and anticipate a very successful season.

Brian, thank you again for all you have done for me. Your knowledge of physiology is impressive and you really know how to get the most out of people, no matter what their current fitness level is.



Better, Stronger, Healthier & Happier with Your Life

Dear Brian,

This letter is way overdue. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for … no other way to put it … changing my life. To be perfectly honest, SAVING my life would be more accurate.

As you know, when we first met, I was 6’4″ tall and weighed 345 lbs (I lost 50 lbs on my own, but was regaining it quickly when we met). As I informed you at that time, I had accomplished a lot of good things in my lifetime that I was very proud of. I was a good father, husband, family man & businessman. Nevertheless, no matter how much I did for others, no matter how others loved me and saw me for what was inside, my lifelong struggle with my weight and fitness had me so depressed that I was literally suicidal; tough way to live your life with so many good things happening at the same time. Can you imagine avoiding mirrors at all costs because you couldn’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror? Never going swimming or to the beach with your family because you were ashamed and didn’t want to embarrass yourself or your family? Even though they all told me it wasn’t that bad, and it didn’t matter, I couldn’t allow myself to be seen in public looking like I did.

I also had dreams of playing professional golf, but realized that, in my then state of mind and body, it was impossible. At 6’4″ tall, I thought I could pull off this feat, carry the weight, and be the first person my size to make it to the PGA Tour — boy was I wrong. I found out the hard way when I had a 36-hole tournament in Las Vegas, in 115 degree heat, and had to walk 36 holes on a very mountainous golf course. While others were being literally carried off the course in stretchers and by ambulance, I managed to complete the round, however it took me 5 days to recover, and I realized that this wasn’t going to work. My worst recollection was when I was in contention to win my first BIG tournament, I was 5-under par going into the 16th hole and the only thing I could think about is how bad I looked rather than how well I was playing. I remember looking down at my feet, seeing that my shirt was not tucked in and my belly bouncing with every step. When I saw the media surrounding the 18th hole from the 16th fairway, I tanked the tournament so that I would not have to deal with them. This happened more than once before, but when I threw away this chance not only to win, but win by a landslide, I realized that something needed to happen — and happen fast.

When you guys took me in, I was grateful beyond what any words could say. As you know, I did everything I could do to break every single record ever made at THEISS. This is my typical motivation — be the best at everything possible, and I wanted be the best client you ever had. I learned how to eat properly. I learned to exercise properly. I learned, not only through your training but watching you train others, that no matter what your current physical condition is, THEISS could help make you better, stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier with your life.

As of today, I now weigh 265 lbs (total loss of 130 lbs). I used to wear 54″ waist pants, now I wear a 40″ (sometimes even 38″). I went from a 5×1 shirt to a 2×1 (sometimes even XL — NEVER thought I’d see that again.) I’ve seen pictures of me playing golf posted in newspapers and magazines, and am proud of what I’ve accomplished. My depression is under control. I am not ashamed to go to the beach, swimming, or even take my shirt off at all in front of anyone. If you’ve never experienced this, it may be hard to understand but it is life changing! I have been to the beach with my kids several times, swimming in public areas, and played football without a shirt on! I would say that I am still “working the program” but it is no longer work, it has become a change in lifestyle. So, it would be proper to say that I am “living the program” — and loving the way I look and feel. The before and after pictures that I provided you tell the whole story.

By the way, in January I turned professional as a golfer, and am now chasing my dreams.

The friendships that have been created here are lifelong, and, if there is ever anything I can do for you to return even a percentage of what you’ve given me, just ask.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me.

I love you guys!


“follow your dreams, whatever the cost”

I Was Battling High Blood Pressure & Type II Diabetes
Dear Brian,

It’s hard to put into words how much my experience at TheissCare has changed my life for the better. What occurred for me was truly life-saving, as it has been for many others. You, and the staff at TheissCare are to be highly commended for improving peoples’ health and extending their lives by the care, teaching, and principles offered to the participants.

When I arrived at ThiessCare, I was severely overweight, had suffered from a heart disorder, was battling high blood pressure and type II diabetes, and I was so deconditioned that I could barely walk. This was from years of neglecting my health and working at a primarily desk job. With the least exercise my heart rate would go up and it took a long time to recover.

After 6 weeks of ThiessCare wellness physical training and meal plan conditioning I lost 70 pounds (80 pounds of fat), became stronger, and was able to walk long periods of time without fatigue. Many of my poor medical conditions were reversed and my general health has greatly improved. My family has noticed the positive change in my appearance and condition and they are extremely thankful that you were there to help me. I feel better and am far happier as a result.

I have a ways to go to get to the point where I am truly healthy, but I never would have begun to turn my life around if it had not been for you. I am sure that if I had never gone to you for help, my lifespan would have been significantly shorter than it should be. Now I feel empowered to continue working out, losing weight, and make the changes I need to in order to be around to see my children and grandchildren grow and prosper.



Dear Brian,

How can I say thanks for all that you have done to assist me in creating the ultimate in health and fitness. My whole life I have been very active in athletics and striving to stay in good health and fitness.

I have had the opportunity to play in a wide diversity of sports and have trained with many different coaches and personal trainers but never found the right answers to maximize my potential. I have learned so much about my body and how I control all the different tissues and muscles.

My Stress Level is at an All Time Low

When I first met you, I must admit I was very optimistic on how you could help me. I am very active and work in a highly stressful environment, where I am on the go 24 hours a day. My first thought was, where do we start and how can I fit this health and fitness program into my schedule.

I have trained with you for 4 months and I have to admit, you have brought my stress level to an all time low and changed my whole body chemistry. I feel much better with an abundance of energy and have been receiving compliments from everyone around.

Become Healthier in Your Life

In conclusion, Brian I know you have the knowledge to get me where I want to be in the physical and mental areas of my life. You have proven to be a true gift to me and I know you are a true success to all your clients. You have delivered to me all that you promised and have been very effective and truly a professional in your field of health and fitness.

I would recommend you and your training program to anyone who is dedicated to becoming healthier in their lives because you are certainly dedicated to assisting them to achieve their goals.



I Have Achieved So Many of My Goals in Sports

Dear Brian Theiss,

I would like to thank you for all of your help and time. I am amazed at the results that you have provided from me. Never in my life have I been told how great I look and how well I was doing in my sports and all of my other activities as I am now. Because of your help and persistence I have achieved such great things in my sports and reached so many of my goals in such a short period of time. In volleyball, I am able to hit the ball harder than anyone that I play against and I can jump higher than I have ever jumped because of your training program. I have been receiving many letters from various colleges asking about my skills in volleyball and am starting to get noticed.

In addition to the actual results during the six week training program, I have received a better knowledge of myself and my capabilities. Understanding such things as the way that ATPs provide energy for every activity or motion that I make, and other biological aspects, have inspired me to want to major in the field of Kinesiology. I know that all of this knowledge will stay with me and improve the quality of life of my family and myself in the future.

Brian, I would personally like to thank you for helping me because my self esteem along with my physical capabilities have improved so much which now allows me to enjoy life just a little bit more. I thank you for all of your time and dedication to improving my qualities and now look to you as a mentor.



Brian's Training Program is Extremely Safe & Effective

To whom it may concern,

The decision I made to train and workout with Brian at his facility was the best decision I have made in my life. The results that I have had and will continue to have are incredible. The cost of the six and a half week training program is well worth it, because I don’t think you can put a price on your future health. Brian and his well trained staff are extremely nice and pleasant. It’s nice to come into a gym where everyone knows your name and genuinely cares how you are feeling on that given day.

I’m 17 years old and I am very athletic and after completing my training program it was nice to see the new reserve of energy and ability I had acquired. My only wish about my training was that I would have done it a year earlier as to get a larger lead on my fellow competitors. Last year at this time I would huff and puff all through out practice but this year I can do an entire practice and ask for more.

Brian and his staff are the kind of people that you would want as your neighbors because you know you can always talk to them. Brain always has good advice for whatever problem you may have. Brain always says that I remind him of him when I was his age. But, the truth is that he is the type of person I want to be when I am older because he is a good person, father, and boss.

The way Brian has people workout is extremely safe and effective. Brain’s techniques are ones that he has learned, knows from experience that they work and uses them himself. He once told me the average success rate of lesser trained trainers and it was extremely low and this makes his success rate near 100% so amazing.

If I had to train all over again there is no doubt in my mind that I would train with Brain again. He has motivated me to take everything in my life to the next level of achievement and I hope he could do the same for you.



Fitness Results Continue to Exceed My Expectations
Dear Brian,

It has been two months since our last session with you in and the results continue to exceed my expectations. After working with you for just 2 weeks, I have created new habits that have changed my life.

My shoulder pains are gone. I am now sleeping through the night. The flexibility in my back has returned.

The only problem is the new clothes I had to purchase because of the 20 lbs of weight loss–and my waist size still seems to be shrinking.

Thank you for everything!



I needed strength training and a fitness program

Dear Friend,

For the past six months I have been going to the TheissCare fitness program. I began their fitness program because I was overweight and felt I needed strength training and a fitness program. Though I was not having a serious problem, I didn’t want to drift into one.

Brian Theiss has not disappointed me. Since beginning his fitness program I have lost fifteen pounds, eight percent body fat and have gained greatly in strength. Needless to say, I am very happy with my results and the professional, tenacious and upbeat methods of the people at the TheissCare fitness program.

I want to recommend them to anyone and everyone. They know what they are doing.



I Lost 12% Body Fat & Approximately 25 Ibs

Dear Brian,

I just wanted to write this letter so you would truly know just how happy I am with the success I have enjoyed with your training program. When I started your training, my outward appearance was never in question. That is, no one looked at me and said, wow, that guy’s got to get in shape. At 6’4″ and 220 lbs., I looked fairly normal. However, on the inside was a different story. My body fat percentage was 24%. I would get out of breath just thinking about running. And, having a busy professional career, when I got home in the evening to see my family, I would nearly collapse after dinner. I could not even think of keeping up with my four year old.

Just 12 weeks later, I lost 12% body fat, approximately 25Ibs. worth and have the stamina of a teenager. I have changed my eating habits to make it a way of life not a diet and I feel great from early morning to bedtime. Most importantly, the quality of my life has improved and I am spending more quality time with my family. Thank you again for your guidance and the additional decades you have assisted me with adding to my life.



I feel better, look better and have more energy

Dear Brian,

I have been working with your training program for the past 3-4 months and the results have been phenomenal! In just the past two months alone, I have gone from 20.5% body fat to 14.5% and it is getting better every day.

I feel better, look better and have more energy than I did 15 years ago! I can’t thank you enough for developing your training program and for caring about my well-being.

I would gladly recommend your training program to anyone I know and would be happy to serve as a reference to anyone considering your program.

Thanks a million!

Warmest Regards,


A Good Attitude and Always Very Motivating
Dear Brian,

I want to start out by saying what an amazing staff you have. The trainers are very knowledgeable in what they know as far as training technique and nutrition. They are ready to train with a good attitude and always very motivating. The office staff is always very helpful with scheduling and following up with appointments.

After having a baby 10 months ago I wasn’t quite sure where to start to try and lose those dreadful pounds. But, after starting TheissCare, I’ve felt like I’ve accomplished so much. I now have so much energy and look forward to working out. I’ve even signed a longer contract with TheissCare to keep on going as I didn’t want to stop once my training program was finished.

Thanks so much for your wisdom in executive health and fitness! You guys are great!



Help to Lose Stubborn Weight That Just Won't Come Off

Dear Brian,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done for me in the last several months. I came to you for help to lose stubborn weight that just wouldn’t come off- no matter how many spinning classes I took at my local gym! Coming to your gym and following your training program has brought changes to my body that I never realized I could obtain. I noticed not only a difference in those stubborn pounds and weight coming off, but, there was a difference in how my body looked- the form and the shape it took. Things are simply tighter! As far as my clothes, well, let’s just say I have no more pants to wear! They all fall off when I put them on! WOW!

I originally came to you because I am a bride-to-be and wanted to fit into that perfect wedding dress. I still am a bride-to-be. My wedding is in less then three months and one of my dreams is too look my best on that day. I am now looking forward to walking down that aisle and having my fiancé see me. Thank you for making that happen!

Brian and staff, I appreciate all your work, guidance, advice, and most of all your encouragement to lead a fit and healthy life. I would recommend this training program to anyone trying to improve their level of fitness and can’t seem to get there on their own. I recommend this training program to those who like me were beginning to settle for what they had because they didn’t believe that improvement existed. Well, now I know it does exist.

Thank you again for all you do!



Need Help with Stubborn Weight?

If this makes sense to you, reach out to me, today. We can schedule a no obligation consultation to review your current status and recommend a health and wellness plan for you.

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! You owe it to yourself!






I Finished My First Six Week Executive Training Course

Dear Brian,

This letter is to give you heartfelt thanks for sweeping me into your big, loving arms and showing me how to change. When I first came to you I was so miserable with my weight and I was feeling very, very old. Our dear friend, Bryan Scott, stood by my desk and made me make the phone call to set up a meeting with you.

That’s all it took! One phone call and things started changing for me! I was in the habit of eating only one meal a day…dinner….and feasting on coffee the rest of the day. The custom meal plan taught me how to eat healthy and smart. I felt the positive results immediately when I started eating small meals and snacks all day long! I began to have more energy during the day up into the night and I started feeling really great in my body and mind.

When I began my cardio and training it was so hard at first, but you are wonderful… and I mean ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL… your personal trainers kept ever-so-gently pushing me to achieve more. When I finished my first six week Executive Training Course and had my meeting with Brian to review the results I was astounded at how much progress I had made so fast! I lost 11 pounds and went from 39% body fat to 25%! I am wearing my size 4 clothes again and I feel sexy and young! (And that’s a really great feeling for a 49-year-old woman.)

I’m in my second six-week Executive Training Course at present and just can’t wait to see what I will achieve at the end! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for doing what you do and being the loving people you are. Theiss is my safe haven. A place where I can come to and trust the people who work with me and always feel loved and accepted for just who I am. A place to grow and gain deeper understanding about my health and wellness and believe that I can achieve far more than I ever thought I could!



commitment to excellence in the personal fitness field

commitment to excellence in the personal fitness field

Dear Brian,

Prior to enrolling in the TheissCare training program, I had worked out consistently for a year with several different personal trainers and although I achieved some results, I was disappointed in my progress. I felt that with all the effort I had expended that my results should have been more dramatic. Ultimately, this lack of progress led me to TheissCare.

With this training program, I have been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time some of the fitness goals that I have hoped for.

The trainers are excellent and very knowledgeable as well as interested in each individual. The meal plans are varied, changed frequently and tailored to each person’s likes and dislikes.

Brian is always available to answer any questions or concerns and the office staff is outstanding and helpful.

In closing, thanks again for all of your support and your commitment to excellence in the personal fitness field.



I thought I was hopeless. You name the diet; I’ve probably tried it - and failed at it. Each year my weight increased as my health deteriorated.

I thought I was hopeless. You name the diet; I’ve probably tried it - and failed at it. Each year my weight increased as my health deteriorated.

Dear Brian,

Thank you so very much!

I thought I was hopeless. You name the diet; I’ve probably tried it – and failed at it. Each year my weight increased as my health deteriorated.

Finally, the trend has ended. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I now have a plan I can live with. Not only am I making wiser food choices, I’m actually enjoying (absolutely no one who knows me can believe I’d write this) the program’s exercise!

The benefits I’ve derived from your training program are far greater than simple weight loss. I no longer eat in response to my stress; I walk (the treadmill is my friend…the treadmill is my friend…). I have far more energy than I’ve had in years; even my focus and concentration have improved. I sleep better each night. And my productivity is just off the charts.

Your staff is excellent. Everyone is so caring and patient. I really appreciate the fact that there was always an answer to my questions and that there was so much encouragement and enthusiasm at my progress.

Brian, I would not be exaggerating to say you probably saved my life. Well, okay, you’ve improved its quality and undoubtedly lengthened my life quite a bit. And I do thank you for that.



Through your unparalleled health and fitness program I have substantially increased my health so much that I have a renewed passion for my overall well being

Through your unparalleled health and fitness program I have substantially increased my health so much that I have a renewed passion for my overall well being

Dear Brian,

I am writing this to express my extreme satisfaction and esteem towards the TheissCare training program. Through your unparalleled health and fitness program I have substantially increased my health so much that I have a renewed passion for my overall well being. I have successfully transitioned my lifestyle to include cardio, weights, interval and core-body exercises on a regular basis. I have literally evolved from being a couch potato to an active athletic participant in sports like softball, jogging, hiking and tennis. These are activities that I had enjoyed in my younger years but had neglected due to my own lack of sufficient health (i.e. stamina, flexibility, lung-capacity, etc).

To date, I have successfully lost nine percent (9%) body fat and continue to change the composition of my body from fat to muscle. The knowledge you have given me has boosted my confidence and increased my competency to train on my own with the proper form, breathing and diet.

I would like to thank you and your specialists for the excellent level of service and encouragement during my training. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I very highly recommend TheissCare to anyone who wants to improve their health and overall well being!

Very best regards,